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5 Tips to Prep Your Home for Sale on a Budget

Not everyone has money to burn on a brand new set of Italian furniture or major home improvements. If your goal is to sell your house fast and you find yourself staying up late Googling words like “how to sell my own home” yet your wallet and bank accounts make you weep whenever you look at them, then this fantastic guide is for you. We put the top budget-friendly tips to help you prep your home for sale in Australia so you attract real estate buyers.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #1 Supply new light fixtures

You’d be surprised with just how much impact light fixtures have on every room in the house. Improve the appearance of your space by replacing outdated fixtures or updating the ones you currently have.

Any light fixture that looks antiquated should be replaced while decent looking ones can be made new once more with a cheap update. Use a coat of white, black or metallic spray paint and they’ll be as good as new. Talk about budget-friendly!

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #2 Update your cabinets the cheap way

It doesn’t take a real estate genius to know that bathrooms and kitchens close the deal when you want to sell your home. It’s rare to find buyers who are willing to purchase a home with a kitchen or bath that requires plenty of work.

If money is tight, you can update the appearance of these rooms by applying a fresh coat of paints to the cabinets. Change the handles and knobs and you’ll find how amazing a little bit of money and modification can go a long way.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #3 Focus on the entryway of your real estate property

Did you know that the average home buyer makes up their mind about a house in the first 10 seconds? Staging the front door and entryway of your property is of utmost importance.

Buy a new attractive welcome mat. Replace any old locks on the front door and ensure the hardware on your door a cohesive colour scheme. Keep an eye out for any outmoded light fixtures in the entryway. Replace those right away.

Also, be sure your home displays a brand new house number that’s visible from street-view. And don’t forget the power of nature. Pretty up your entryway with the help of plants or flowers.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #4 Never skip on fresh paint

Walls that appear faded, dirty and old will turn off even the most serious real estate buyers. They might start to wonder if a sale without a real estate agent is a bad idea. Stay away, too, from colours and decorative styles that are archaic.

Apply a fresh coat of paint in any area that has faded or outdated walls. This is one improvement that’s guaranteed to improve your home. Skip this step at your own peril.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #5 Minimalism on horizontal surfaces

Clutter is a huge no-no when you’re trying to sell your home privately. The good news is that going for a clean and minimal look that will attract potential buyers won’t cost you a penny. Keep clutter away from horizontal surfaces like countertops and dressers.

The motto “less is more” will close the deal for you. Clutter-free surfaces will make your house look spacious and beautiful.

Here are other thrifty tips to help you sell your home quickly:

  • Cover outmoded furniture with new slipcovers. Choose a monotone colour to keep your furniture looking modern and clean.
  • Provide new and fluffy towels in your bathrooms.
  • Get rid of heavy window coverings and allow natural light to flow into the rooms whenever possible.
  • Pull out about half of the contents of shelves, cabinets and closets to give the impression that your house has ample storage space. The amount of storage is one of the major factors that can convince buyers to purchase a house.

Most homeowners don’t get a second chance to impress buyers. Fortunately, as long as your home is not in dire need of major repairs, you won’t necessarily have to take out a loan to prep your house to close the sale. Anyone who scoffs at no commission real estate will think twice when you prove just how easy it is to sell your property with these tips and by working with Zero Commission.

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Competition – For Sale Signboard Selfie

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 3.15.57 PM

Signboard Selfie Competition

We would like to invite you to participate in our ‘For Sale Signboard Selfie’ competition. All entrants go into the draw to win a $500 Bunnings Gift Voucher!

Entering the competition is simple. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

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1. Install Signboard! – Install the For Sale Sign out the front of your property.

2. Selfie! – Take a photo of yourself standing in front of your For Sale Signboard. This example on the right is what we are looking for.

3. Email – Email your details and photo to us at and we will post it on the facebook page for you.

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Once we receive your details and signboard photograph you will automatically go in the draw to win $500 cash or a $500 Bunnings Gift Voucher.

Competition cut off date is 10th March 2016 and will be drawn on the 12th March 2016. We will announce the winners on our facebook page and blog.

We look forward to receiving your entry.

Thank You, Team

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sell my home myself australia real estate

How to Take Great Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone PART 1

One of the marketing challenges of selling your house privately in Australia is taking great photos of your home. The photos of your property for sale will spell the difference between Yay and Nay, no doubt! While nothing beats a professional-level camera, the built-in camera of the last few iPhone models have improved tremendously since the first generation. We compiled a list of the top tips to help you take amazing real estate photos using your trusted iPhone.

iPhone Camera Details

Let’s get a few technical details out of the way (don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you with fluent geek speak). The iPhone 4 comes with a 5 megapixel cam and is also equipped with zooming capabilities, single-touch focus and a flash. The iPhone 4S, a step up from the 4, has an 8 megapixel cam.

The iPhone 5, on the other hand, has all the features of the 4 but has a built-in 8 megapixel camera and is less sensitive to motion blur. Furthermore, the iPhone 5 has the ability to take HDR pics. We’ll get to more details about HDR in a second.

The latest iPhone models, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, take pictures with the same number of megapixels as the iPhone 5s but with additional features. One of the most notable features is the way the latest iPhone cameras focus.

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus come with an auto focusing technology known as “Focus Pixels.” This technology decreases the chances you’ll end up with blurry images. It’s been said that the 6 focuses twice as rapidly as the iPhone 5S. You might be thinking this feature won’t really matter when you’re taking still images of a house. After all, unlike children and pets and your spouse, your home won’t be jumping or running around like a cartoon. But the anti-blur technology helps eliminate the blur that results from the natural shaking of our hands.

With that being said, we recommend you stick with an iPhone 5 or 6 in order to take the best shots using your phone.

sell my home myself australia real estate

A smaller looking room, an unfortunate effect of taking a vertical (portrait) shot

sell my home myself australia real estate

Take horizontal (landscape) shots to give a more spacious appearance to your home


Tip #1 Use Landscape Orientation when Taking Pictures of Real Estate

When you’re selling your Australian house without an agent, keep in mind that buyers are very much attracted to spacious looking property. When taking photos with your iPhone, use the landscape orientation instead of holding your phone in a vertical position.

The rooms you take horizontal shots of will appear much larger when you do.

sell my home myself australia real estate

Take professional quality photos using the iPhone camera’s Grid feature for leveled shots

Tip #2 Use the Grid Feature of Your iPhone’s Camera

What’s the grid? This is a feature in the iPhone’s cam that, when turned on, shows a thin grid made up of vertical and horizontal lines. As you’re taking photos, you’ll be able to level the subject of your shots perfectly. You can then avoid taking real estate photos that come out lopsided and very amateur looking. You want to give the impression that a professional photographer took the pictures, not your drunken uncle.

Simply tap on Options when you’re on the display screen of the camera and turn on Grid.

Tip #3 Avoid Using the Zoom Feature when Taking Shots of Your Home

With the iPhone camera, you use the zoom feature by making a pinching motion across the screen. Unfortunately, unlike a professional camera, the zoomed in images will appear grainy.

Find an attractive angle in real life so you won’t need to zoom in on your house or rooms. Move physically closer to the subject area instead.

Tip #4 Use the Edit Feature the iOS offers

Once you’ve taken images of your home to sell without an agent, you can make the shots even better. The software that runs in your iPhone is constantly improving with the updates Apple freely provides.

First, click on the photo you want to edit from your Camera Roll. Next, tap the Edit button. From the editing mode you can adjust the lighting of each image, plus crop or rotate your shots. We don’t recommend using the pre-made filters since buyers want a realistic shot of real estate properties. While filters can add an artistic element to photos, especially Instagram filters, they usually make the image look altered and fake.

Instead of relying on digital filters, use natural light when taking pictures.

sell my home myself australia real estate

A beautiful home picture using the HDR feature

Tip #5 Make Use of the HDR Feature in Your iPhone to Take the Best Photos of Your Home

iPhone models 4s and above comes with this feature. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”. When this is turned on (simply tap HDR on the top menu when you’re on the camera’s display screen and then tap On), your iPhone’s cam will shoot three images at once. Each image will come with a different exposure setting.

Then the iPhone will layer the best sections of each image, producing a final picture that employs the best settings of lights and shadows. Keep your hands as steady as possible when the HDR setting is turned on to avoid blurry images.

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How To Sell Your Australian Home and Save on average $14,090++ by Signing Up with Zero Commission

sell my house australia

“Are you guys for real?”

“Can I really sell my house without an agent in Australia if I sign up with your company?”

“I want to sell a house privately, how much will Zero Commission save me?”

These are some of the most common questions we receive from people who either see our site, our blog or one of our social media accounts (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram). Online agents—a.k.a. the new breed of real estate agents—are quickly gaining speed around the world.

And for the best reasons.

  • Yes, we are for real.
  • Yes, we will help you sell your home without you having to line the pockets of a real estate agent or any middleman, for that matter. We are NOT a middleman who will take any cut from the sale after your property gets sold.
  • We save our customers an average of $14,090 after each property sale.

sell my house australia

Technology hasn’t just changed the way we work and stay in touch with friends. It hasn’t just changed how we shop, read the news and look for the best restaurants in town or the cheapest tickets to fly to our next vacation. Technology today has changed the way people in Australia and most of the world buy and sell real estate assets.

Over 90% of people in the nation now search online for the best property deals. Whether these are newly married couples looking for a place to buy in the suburbs, or a family of four ready to sell their first home and embrace a new life chapter, the Internet and its users’ online habits have created the new breed of real estate agents.

And Zero Commission is happy to be part of this exciting cutting-edge trend.

sell my house australia

How does the new breed of online agents like Zero Commission work?

  • Instead getting a piece of the pie after you sell your property through us, Zero Commission charges a fixed fee of only $399. That’s it. No hidden fees. No monthly fees. No kidding.
  • We will list your real estate property on and (the two biggest real estate sites in Australia) until you find a buyer.
  • We will also send you a high-quality FOR SALE signboard that you can install on-site, attracting more potential buyers outside the Internet.
  • Buyer enquiries will be sent to your email inbox instantly and we will furthermore provide weekly property activity reports.

Every year about $15 Billion dollars go to the old breed/commission-based real estate agents. After five decades of these superfluous middlemen taking home such a big chunk from Australian homeowners, the arrival of the new breed of online agents like us will cause billions of dollars to remain in the pockets of homeowners like yourself.

sell my house australia

Imagine the home improvement projects, vacations, investments, etc. you can spend on when you won’t have to pay an agent a single cent after you sell your home.

  • Do you want to sell your Australian property fast?
  • Do you want to cut the middleman and save yourself on average $15,000 and more after you sell your home?
  • Do you want to work with a trusted online agent today for a fixed fee of only $399?

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How Can I Add Value to My Property When I Want to Sell a House without an Agent? Part 2

This is the second post in our series about adding value to your property when you sell a house without an agent in Australia. In case you missed part 1 of this series, you can check it out HERE.

for sale by owner home Australia

As mentioned in part 1, we understand that everyone has a finite amount of time and money when it comes to investing in home improvement projects. If your goal is to sell a house privately, you’d obviously want to know which home improvement projects will give you the most bang for your buck and get you to sell a house fast.

Here are more tips to help guide you to invest your hard-earned money on the repairs and additions your home needs to appeal to potential buyers the most. While fancy furniture made of fur, a Jacuzzi, costly glass doors and a spinning bed might attract certain types of buyers, what you want is to zero in on the most effective ways to help you regain your investment with the least amount of risks.

The main point to keep in mind is to focus on home improvement work that are the most crucial from the buyers’ point of view. You don’t want to shell out money and time on things that won’t help you close the sale.

for sale by owner home Australia

#1 Add a Wooden Deck

Based on a report on value vs. cost put together by Remodeling magazine, homeowners who create a wooden deck regain about 80% of what they spent on the deck after they sell their home. Wooden decks appeal to budget-conscious buyers. These are people who want to save money and choose to spend plenty of their free time staying in.

To buyers who want to stay home and enjoy with family and friends, an attractive outdoor space can easily persuade them to purchase a home with a functional and appealing deck.

The homeowners of today keep an eye out for decks that are made with more than old wooden planks. In designing and building a deck, look at interesting designs online for ideas. Think about placing additional features like benches, a fire pit and raised flower beds. Don’t be such a scrooge when sourcing materials for the rails and flooring. Quality materials may cost more initially but they are much easier to maintain than cheap ones.

for sale by owner home Australia

#2 Remodel or Add Bathrooms

Having sufficient bathrooms and managing these rooms well are absolutely essential if you want to attract a buyer. Keeping a master bath in top condition is especially important. If you can, equip the master bath with his and her sinks, a roomy shower and as much floor-space as you can manage.

Throw in additional amenities whenever possible. Ample storage, steam showers and heated floors can seal the deal. Opt for ceramic tile flooring instead of linoleum or wood since ceramic is easier to maintain and can handle water like a boss.

As for bathroom design, a classic and clean look is your safest bet.

for sale by owner home Australia

#3 Never Forget the Kitchen

Curb appeal is very crucial but a wonderful kitchen might be even more so. Food is such a basic human need that a kitchen can make or break a deal for you. We can’t emphasize enough how important the kitchen is. It’s the heart of any home.

You can expect to get over 80 % of your financial investment back when you remodel your property’s kitchen. Sure, replacing the counters will require you to spend thousands of dollars but an outdated kitchen can lower your home’s value at an average price of $13,000.

The cheapest and quickest kitchen improvements you can accomplish are putting in new cabinets and providing a fresh coat of paint. Go for neutral shades so potential buyers can picture out their personal style better. If you can afford it, throw in attractive stainless steel kitchen appliances to give the kitchen an instant expensive look.

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How Can I Add Value to My Property When I Want to Sell a House without an Agent? Part 1

sell a house privately add value to home australia

It’s no secret that real estate is a competitive industry. If your goal is to sell a house privately in Australia, you’re going to need to know what you can do to add more value to your property. We reckon, just like the rest of us, your time and budget are limited. This guide will help you zone in on the areas in your house that can quickly pique a buyer’s interest.

Beyond the obvious tips of applying a fresh coat of paint and getting rid of clutter, there are elements that attract the eye of people in a way that gets you closer to that sale. We put together a list of tips to teach you where to focus time, money and energy in order to get the highest returns—no real estate agents and expensive commissions required!

#1 Add a Home Office

sell a house privately add value to home australia

There are an increasing number of people who work from home today. Companies are searching for ways to lower costs and technology has made the home office a staple.

By adding a home office to your home and making telecommuting easier, you’ll appeal to plenty of potential buyers. The number of people who work from home grows each year.

Transforming an unused bedroom or den into a home office would be the quickest way to go about this. If you’re not sure which room to transform, pick a space that can house ample amount of cabinets. You want people walking through your property to be able to envision the space the perfect home office to store office supplies and plenty of paperwork.

We suggest you furnish the room beforehand. You don’t just want to tell people a particular room can be used as an office. You want them to really picture it out in the flesh. Find an ergonomic desk and add-ons like filing cabinets and a computer chair.

Equip the room with grounded electrical outlets, ones that can accommodate three-pronged plugs which plenty of computers need today. Adding data ports and phone lines can help you sell a house fast.

#2 Make More Space

sell a house privately add value to home australia

To appeal to plenty of people, modify dark and cramped spaces in your home. If you live in a house with small rooms that don’t receive sufficient natural light, think about knocking down walls to open up the area. The kitchen, living room and dining room are typically the rooms that can benefit the most from this strategy. Consider the option of knocking down walls to create an open floor plan by combining these three rooms into one larger area without walls.

Potential buyers love open rooms. These look inviting and airy. Families with young children, as well as people who love to entertain guests, tend to find an open space between the kitchen, living room and dining area highly appealing.

Other ways you can create the illusion of more space involves widening doorways or vaulted ceilings. Adding rooms also work, especially in older homes with small bedrooms and bathrooms. An extra bedroom or bathroom will ramp up the value in any home.

#3 Make a Great Exterior Impression

sell a house privately add value to home australia

Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover but, in the real estate industry, the exterior counts a whole lot. If your property doesn’t look good from the outside, the chances of you selling your own home diminish.

Is the exterior colour of your home faded? Apply a fresh coat of paint is the quickest and cheapest way to fix your exterior. While shutters add a lovely look, old or crooked ones will instantly make your house look dilapidated. Does your driveway or walkway need repair? Make it a top priority to change the path that since these lead people into your home. You want to create a welcoming appeal.

If you’re considering adding plants—and it’s a great idea to—select drought-tolerant ones. Low-maintenance perennials are the easiest choices.

sell a house privately add value to home australia

Don’t forget that backyard! Entertaining outdoors and outdoor living is the norm today. People are increasingly looking for a way to unplug from gadgets and feel closer to nature. Bring your backyard patio or deck back to life with lovely furniture. Consider adding a fountain. You want to appeal to potential buyers by giving them a vision of themselves kicking back and relaxing in the yard.

In Part 2 of this series, we will give you more specific tips to get you to close that sale and sell a house privately in Australia like a pro (without shelling out a commission to a so-called real estate pro, of course!)

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