How Can I Add Value to My Property When I Want to Sell a House without an Agent? Part 2

This is the second post in our series about adding value to your property when you sell a house without an agent in Australia. In case you missed part 1 of this series, you can check it out HERE.

for sale by owner home Australia

As mentioned in part 1, we understand that everyone has a finite amount of time and money when it comes to investing in home improvement projects. If your goal is to sell a house privately, you’d obviously want to know which home improvement projects will give you the most bang for your buck and get you to sell a house fast.

Here are more tips to help guide you to invest your hard-earned money on the repairs and additions your home needs to appeal to potential buyers the most. While fancy furniture made of fur, a Jacuzzi, costly glass doors and a spinning bed might attract certain types of buyers, what you want is to zero in on the most effective ways to help you regain your investment with the least amount of risks.

The main point to keep in mind is to focus on home improvement work that are the most crucial from the buyers’ point of view. You don’t want to shell out money and time on things that won’t help you close the sale.

for sale by owner home Australia

#1 Add a Wooden Deck

Based on a report on value vs. cost put together by Remodeling magazine, homeowners who create a wooden deck regain about 80% of what they spent on the deck after they sell their home. Wooden decks appeal to budget-conscious buyers. These are people who want to save money and choose to spend plenty of their free time staying in.

To buyers who want to stay home and enjoy with family and friends, an attractive outdoor space can easily persuade them to purchase a home with a functional and appealing deck.

The homeowners of today keep an eye out for decks that are made with more than old wooden planks. In designing and building a deck, look at interesting designs online for ideas. Think about placing additional features like benches, a fire pit and raised flower beds. Don’t be such a scrooge when sourcing materials for the rails and flooring. Quality materials may cost more initially but they are much easier to maintain than cheap ones.

for sale by owner home Australia

#2 Remodel or Add Bathrooms

Having sufficient bathrooms and managing these rooms well are absolutely essential if you want to attract a buyer. Keeping a master bath in top condition is especially important. If you can, equip the master bath with his and her sinks, a roomy shower and as much floor-space as you can manage.

Throw in additional amenities whenever possible. Ample storage, steam showers and heated floors can seal the deal. Opt for ceramic tile flooring instead of linoleum or wood since ceramic is easier to maintain and can handle water like a boss.

As for bathroom design, a classic and clean look is your safest bet.

for sale by owner home Australia

#3 Never Forget the Kitchen

Curb appeal is very crucial but a wonderful kitchen might be even more so. Food is such a basic human need that a kitchen can make or break a deal for you. We can’t emphasize enough how important the kitchen is. It’s the heart of any home.

You can expect to get over 80 % of your financial investment back when you remodel your property’s kitchen. Sure, replacing the counters will require you to spend thousands of dollars but an outdated kitchen can lower your home’s value at an average price of $13,000.

The cheapest and quickest kitchen improvements you can accomplish are putting in new cabinets and providing a fresh coat of paint. Go for neutral shades so potential buyers can picture out their personal style better. If you can afford it, throw in attractive stainless steel kitchen appliances to give the kitchen an instant expensive look.

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