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How to Take Great Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone PART 1

One of the marketing challenges of selling your house privately in Australia is taking great photos of your home. The photos of your property for sale will spell the difference between Yay and Nay, no doubt! While nothing beats a professional-level camera, the built-in camera of the last few iPhone models have improved tremendously since the first generation. We compiled a list of the top tips to help you take amazing real estate photos using your trusted iPhone.

iPhone Camera Details

Let’s get a few technical details out of the way (don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you with fluent geek speak). The iPhone 4 comes with a 5 megapixel cam and is also equipped with zooming capabilities, single-touch focus and a flash. The iPhone 4S, a step up from the 4, has an 8 megapixel cam.

The iPhone 5, on the other hand, has all the features of the 4 but has a built-in 8 megapixel camera and is less sensitive to motion blur. Furthermore, the iPhone 5 has the ability to take HDR pics. We’ll get to more details about HDR in a second.

The latest iPhone models, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, take pictures with the same number of megapixels as the iPhone 5s but with additional features. One of the most notable features is the way the latest iPhone cameras focus.

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus come with an auto focusing technology known as “Focus Pixels.” This technology decreases the chances you’ll end up with blurry images. It’s been said that the 6 focuses twice as rapidly as the iPhone 5S. You might be thinking this feature won’t really matter when you’re taking still images of a house. After all, unlike children and pets and your spouse, your home won’t be jumping or running around like a cartoon. But the anti-blur technology helps eliminate the blur that results from the natural shaking of our hands.

With that being said, we recommend you stick with an iPhone 5 or 6 in order to take the best shots using your phone.

sell my home myself australia real estate

A smaller looking room, an unfortunate effect of taking a vertical (portrait) shot

sell my home myself australia real estate

Take horizontal (landscape) shots to give a more spacious appearance to your home


Tip #1 Use Landscape Orientation when Taking Pictures of Real Estate

When you’re selling your Australian house without an agent, keep in mind that buyers are very much attracted to spacious looking property. When taking photos with your iPhone, use the landscape orientation instead of holding your phone in a vertical position.

The rooms you take horizontal shots of will appear much larger when you do.

sell my home myself australia real estate

Take professional quality photos using the iPhone camera’s Grid feature for leveled shots

Tip #2 Use the Grid Feature of Your iPhone’s Camera

What’s the grid? This is a feature in the iPhone’s cam that, when turned on, shows a thin grid made up of vertical and horizontal lines. As you’re taking photos, you’ll be able to level the subject of your shots perfectly. You can then avoid taking real estate photos that come out lopsided and very amateur looking. You want to give the impression that a professional photographer took the pictures, not your drunken uncle.

Simply tap on Options when you’re on the display screen of the camera and turn on Grid.

Tip #3 Avoid Using the Zoom Feature when Taking Shots of Your Home

With the iPhone camera, you use the zoom feature by making a pinching motion across the screen. Unfortunately, unlike a professional camera, the zoomed in images will appear grainy.

Find an attractive angle in real life so you won’t need to zoom in on your house or rooms. Move physically closer to the subject area instead.

Tip #4 Use the Edit Feature the iOS offers

Once you’ve taken images of your home to sell without an agent, you can make the shots even better. The software that runs in your iPhone is constantly improving with the updates Apple freely provides.

First, click on the photo you want to edit from your Camera Roll. Next, tap the Edit button. From the editing mode you can adjust the lighting of each image, plus crop or rotate your shots. We don’t recommend using the pre-made filters since buyers want a realistic shot of real estate properties. While filters can add an artistic element to photos, especially Instagram filters, they usually make the image look altered and fake.

Instead of relying on digital filters, use natural light when taking pictures.

sell my home myself australia real estate

A beautiful home picture using the HDR feature

Tip #5 Make Use of the HDR Feature in Your iPhone to Take the Best Photos of Your Home

iPhone models 4s and above comes with this feature. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”. When this is turned on (simply tap HDR on the top menu when you’re on the camera’s display screen and then tap On), your iPhone’s cam will shoot three images at once. Each image will come with a different exposure setting.

Then the iPhone will layer the best sections of each image, producing a final picture that employs the best settings of lights and shadows. Keep your hands as steady as possible when the HDR setting is turned on to avoid blurry images.

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