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5 Tips to Prep Your Home for Sale on a Budget

Not everyone has money to burn on a brand new set of Italian furniture or major home improvements. If your goal is to sell your house fast and you find yourself staying up late Googling words like “how to sell my own home” yet your wallet and bank accounts make you weep whenever you look at them, then this fantastic guide is for you. We put the top budget-friendly tips to help you prep your home for sale in Australia so you attract real estate buyers.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #1 Supply new light fixtures

You’d be surprised with just how much impact light fixtures have on every room in the house. Improve the appearance of your space by replacing outdated fixtures or updating the ones you currently have.

Any light fixture that looks antiquated should be replaced while decent looking ones can be made new once more with a cheap update. Use a coat of white, black or metallic spray paint and they’ll be as good as new. Talk about budget-friendly!

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #2 Update your cabinets the cheap way

It doesn’t take a real estate genius to know that bathrooms and kitchens close the deal when you want to sell your home. It’s rare to find buyers who are willing to purchase a home with a kitchen or bath that requires plenty of work.

If money is tight, you can update the appearance of these rooms by applying a fresh coat of paints to the cabinets. Change the handles and knobs and you’ll find how amazing a little bit of money and modification can go a long way.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #3 Focus on the entryway of your real estate property

Did you know that the average home buyer makes up their mind about a house in the first 10 seconds? Staging the front door and entryway of your property is of utmost importance.

Buy a new attractive welcome mat. Replace any old locks on the front door and ensure the hardware on your door a cohesive colour scheme. Keep an eye out for any outmoded light fixtures in the entryway. Replace those right away.

Also, be sure your home displays a brand new house number that’s visible from street-view. And don’t forget the power of nature. Pretty up your entryway with the help of plants or flowers.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #4 Never skip on fresh paint

Walls that appear faded, dirty and old will turn off even the most serious real estate buyers. They might start to wonder if a sale without a real estate agent is a bad idea. Stay away, too, from colours and decorative styles that are archaic.

Apply a fresh coat of paint in any area that has faded or outdated walls. This is one improvement that’s guaranteed to improve your home. Skip this step at your own peril.

no commission real estate Australia

Tip #5 Minimalism on horizontal surfaces

Clutter is a huge no-no when you’re trying to sell your home privately. The good news is that going for a clean and minimal look that will attract potential buyers won’t cost you a penny. Keep clutter away from horizontal surfaces like countertops and dressers.

The motto “less is more” will close the deal for you. Clutter-free surfaces will make your house look spacious and beautiful.

Here are other thrifty tips to help you sell your home quickly:

  • Cover outmoded furniture with new slipcovers. Choose a monotone colour to keep your furniture looking modern and clean.
  • Provide new and fluffy towels in your bathrooms.
  • Get rid of heavy window coverings and allow natural light to flow into the rooms whenever possible.
  • Pull out about half of the contents of shelves, cabinets and closets to give the impression that your house has ample storage space. The amount of storage is one of the major factors that can convince buyers to purchase a house.

Most homeowners don’t get a second chance to impress buyers. Fortunately, as long as your home is not in dire need of major repairs, you won’t necessarily have to take out a loan to prep your house to close the sale. Anyone who scoffs at no commission real estate will think twice when you prove just how easy it is to sell your property with these tips and by working with Zero Commission.

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