Top 5 Green and Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Projects to Undertake for Your House

In “for sale by owner” deal, you’re going to want to undertake the best home improvement projects that your budget can handle in order to attract serious potential buyers. More and more people are becoming conscious with regards to their impact on the environment. Not only is an eco-home gentle on our planet, buyers are keen on saving money when it comes to utility bills. Here are some of the best “green” home improvement projects you can undertake to help you sell a house without an agent in Australia.

how to sell my own home Australia

Home Eco Tip #1 Use Eco-Friendly Flooring

Marmoleum Flooring is made from materials that are natural and raw. One popular material used in this brand of flooring is linseed oil. Linseed oil acts as a binding agent and the oil has been gathered from pine trees without causing any damage to the plants. Other materials used in marmoleum are ground limestone, jute and renewable wood items. Marmoleum flooring is a kind of biodegradable linoleum that’s resistant to stain doesn’t absorb water.

Another fantastic green flooring material is bamboo. Bamboo is grass that grows very quickly, making it a renewable material. Bamboo flooring is not only eco-friendly and easy to install, it’s also resilient and comes in a wide array of attractive styles and colours.

You may also want to look into eco-friendly wood floorings such as hardwoods from South America, like the Brazilian Cherry or the White Tigerwood. These woods are gathered from renewable resources since they’re grown in well-managed forests. While Brazilian Cheery is more expensive than other kinds of green flooring, it’s one that’s very resilient and even harder than the classic oak tree.

how to sell my own home Australia

Home Eco Tip #2 Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters save homes from wasting energy since these heat water on demand. Energy won’t be wasted perpetually heating dozens of litres of water at a time, which is what happens in conventional water heaters. And you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water since these tankless water heaters need mere seconds to heat water.

You can opt for electric or gas-powered tankless water heaters. Gas will save you more energy money while the electric ones cost less to purchase.

how to sell my own home Australia

Digital thermostat in the living room

Home Eco Tip #3 Programmable Thermostat

You can sell your house fast without an agent if you install programmable thermostats.  Potential buyers today are highly attracted to the idea of saving energy while leaving less carbon footprints behind. Thanks to these programmable thermostats, the heating and cooling requirements of your home will be controlled automatically. Different areas of the house can be set to have specific temperatures throughout the day so whoever lives in the property won’t have to worry about wasting energy.

how to sell my own home Australia

Home Eco Tip #4 Low VOC Paint

In one of our articles, we discussed prepping your home for sale on a budget. There’s nothing more budget-friendly and effective in transforming a room than a fresh coat of paint. Buyers will be drawn to the new coat like moths to a flame. In going green, keep in mind, however, that paint is made with volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOC adds to smog and can even lead to respiratory problems. Go for low VOC paint when painting your home for sale. Make sure to inform potential buyers you’ve used eco-friendly paint that’s also healthy for the lungs and you’re sure to earn some points.

how to sell my own home Australia

Home Eco Tip #5 Green Roofing

If your budget allows it, look into solar roof panels. These are extremely attractive to all types of buyers. Keep in mind, though, that solar roofing is best installed when you’re putting in a new roof.

If installing solar roofing is not feasible for you, you can go for an eco-friendly roof by working with colours. White, and other light hues, is a great choice since infrared rays will be reflected away. Go for cool roof materials such as tile, metal and asphalt. These reflect the rays of the sun and will cool down the whole house.

An eco-friendly home is one of the most attractive types for real estate buyers today. Close the deal in no commission real estate and consider these green home improvement projects.

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