How to Move to a New Home Easily

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When your house for sale in Australia is getting serious inquiries or, even better, got a buyer’s offer, it’s time to plan your moving day. If you hate the thought of moving to a new home, you’re not alone. Uprooting an entire household isn’t the easiest of tasks. The good news is that with proper planning, moving to a new house doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth or setting your hair on fire.

Whether you sold your house through a “for sale by owner” deal or not, packing up your entire home can seem like a huge challenge to overcome. But it’s only a burden if you procrastinate. Procrastination is the real enemy, not the actual job of moving. Imagine the stress and horror of dumping your kids’ toys in trash bags and your clothes in dirty boxes because you waited to pack at the last minute.

For moving day (or week) to be as stress-free as can be, here are tips to help you move to a new home easily.

moving new home address australia realestate

You probably won’t be needing this to move.

Planning Your Move a Few Months Before

As mentioned earlier, procrastination is the real enemy that makes moving day a source of infernal pain. If you plan your move ahead of time, moving to a new house can be far less daunting. Plan the move at least two months before the big day.

Here are things you should get done two to three months before leaving your current home:

  • Ask professional movers and rental trucks (if you need their services) for costs and scheduling information.
  • Allocate a moving budget. Will you be hiring movers, calling in a huge favour from family/friends, or moving all by yourself? If you’re hiring professionals, will they pack for you? Find out how much you can afford as early as possible.
  • Put together packing supplies. These include boxes, bubble wrap, permanent markers and tape.
  • Sift through all your things. Throw out or sell what you don’t want to keep. This way when you begin packing, you’ll have less things and no junk to deal with.

Planning Your Move a Month Before

When moving day is four weeks away, the right planning will make things go smoother than you’d expect. Make sure you accomplish these tasks:

  • This is the time to start packing. Do it less than four weeks before the big day, unless you’re masochistic.
  • If you need to, let the post office know you’re changing address. This is also the right time to let important parties know about the move and to provide them with the new address. Your doctor, school, bank and insurance providers are typically included in this list.
  • If you have stuff you want to sell, a few weeks before the move is a great time to hold a garage sale. The proceeds from the sale can help you make back moving fees. A garage sale sign with the same size and style of a typical “house for sale” sign on the front lawn can attract plenty of interested neighbours.
  • A month before you move is also the perfect time to disconnect utilities and connect to new ones if need be.
moving new home address australia realestate

What are friends for?

How to Plan Moving Two Weeks Prior

Moving day is looming. If you’ve prepared properly, the last two weeks should go by as stress-free as can be (OK, as easy as moving can be anyway). Here are things to accomplish during the last 14 days before you move:

  • Get all the biggest packing jobs done a week before you move.
  • Leave some of the packed boxes open in case you end up needing some things. Tape the boxes during the last stretch.
  • Now is the time to make sure new utility accounts have been scheduled. These include heat, electricity and water. All these utilities should be set up before you move to the new home.
  • If you’re taking prescribed medications, make sure you’re well-stocked. That’s one less vital thing to worry about before moving day.
  • A few days before the big day, confirm the schedule with professional movers or friends who promised to help out.
  • Give trusted people your new address.

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