Why a For Sale by Owner Deal is the Best Choice – Part 1

sell my house privately in Australia realestate

For decades, people with the goal to “sell my house” turned to the expertise of real estate agents or brokers. It was pretty much the obvious choice to make if you wanted to sell real estate in Australia. But times indeed have changed. Welcome to the world of “for sale by owners”, or FSBO, as it’s commonly known in the US.

In the past, if you wanted to find a buyer for a property, you’d typically work with a real estate agent who would then collect a fixed commission from the sale. A costly fee. If the market was rosy, the seller would almost always make a profit. Most people found that having someone do most of the legwork in the real estate sale was worth the commission price tag. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Why You Don’t Need Real Estate Agents Today

With the advent of the Internet and an ever changing economic landscape, gone are the days when the sole path to take in selling your home involved working with agents. Home prices in Australia are at an all-time high today. Plenty of homeowners carry heavy mortgages.

The prospect of selling a home in a “for sale by owner” deal is more attractive than ever because you get to keep the proceeds from the sale all to yourself. Companies like us are able to save people an average amount of $14,090. When you bypass the real estate agent, you bypass their hefty fees.

“But wait,” you may ask, “does that mean I have to do all the work myself if I want to sell my house?” Absolutely not.

sell my house privately in Australia realestate

The good news is that since “for sale by owner” negotiations are more common in real estate today than ever before, you get to tap into the services of online real estate agents like us while avoiding commission fees. Just like how Facebook and email have made communication tremendously easier, the new breed of agents made FSBO deals go more smoothly and become more lucrative.

Why Selling Your Home Privately Today is Easier Than Ever

When you attempt a “for sale by owner” transaction now, you have the power of the Internet at your disposal. Previously, before common folks like us had access to the online world, the average person was left with no choice but to work with real estate “professionals” to conduct research. Whether you needed to find out what the average market value of homes in your neighbourhood was, or what types of homes were catching buyers’ attention in your city, without the Internet, you’d pretty much have to get the data from real estate agents.

Those days are long gone. With a few strokes on the keyboard, you can access information from your bedroom. Need to know what properties are for sale within a 5-mile radius of your house? No problem. A quick Internet search can tell you. Want to see what competing homes look like so you can prep your house to attract buyers? These are all online.

sell my house privately in Australia realestate

Dealing with Buyers Privately is Easier Than Ever

Beyond ease of research and the money you get to save when you sell a house privately, another advantage is how easy it is to communicate with buyers. You can answer queries by email, post your listing on social media accounts (and pester your friends and family to share the post, of course) and actively search for potential buyers online.

Not only that, we will work with you to take off some of the legwork in selling a house. Zero Commission will send you a professional For Sale sign to place on your property. We’ll post your listing on Australia’s top real estate websites, provide you with free and highly effective information on how to sell your house fast (from teaching you how to take eye-catching real estate photos to listing common mistakes you should avoid in selling a house privately, etc.) and more. All these for a nominal fee and we require absolutely zero commission.

“For sale by owner” sellers are no longer at the mercy of the old school way of conducting business. In the upcoming second segment of this series, we will cover the lesser known disadvantages of working with real estate agents. Make sure to follow us on Facebook so you get to know whenever a new blog post about selling your home fast and other similar topic is published. 

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