How to Stage a Kitchen to Sell a House Fast

How to stage Kitchen Sell my house fast australia

Staging a house, especially if you plan to sell via a “no agent property” deal in Australia, is a necessary art form. And what’s the room that has the biggest impact in the minds of most potential buyers? The kitchen. Read on to discover how you can stage your kitchen using proven methods that are sure to impress potential property buyers.

The bad news is that kitchens are typically quite expensive to remodel. In our line of business, it’s not unheard of to encounter people who spent over $50,000 in an attempt to improve their kitchen. Sure, every seller wants to sell a house fast but that’s cash you could be investing elsewhere.

How to stage Kitchen Sell my house fast australia

What if, you may ask, I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on remodelling but I want to sell my house fast? We have good news for you. There are budget-friendly ways you can stage your kitchen in a “for sale by owner” real estate listing. You don’t have to impress a professional chef and pour all your savings in the hopes of having an attractive kitchen.

Tips to a Sale-Ready Kitchen

  • The first and most important step is to clean your kitchen. Make it shine. The newest countertop or most fancy European oven won’t blind any visitor from seeing grime and dust. Scrub your kitchen’s baseboards and clean all the corners.
  • When showing your home, clean the sink. Never ever have dirty dishes piling in the dishwasher or sink. For some reason, buyers are prone to check the insides of appliances, dishwashers included.
  • If you have chrome fixtures in your kitchen, polish them until they shine. Replace old light bulbs and dust all appliances, especially fans.
  • Clean all the kitchen cabinets. Keep them empty whenever possible. Buyers prefer to imagine what they can do with storage spaces.
  • Replace all handles and knobs that are worn out or appear dated.

How to stage Kitchen Sell my house fast australia

  • When your house is expecting visits from potential clients, don’t cook anything that leave a lingering smell. Bring home food from outside or dine out when you can. You can turn off buyers easily if they smell odours in your house, kitchens included. Just because you love the smell of bacon (and who doesn’t?) doesn’t mean you can assume everybody else will. When people are checking out houses to buy, remember most of them will be making the most expensive purchase of their lives. Clean and simple is the safest bet.
  • If drip pans under the stove burners are very dirty, clean those. Polish the knobs on the stove.
  • Keep the sink as empty as possible. This includes taking away sponges and cleaning products from the sink counter.
  • Remove notes, pictures and magnets from the refrigerator.
  • Keep the counters empty. You may leave a decorative item like an attractive cookbook and fruits.

Other Staging Tips to Impress Property Buyers

Use these tips to help you sell a house fast:

  • Decorate your kitchen with a plant or two to add life to the room.
  • By using a smaller table, you can make your kitchen’s dining area appear bigger.
  • Don’t go crazy with your use of colours, especially if your kitchen already has a personality. Work with the existing colour scheme in the room.
  • If your dining area is large, try setting the table for an intimate meal for two.
  • For some reason, arranging knickknacks in odd groups (3, 5, 7, etc.) is more attractive to the eye.
  • Consider adding a piece of art or rug to add more depth to the room. But when in doubt, keep it out.
  • Never block windows when staging a home. Always allow natural light to flow inside.
  • Hold up an open cookbook by using a stand.
  • You might want to add a big bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter. Place the bowl next to an unopened bottle of red wine or gourmet cooking oil.

Whether you’re trying to sell your house via a “for sale by owner” deal or the more costly old school way of working with a real estate agent, staging a home properly is crucial in attracting buyers. We’re always updating this blog with selling tips to help you close the deal. Follow Zero Commisison on Facebook so you know whenever a new post is up.

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