For Sale by Owner Real Estate Tip: 5 Ways to Market Your House

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

Marketing a house for sale in Australia is not rocket science. No matter what real estate agents tell you, you don’t need their “expertise”. For sale by owner deals are fast becoming the norm, and with good reason. If you’re wondering “how to sell my house privately”, here are 5 very effective ways to market your home for sale.

Whether you’re facing a buyer’s or a seller’s market, marketing your house smartly will spell the difference between a closed sale and a listing that remains indefinitely in the market, gathering dust like an ugly antique. In the midst of a seller’s market, effective marketing will bring in more money for the property. In the case of a buyer’s market, smart marketing will get your property sold faster.

Remember, you might have the most beautiful home in your city, but if buyers don’t hear about your listing, you won’t get the chance to sell.

Tip #1: Take an Excellent Photo of the Front

Put yourself in the shoes of the typical home buyer. In this day and age they begin their search of properties using the Internet. Taking great photos is vital to selling success. In most cases, property listings that don’t come with exterior photographs are ignored. Home buyers need visuals in order to be interested.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

When uploading photos of your property, keep these tips in mind:

  • Take a photo of your property’s exterior when the sun is at its brightest. Shade is not advisable.
  • Enhance the image by simply cropping out streets and pavements.
  • Don’t include vehicles in the shot.
  • Take angled and close-up shots.
  • Remove plants that block the front path and front door.

Tip #2: Take Exterior Pictures Properly

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

  • Focus on space. Give the illusion of more space by shooting long.
  • If your house comes with a yard, by all means include a photo. If you’re selling a townhouse or condo unit that doesn’t have a yard, include photos of amenities like the spa, tennis court, pool and clubhouse
  • Trim bushes and mow lawns before taking photos.
  • Don’t leave any evidence that you have pets. Not every buyer is an animal-lover, no matter how cute your Fluffy Junior the Cat or Dragon Slayer the Pug is.
  • Stow away your kids’ toys when taking pictures.

Tip #3: Include Beautiful Interior Images of Your House

  • Include images of every room. Take plenty of test shots. Just because a room doesn’t look photogenic doesn’t mean it can’t look great in pictures.
  • Do open blinds or draw curtains wide open to let natural light in whenever possible.
  • Turn on lights when shooting.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

  • Never include garbage bins in the images. Keep toilet lids shut when taking pictures of bathrooms.
  • Focus your camera on pretty details like a fireplace or hardwood floors.
  • Place a vase of flowers in rooms like the dining room and living room. A bowl of fresh fruits will look amazing on your kitchen counter.
  • Don’t shoot mirrors directly and take note of what images are reflected in them. Yes, people do get caught wearing nothing but underwear via mirrors in photos. It happens a lot more than you’d expect.

Tip #4: Include a For Sale Sign

Signage is of such importance that, at no extra cost, we send our customers for sale signs to post in front of their homes. These signs encourage interested buyers to contact you in for sale by owner real estate deals. Think of it as free advertising. A well-made sign will keep your phone line busy.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

Before you put up the sign, do take note of the following tips:

  • In some cases, the homeowner association prohibits signs. Inquire with your association when in doubt.
  • If your house is located in a corner, place two signs.
  • If you have a neighbour whose property is situated at the corner of a busy road, do the right thing and ask for permission before placing a sign.

Tip #5: Conduct an Open House

Homes that are fantastic candidates for an open house are those located in busy areas. Don’t fret if nobody comes. Not every real estate property is found in a location that makes it ideal for an open house. But by all means you should make an effort to conduct one.

Here are tips to a successful open house event:

  • Advertise your open house as much as possible. For a nominal fee, we will post your listing on the top real estate sites in Australia.
  • Use your personal network by posting the schedule of your open house on your social media account and ask friends and family to share your post.
  • Put up open house signs where you think buyers will see them. You don’t have to pay money to do this. Place flyers on public bulletin boards and request help from people you know to distribute flyers.
  • Do invite your friendly neighbours, even those that aren’t looking to buy real estate. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

The beauty of online agents like Zero Commission is that we take the large load of marketing online for you. In for sale by owner real estate, you no longer need to rely on real estate agents who take home a big piece of the sale. Thanks to technology and our services, you can sell your house privately today. We take no cut out of the sale.

Furthermore, we will list your property until it’s sold, at no extra cost. Click here to find out how we can help you!

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For Sale by Owner Tip: Showing Your House to Impress Buyers

for sale by owner realestate Australia

Trying to sell your home in Australia yourself—otherwise known as “for sale by owner” or private selling—will bring in plenty of rewards, including more cash from the sale. But many people are worried about showing their house to home buyers. We have excellent news: you don’t have to be a seasoned salesperson to impress potential buyers. Check out these tips to learn how to impress home buyers and finally reach the goal of “sell my house”.

When it comes to showing your real estate property, remember that you want to communicate with buyers at an emotional level. In most cases, people buy houses based on their emotions towards the house. You want to stage the house and get the buyer to see what’s wonderful about the place. In the process, you will get their attention away from the negative attributes.

Tip #1 Give a Most Excellent Welcome

Yes, the buyer is a guest in your property but they’re a very special guest. The goal is to allow them to envision themselves as the owners of the house. Never let them feel like they’re intruding in your space.

For example, if you’re used to guests removing shoes inside your house, make potential home buyers an exception to this rule. And as the buyer is inspecting your real estate property, give them space. Leave the room. Let them know where they can find you in case of questions but, by all means, don’t follow them as they go around the house – unless, of course, they ask for a tour, or if it’s necessary for you to lead the way so they don’t get lost.

for sale by owner realestate Australia

Never pressure home buyers as they’re investigating the property. Inform them that they have all the time in the world. To make the welcome even more gracious, offer treats like candies. You can leave the treats in a bowl close to the main entrance of your home.

Tip #2 Produce a Soothing Mood

When showing your house in a for sale by owner real estate deal, it helps to create an inviting mood. You can:

  • Play soft music. Internet radio offers plenty of options. Youtube is also a great source for music.
  • If you have a fireplace, light it whenever possible.
  • Create a romantic mood if you’re showing the home to a couple. Place wine or champagne glasses in the dining room.
  • Turn on water fountains if those exist in your property. Not only will a fountain create a lovely and soothing vibe, they also help drown out sounds from the outside.

Tip #3 Set up the Temperature

Don’t worry about utility expenses whenever a home buyer is checking out your house. Make the space as comfortable as possible.

If the day is warm, turn on your air conditioning. One good tip is that it’s a better choice to cool or heat your place about two degrees more or less than the usual so your A/C system doesn’t have to adjust itself while a buyer is present. Most A/C systems get loud when they’re trying to adjust to a certain temperature.

Tip #4 Scent is Very Important

One of the fastest ways to turn off buyers is a house that smells. If you think using artificial scents is the way to go, think again. Plenty of people have allergies to air fresheners so using these is out of the question. Scented candles or perfumes can also cause allergies.

If the weather is fine, do open the windows. But, if it’s noisy outside, then by all means keep them close.

It’s best not to cook at home whenever you’re expecting visits from potential buyers. Scents from food linger for days. Eat out, if you can afford it, during the weeks you’re showing your house.

for sale by owner realestate Australia

Tip #5 Light up Your Home

Light plays a huge role in impressing buyers. By all means open the windows to allow natural light inside. There is an exception to this rule, however: If there’s a less-than-pleasant view outside the window, keep blinds or curtains partially closed/drawn. You don’t want the buyer to glimpse a dreary view outside simply for the sake of natural lighting.

Do turn on the lights inside. This includes closet lights.

If you have dark rooms that can’t be brightened up by a window, use spot lights placed on the floor behind a couch or other furniture.

Tip #6 Provide Thoughtful Cards

One fantastic way to impress buyers is to use printed cards to highlight details about rooms and other objects. Print information on the cards that you want the home buyer to know.

Great instances where these cards will be handy include:

  • Write the age and other facts about antiques on cards.
  • If you need to warn buyers to watch their step in an area or two, write notices on cards.
  • If you have items that are not included in the sale of the house, attach a note that says “Not included in sale” on these objects. This is a psychological tactic that will make the buyer want the item more. You can use this desire later on when you’re closing the deal.

for sale by owner realestate Australia

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I Want To Sell My House But What About My Pets?

for sale by owner sell my house australia realestate

When you’re trying to sell your house in a “for sale by owner” deal, it’s of utmost importance your home is as attractive as possible. Sure, almost everyone loves pets but the operative word is almost. Even pet-lovers can be turned off by signs of fur and animal odours when they assess a home they want to buy.

If “I want to sell my house fast” is your goal, then take heed of these tips when it comes to showing your house and what to do about Snowy the Third, Fluffy and Dragon Knight (trust us, these aren’t the weirdest pet names yet). If you want to get the most cash for your real estate property in Australia, then read on.

Reasons Why Potential Home Buyers Won’t Like Your Furry Friends

Imagine showing off your house with its fresh paint and sparkling windows. Potential property buyers are nodding their heads with grins on their faces while you envision dollar signs. Suddenly, your best furry friend decides to snarl, pee or bark incessantly. The home isn’t so attractive to your visitors right then and there.

But why don’t they love your pets? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Some people fear animals. They might have had a nasty experience with a neighbour’s dog decades ago but the fear is fresh. Perhaps they believe in superstition regarding cats. Whatever the reason, phobia towards animals (even puppies!) is not as rare as you’d imagine.
  • Pets can make some individuals nervous. Don’t expect everyone to be as comfortable around animals as you are. Perhaps they are comfortable but they worry about their children catching allergies. The list for the cause of anxiety goes on.
  • Just because you love Firebreather or Blacky the Great doesn’t mean home buyers will. They might love their pit-bull at home but can’t stand the smell of cats.
  • Lack of experience. Pets can be unpredictable. Even the most docile animal can act in a surprising manner around strangers or unfamiliar sounds.

for sale by owner sell my house australia realestate

The Unpopular But Necessary Choice

You might not like the sound of this but if you want a greater degree of success in selling your real estate property in a “for sale by owner” deal, the best thing you can do is to relocate pets while your house receives visits from home buyers. You can place them in the backyard or in another room but your best bet in receiving top dollar for your home is by removing them from the property. But fear not, there are ways you can do this that won’t put your beloved animals in harm’s way.

  • A Kennel Vacation

You can board them at a kennel. Go online and search for one with great reviews in your area. Nowadays, in our culture, it’s extremely common for pets to be as beloved as children. It’s no longer difficult to find kennels that provide utmost comfort and security to pets.

If you have the luxury of friends or family willing to temporarily take care of your pets while you’re showing your home, then go for it.

  • Second Option: Minimize Your Pets’ Presence

If sending your pets away is an absolute no-go, there are ways you can lessen the presence of your pets so as not to turn off potential buyers.  

  • The most important thing is to eliminate any odours from your pets. Cat urine is highly offensive, even to plenty of cat-lovers.
  • Get the second opinion of a friend to make sure you’ve eliminated all scents. Our noses have a way of getting used to scents and what doesn’t affect us could very well send a visitor away in an instant.
  • Air fresheners are out of the question since those with allergies to them will experience a nasty reaction. Go for enzyme cleaners. A visit at a pet store can supply you with one.
  • As for litter boxes and potty pads, make sure they’re out of visitors’ sight. You don’t want to turn off buyers when they check a bathroom and smell an offensive litter box.
  • If the carpets are stained, hire professionals to eliminate the markings. People are sure to notice them and will assume the rest of the house is dirty. If you can’t remove stains then remove the carpet.

for sale by owner sell my house australia realestate

Other Ways to Remove Pet Presence

Getting rid of signs that pets have lived in the home is the smart way to go about selling your house in a “for sale by owner” set-up. You don’t want to turn off serious home buyers simply because of sentimental reasons. When it comes to selling a house, the first impression is not just the most important impression–it’s 99% of the time the only one you get to make.

  • Seal doggie doors.
  • Hide pet bowls.
  • Don’t include photos of your pets when posting photos of your no agent property.
  • Vacuum like your life depended on it. Do this daily, even two times per day when necessary (depending on how much your pets shed).
  • Pack away cat trees and other treasures of your feline friend.
  • Put away pet toys.
  • Take off photos of your pets from table tops, the fridge and walls.

for sale by owner sell my house australia realestate

When showing off your house for sale–and if you refuse to send your pets away–house your buddies in pet carriers and be sure to place a sign next to the carrier telling buyers not to touch them. You wouldn’t want a serious home buyer to stick their hands inside the carrier and end up with bites or scratches. The gentlest animal can act in an unpredictable way around strangers.

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6 Ways to Improve the Value of Your House on a Budget

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

For anyone who’s after selling a house in Australia in a “for sale by owner” setup, it pays to know how to stretch your dollar in improving your property and increasing its value. If you’re wondering to yourself “how do I sell my house by improving its value on a budget”, then this article is for you.

There are plenty of perks in selling a house privately: you get to keep thousands of dollars that would otherwise have gone to a real estate agent. Plus you get to price your house the best way that suits your own agenda, not some agent who’s after a quick sale and won’t have your best interest at heart. But, needless to say, buyers won’t just fall from the sky and land on your lap. You’re going to have to make your home as attractive to its new potential owner as possible. Is it luck that closes the deal in real estate? Absolutely not.

For you to increase the odds of selling your house, upgrading and improving the property will pay you back a hundred times over. Buyers will be shopping around and checking out different properties so you have the task of making your house sparkle and stand out. If you want to improve your property fast and effectively, check out these tips we put together.

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

#1 Install a Garbage Disposer

Garbage disposers decrease the amount of garbage you need to throw in the trash and they make a fantastic addition to any home. Not only will they impress most buyers because of the convenience disposers provide, they’re inexpensive additions. Also, remember that the kitchen is one of the top selling points in any house. Doing home improvement work to your kitchen is sure to impress.

#2 Add Space with an Attic

If you want to create a new bedroom or two–and even a bathroom–to your home without building on the property, an attic is the budget-friendly way to go. Adding an attic is the most inexpensive way to add space. This tip is most effective in small homes with only one or two bedrooms. These can be difficult to market and sell. Having four bedrooms and then marketing your home as such will make it far more appealing to potential buyers in “for sale by owner” real estate deals.

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

#3 Ceiling Fans are Cool

Ceiling fans add both aesthetics and comfort. There are numerous designs to choose from, plenty of them very beautiful. They add character and quality air flow. Not only that, these fans are available in different prices so you can select pieces based on your budget. Add ceiling fans to bedrooms, your family room and living room to impress potential home buyers.

#4 Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are installed in spots where water is involved. The most usual places for these are in rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and the area just outside houses. If your property doesn’t have GFCI’s in place then you might be violating codes. The good news is that these are not costly, and telling potential buyers you have them installed will show people your property is up to date.

#5 Wireless Switches are Friends

When your goal is to “sell my house”, a little bit of home improvement goes a long way and the devil is sure in the details. Adding new light switches for convenience will appeal to people shopping for a new house. Wireless switches allow you to do this with ease.

Wireless switches work great in letting people control the lights from rooms with more than one entryway, and also controlling lights from hallways and staircases. Wireless switches make use of radio frequency to communicate. Thanks to wireless technology, you won’t have to cut into your walls and run wiring.

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

#6 Dimmer Switches: Romantic and Cheap

While the words “cheap” and “romance” don’t usually go hand in hand, there are exceptions. We can’t emphasize enough how wonderful dimmer switches are. These can create a fantastic mood in any room and won’t break your budget. You’ll find dimmer switches that allow you to control lighting levels with a slide lever while some come with a rotary knob. They’ll also extend the life of bulbs if you set the lighting levels low the majority of the time.

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How to Prepare before I Sell My House in Australia

Sell My House fast in Australia realestate

When your goal is to “sell my house” in a for sale by owner deal in Australia, keep in mind that staging and prepping your home is of utmost importance. Any home seller would love to sell their property quickly and bring in as much proceeds from the sale as possible and we’re sure you’re no exception.

The great news is that it’s not good luck that will lead you to a serious buyer. With the right planning and preparation, you can have a house that’s ready to attract and lure in real estate buyers. Even buyers who need a property now and not later will still assess your house with discerning eyes. Read on to know how to stage and prep your home so you can make it very appealing to the people walking in through your door.

Distance Yourself from Useless Emotions

There are positive emotions that help close the sale in a “for sale by owner” real estate deal. Emotions like feeling motivated and ready to face a new chapter in your life are the ones we’re talking about. Be aware, however, that there are emotions that, instead of helping you find a buyer for your house, hinder your success.

Sell My House fast in Australia realestate

One of the most common negative emotions we see in people who are trying to sell their house is being too attached to the house. If you want to find a buyer, you’ll need to pack up the personal mementos in your house and be willing to say goodbye. Buyers don’t want to walk into a house and see your personal items. The goal is to make the buyers envision their own lives and loved ones in the house, not yours.

You don’t want to distract buyers. The last thing you need is a buyer wondering what kind of people you are. Aim for potential buyers instead to wonder what it will be like for them to live in the house and make the prospect seem as attractive as possible.

From your end, you’ll also need to remind yourself that the place for sale is a house, not your home. Think of the real estate property as a product that needs to be sold. The less emotional you are about the house, the more you can see it from an objective point of view. Accept that the house is no longer yours and will be welcoming a new owner very soon. The very act of having the mental picture of a new buyer and owner will help you close the deal, as opposed to being attached to the house.

To help you create a mental picture, here are some tips:

  • Imagine yourself giving the house keys to the new and very excited owners.
  • Walk through the house and bid goodbye to each room, especially the spots you’re most emotionally connected to.
  • Have enthusiasm for the future. This is not the time to live in the past.

Rearrange Cabinets and Closets

Trust us when we say home buyers love to look inside cabinets, closets and even ovens and dishwashers! Make sure no items fall out. Don’t give them a nasty surprise when they peek inside a closet and are greeted with a pile of junk. When buyers see storage spaces are organized, most of them will assume you take great care of the entire home.

Sell My House fast in Australia realestate

Here are more tips to help you stage your house so it will appeal to the most organized potential buyer:

  • Stack dishes in a neat fashion. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Organize your spice jars alphabetically.
  • Have coffee cup handles face the same direction.
  • When hanging shirts, make sure they’re all buttoned up and facing the same way.

Get rid of clutter like they’re the devil!

De-Cluttering is a must. You’d be surprised to learn the huge amount of junk most of us collect. A good rule of the thumb is if you haven’t used an item for an entire year, chances are you don’t need it. Consider donating your “treasures”.

Sell My House fast in Australia realestate

When expecting potential buyers, get rid of knickknacks. Remove all items from kitchen counters, save for decorative pieces like a bottle of unopened wine and fresh fruits. For essential items that you’ll be using before your house sells, keep them in a box that you can neatly store in a closet.

The best part of de-cluttering your home to impress potential buyers is you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Not only are you staging your home, you’re also kick-starting your packing!

Rent Storage Space

Less is more when it comes to furniture. Having too much will make any room appear smaller. Get rid of furniture that blocks walkways in all rooms. Get rid of extra chairs in the dining room table and the room will instantly look bigger.

Sell My House fast in Australia realestate

Don’t get rid of every piece of furniture, though. Leave enough pieces so you can showcase the purpose of each room. A clean desk and good quality chair in the home office will appeal to people and will help them envision themselves working in the room. You don’t want people wondering what a room is used for.

Never Skip Minor Repairs

Fixing the house doesn’t have to mean taking out a huge loan just so you can afford the repairs. Minor repairs can make a tremendous amount of difference.

  • Replace cracked counter tiles in the kitchen and in all bathrooms.
  • Fix leaky plumbing.
  • Patch all holes found in walls.
  • Repair doors that can’t be closed properly. Fix all drawers that tend to jam.
  • The safest option in paint is to paint walls using neutral colours.
  • Replace all burnt light bulbs.

Allow the House to Shine

You want your house to glow and you only have one chance to make a first impression in a “for sale by owner” real estate deal. For people who are thinking “I want to sell my house fast”, this list is a must-read:

  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Wash all windows thoroughly.
  • Clean the whole refrigerator.
  • Rent a pressure washer so you can spray clean the sidewalks and all the exterior of your home.
  • Polish chrome items like faucets and cabinet handles. Wash all mirrors.
  • Vacuum every day.
  • Wax wooden floors.
  • Dust all the furniture, including fans and light fixtures.
  • Replace or get rid of old rugs.
  • Place fresh towels in the bathrooms.
  • Air out any room that smells. Odours are a complete no-no if you’re showing your house.

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