6 Ways to Improve the Value of Your House on a Budget

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

For anyone who’s after selling a house in Australia in a “for sale by owner” setup, it pays to know how to stretch your dollar in improving your property and increasing its value. If you’re wondering to yourself “how do I sell my house by improving its value on a budget”, then this article is for you.

There are plenty of perks in selling a house privately: you get to keep thousands of dollars that would otherwise have gone to a real estate agent. Plus you get to price your house the best way that suits your own agenda, not some agent who’s after a quick sale and won’t have your best interest at heart. But, needless to say, buyers won’t just fall from the sky and land on your lap. You’re going to have to make your home as attractive to its new potential owner as possible. Is it luck that closes the deal in real estate? Absolutely not.

For you to increase the odds of selling your house, upgrading and improving the property will pay you back a hundred times over. Buyers will be shopping around and checking out different properties so you have the task of making your house sparkle and stand out. If you want to improve your property fast and effectively, check out these tips we put together.

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

#1 Install a Garbage Disposer

Garbage disposers decrease the amount of garbage you need to throw in the trash and they make a fantastic addition to any home. Not only will they impress most buyers because of the convenience disposers provide, they’re inexpensive additions. Also, remember that the kitchen is one of the top selling points in any house. Doing home improvement work to your kitchen is sure to impress.

#2 Add Space with an Attic

If you want to create a new bedroom or two–and even a bathroom–to your home without building on the property, an attic is the budget-friendly way to go. Adding an attic is the most inexpensive way to add space. This tip is most effective in small homes with only one or two bedrooms. These can be difficult to market and sell. Having four bedrooms and then marketing your home as such will make it far more appealing to potential buyers in “for sale by owner” real estate deals.

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

#3 Ceiling Fans are Cool

Ceiling fans add both aesthetics and comfort. There are numerous designs to choose from, plenty of them very beautiful. They add character and quality air flow. Not only that, these fans are available in different prices so you can select pieces based on your budget. Add ceiling fans to bedrooms, your family room and living room to impress potential home buyers.

#4 Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are installed in spots where water is involved. The most usual places for these are in rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and the area just outside houses. If your property doesn’t have GFCI’s in place then you might be violating codes. The good news is that these are not costly, and telling potential buyers you have them installed will show people your property is up to date.

#5 Wireless Switches are Friends

When your goal is to “sell my house”, a little bit of home improvement goes a long way and the devil is sure in the details. Adding new light switches for convenience will appeal to people shopping for a new house. Wireless switches allow you to do this with ease.

Wireless switches work great in letting people control the lights from rooms with more than one entryway, and also controlling lights from hallways and staircases. Wireless switches make use of radio frequency to communicate. Thanks to wireless technology, you won’t have to cut into your walls and run wiring.

for sale by owner sell my house no agent property Australia

#6 Dimmer Switches: Romantic and Cheap

While the words “cheap” and “romance” don’t usually go hand in hand, there are exceptions. We can’t emphasize enough how wonderful dimmer switches are. These can create a fantastic mood in any room and won’t break your budget. You’ll find dimmer switches that allow you to control lighting levels with a slide lever while some come with a rotary knob. They’ll also extend the life of bulbs if you set the lighting levels low the majority of the time.

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