I Want To Sell My House But What About My Pets?

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When you’re trying to sell your house in a “for sale by owner” deal, it’s of utmost importance your home is as attractive as possible. Sure, almost everyone loves pets but the operative word is almost. Even pet-lovers can be turned off by signs of fur and animal odours when they assess a home they want to buy.

If “I want to sell my house fast” is your goal, then take heed of these tips when it comes to showing your house and what to do about Snowy the Third, Fluffy and Dragon Knight (trust us, these aren’t the weirdest pet names yet). If you want to get the most cash for your real estate property in Australia, then read on.

Reasons Why Potential Home Buyers Won’t Like Your Furry Friends

Imagine showing off your house with its fresh paint and sparkling windows. Potential property buyers are nodding their heads with grins on their faces while you envision dollar signs. Suddenly, your best furry friend decides to snarl, pee or bark incessantly. The home isn’t so attractive to your visitors right then and there.

But why don’t they love your pets? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Some people fear animals. They might have had a nasty experience with a neighbour’s dog decades ago but the fear is fresh. Perhaps they believe in superstition regarding cats. Whatever the reason, phobia towards animals (even puppies!) is not as rare as you’d imagine.
  • Pets can make some individuals nervous. Don’t expect everyone to be as comfortable around animals as you are. Perhaps they are comfortable but they worry about their children catching allergies. The list for the cause of anxiety goes on.
  • Just because you love Firebreather or Blacky the Great doesn’t mean home buyers will. They might love their pit-bull at home but can’t stand the smell of cats.
  • Lack of experience. Pets can be unpredictable. Even the most docile animal can act in a surprising manner around strangers or unfamiliar sounds.

for sale by owner sell my house australia realestate

The Unpopular But Necessary Choice

You might not like the sound of this but if you want a greater degree of success in selling your real estate property in a “for sale by owner” deal, the best thing you can do is to relocate pets while your house receives visits from home buyers. You can place them in the backyard or in another room but your best bet in receiving top dollar for your home is by removing them from the property. But fear not, there are ways you can do this that won’t put your beloved animals in harm’s way.

  • A Kennel Vacation

You can board them at a kennel. Go online and search for one with great reviews in your area. Nowadays, in our culture, it’s extremely common for pets to be as beloved as children. It’s no longer difficult to find kennels that provide utmost comfort and security to pets.

If you have the luxury of friends or family willing to temporarily take care of your pets while you’re showing your home, then go for it.

  • Second Option: Minimize Your Pets’ Presence

If sending your pets away is an absolute no-go, there are ways you can lessen the presence of your pets so as not to turn off potential buyers.  

  • The most important thing is to eliminate any odours from your pets. Cat urine is highly offensive, even to plenty of cat-lovers.
  • Get the second opinion of a friend to make sure you’ve eliminated all scents. Our noses have a way of getting used to scents and what doesn’t affect us could very well send a visitor away in an instant.
  • Air fresheners are out of the question since those with allergies to them will experience a nasty reaction. Go for enzyme cleaners. A visit at a pet store can supply you with one.
  • As for litter boxes and potty pads, make sure they’re out of visitors’ sight. You don’t want to turn off buyers when they check a bathroom and smell an offensive litter box.
  • If the carpets are stained, hire professionals to eliminate the markings. People are sure to notice them and will assume the rest of the house is dirty. If you can’t remove stains then remove the carpet.

for sale by owner sell my house australia realestate

Other Ways to Remove Pet Presence

Getting rid of signs that pets have lived in the home is the smart way to go about selling your house in a “for sale by owner” set-up. You don’t want to turn off serious home buyers simply because of sentimental reasons. When it comes to selling a house, the first impression is not just the most important impression–it’s 99% of the time the only one you get to make.

  • Seal doggie doors.
  • Hide pet bowls.
  • Don’t include photos of your pets when posting photos of your no agent property.
  • Vacuum like your life depended on it. Do this daily, even two times per day when necessary (depending on how much your pets shed).
  • Pack away cat trees and other treasures of your feline friend.
  • Put away pet toys.
  • Take off photos of your pets from table tops, the fridge and walls.

for sale by owner sell my house australia realestate

When showing off your house for sale–and if you refuse to send your pets away–house your buddies in pet carriers and be sure to place a sign next to the carrier telling buyers not to touch them. You wouldn’t want a serious home buyer to stick their hands inside the carrier and end up with bites or scratches. The gentlest animal can act in an unpredictable way around strangers.

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