For Sale by Owner Tip: Showing Your House to Impress Buyers

for sale by owner realestate Australia

Trying to sell your home in Australia yourself—otherwise known as “for sale by owner” or private selling—will bring in plenty of rewards, including more cash from the sale. But many people are worried about showing their house to home buyers. We have excellent news: you don’t have to be a seasoned salesperson to impress potential buyers. Check out these tips to learn how to impress home buyers and finally reach the goal of “sell my house”.

When it comes to showing your real estate property, remember that you want to communicate with buyers at an emotional level. In most cases, people buy houses based on their emotions towards the house. You want to stage the house and get the buyer to see what’s wonderful about the place. In the process, you will get their attention away from the negative attributes.

Tip #1 Give a Most Excellent Welcome

Yes, the buyer is a guest in your property but they’re a very special guest. The goal is to allow them to envision themselves as the owners of the house. Never let them feel like they’re intruding in your space.

For example, if you’re used to guests removing shoes inside your house, make potential home buyers an exception to this rule. And as the buyer is inspecting your real estate property, give them space. Leave the room. Let them know where they can find you in case of questions but, by all means, don’t follow them as they go around the house – unless, of course, they ask for a tour, or if it’s necessary for you to lead the way so they don’t get lost.

for sale by owner realestate Australia

Never pressure home buyers as they’re investigating the property. Inform them that they have all the time in the world. To make the welcome even more gracious, offer treats like candies. You can leave the treats in a bowl close to the main entrance of your home.

Tip #2 Produce a Soothing Mood

When showing your house in a for sale by owner real estate deal, it helps to create an inviting mood. You can:

  • Play soft music. Internet radio offers plenty of options. Youtube is also a great source for music.
  • If you have a fireplace, light it whenever possible.
  • Create a romantic mood if you’re showing the home to a couple. Place wine or champagne glasses in the dining room.
  • Turn on water fountains if those exist in your property. Not only will a fountain create a lovely and soothing vibe, they also help drown out sounds from the outside.

Tip #3 Set up the Temperature

Don’t worry about utility expenses whenever a home buyer is checking out your house. Make the space as comfortable as possible.

If the day is warm, turn on your air conditioning. One good tip is that it’s a better choice to cool or heat your place about two degrees more or less than the usual so your A/C system doesn’t have to adjust itself while a buyer is present. Most A/C systems get loud when they’re trying to adjust to a certain temperature.

Tip #4 Scent is Very Important

One of the fastest ways to turn off buyers is a house that smells. If you think using artificial scents is the way to go, think again. Plenty of people have allergies to air fresheners so using these is out of the question. Scented candles or perfumes can also cause allergies.

If the weather is fine, do open the windows. But, if it’s noisy outside, then by all means keep them close.

It’s best not to cook at home whenever you’re expecting visits from potential buyers. Scents from food linger for days. Eat out, if you can afford it, during the weeks you’re showing your house.

for sale by owner realestate Australia

Tip #5 Light up Your Home

Light plays a huge role in impressing buyers. By all means open the windows to allow natural light inside. There is an exception to this rule, however: If there’s a less-than-pleasant view outside the window, keep blinds or curtains partially closed/drawn. You don’t want the buyer to glimpse a dreary view outside simply for the sake of natural lighting.

Do turn on the lights inside. This includes closet lights.

If you have dark rooms that can’t be brightened up by a window, use spot lights placed on the floor behind a couch or other furniture.

Tip #6 Provide Thoughtful Cards

One fantastic way to impress buyers is to use printed cards to highlight details about rooms and other objects. Print information on the cards that you want the home buyer to know.

Great instances where these cards will be handy include:

  • Write the age and other facts about antiques on cards.
  • If you need to warn buyers to watch their step in an area or two, write notices on cards.
  • If you have items that are not included in the sale of the house, attach a note that says “Not included in sale” on these objects. This is a psychological tactic that will make the buyer want the item more. You can use this desire later on when you’re closing the deal.

for sale by owner realestate Australia

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