For Sale by Owner Real Estate Tip: 5 Ways to Market Your House

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

Marketing a house for sale in Australia is not rocket science. No matter what real estate agents tell you, you don’t need their “expertise”. For sale by owner deals are fast becoming the norm, and with good reason. If you’re wondering “how to sell my house privately”, here are 5 very effective ways to market your home for sale.

Whether you’re facing a buyer’s or a seller’s market, marketing your house smartly will spell the difference between a closed sale and a listing that remains indefinitely in the market, gathering dust like an ugly antique. In the midst of a seller’s market, effective marketing will bring in more money for the property. In the case of a buyer’s market, smart marketing will get your property sold faster.

Remember, you might have the most beautiful home in your city, but if buyers don’t hear about your listing, you won’t get the chance to sell.

Tip #1: Take an Excellent Photo of the Front

Put yourself in the shoes of the typical home buyer. In this day and age they begin their search of properties using the Internet. Taking great photos is vital to selling success. In most cases, property listings that don’t come with exterior photographs are ignored. Home buyers need visuals in order to be interested.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

When uploading photos of your property, keep these tips in mind:

  • Take a photo of your property’s exterior when the sun is at its brightest. Shade is not advisable.
  • Enhance the image by simply cropping out streets and pavements.
  • Don’t include vehicles in the shot.
  • Take angled and close-up shots.
  • Remove plants that block the front path and front door.

Tip #2: Take Exterior Pictures Properly

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

  • Focus on space. Give the illusion of more space by shooting long.
  • If your house comes with a yard, by all means include a photo. If you’re selling a townhouse or condo unit that doesn’t have a yard, include photos of amenities like the spa, tennis court, pool and clubhouse
  • Trim bushes and mow lawns before taking photos.
  • Don’t leave any evidence that you have pets. Not every buyer is an animal-lover, no matter how cute your Fluffy Junior the Cat or Dragon Slayer the Pug is.
  • Stow away your kids’ toys when taking pictures.

Tip #3: Include Beautiful Interior Images of Your House

  • Include images of every room. Take plenty of test shots. Just because a room doesn’t look photogenic doesn’t mean it can’t look great in pictures.
  • Do open blinds or draw curtains wide open to let natural light in whenever possible.
  • Turn on lights when shooting.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

  • Never include garbage bins in the images. Keep toilet lids shut when taking pictures of bathrooms.
  • Focus your camera on pretty details like a fireplace or hardwood floors.
  • Place a vase of flowers in rooms like the dining room and living room. A bowl of fresh fruits will look amazing on your kitchen counter.
  • Don’t shoot mirrors directly and take note of what images are reflected in them. Yes, people do get caught wearing nothing but underwear via mirrors in photos. It happens a lot more than you’d expect.

Tip #4: Include a For Sale Sign

Signage is of such importance that, at no extra cost, we send our customers for sale signs to post in front of their homes. These signs encourage interested buyers to contact you in for sale by owner real estate deals. Think of it as free advertising. A well-made sign will keep your phone line busy.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property

Before you put up the sign, do take note of the following tips:

  • In some cases, the homeowner association prohibits signs. Inquire with your association when in doubt.
  • If your house is located in a corner, place two signs.
  • If you have a neighbour whose property is situated at the corner of a busy road, do the right thing and ask for permission before placing a sign.

Tip #5: Conduct an Open House

Homes that are fantastic candidates for an open house are those located in busy areas. Don’t fret if nobody comes. Not every real estate property is found in a location that makes it ideal for an open house. But by all means you should make an effort to conduct one.

Here are tips to a successful open house event:

  • Advertise your open house as much as possible. For a nominal fee, we will post your listing on the top real estate sites in Australia.
  • Use your personal network by posting the schedule of your open house on your social media account and ask friends and family to share your post.
  • Put up open house signs where you think buyers will see them. You don’t have to pay money to do this. Place flyers on public bulletin boards and request help from people you know to distribute flyers.
  • Do invite your friendly neighbours, even those that aren’t looking to buy real estate. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

The beauty of online agents like Zero Commission is that we take the large load of marketing online for you. In for sale by owner real estate, you no longer need to rely on real estate agents who take home a big piece of the sale. Thanks to technology and our services, you can sell your house privately today. We take no cut out of the sale.

Furthermore, we will list your property until it’s sold, at no extra cost. Click here to find out how we can help you!

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