Top Reasons You Need a For Sale by Owner Real Estate Sign

no agent property Australia realestate sell my house fast

You won’t believe the number of enquiries home sellers get thanks to real estate For Sale signs. Yes, even in this period of Facebook, Google and smartphone apps that can do magical things. This is as true for for sale by owner deals as it is for agent-assisted ones.

In certain neighbourhoods, home buyers will drive by a house and immediately stop in front of one with a For Sale sign. If your thinking “how do I sell my house fast” in a no agent property deal then you’re not doing yourself a favour if you don’t have one of these babies up in front of your home.

Interested parties will call asking for more details about the real estate property for sale. When you’re selling a house in a for sale by owner set-up, having a sign will encourage more people to pick up the phone and get in touch with you. You’d be surprised how, even in this digital age, effective a physical sign continues to be.

Getting these calls from buyers is a wonderful opportunity for you talk about the amazing factors of your house, features that won’t be noticeable from curb visuals alone.

no agent property Australia realestate sell my house fast

Tip: Your homeowner association might prohibit For Sale signs. Check your HOA agreement to verify.

Question #1: Where Can I Get a For Sale by Owner Sign?

Now, you might be wondering, how will you get or create one of these very useful signs if you’re selling a house in Australia privately. Great news! When you enlist our services, we will mail you an eye-catching design at no extra charge. The sign is just one of the many values we add to our customers.

no agent property Australia realestate sell my house fast

For a nominal fee, we will place your listing on the two largest real estate websites in Australia while providing you with other services to sell your house fast. The sign is just one of them. Our blog and customer service team are here to give you information and tips to close that deal.

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Question #2: Where is the Best Spot to Place the Sign?

The sign we mail out to you should be placed in a spot that makes it easily seen from the street. Make sure the sign isn’t blocked by trees, cars and other objects. You should definitely drive in front of your house to check that the sign gets high visibility. Put yourself in the shoes of strangers driving by. Most buyers notice these signs from their cars.

We also discovered that it’s far less intrusive to plant the sign closer to the street than to most houses. If you have a house that’s situated on a corner, think about putting up a sign on each street.

no agent property Australia realestate sell my house fast

Extra Tip: What about houses that are secluded from traffic? You can request another home owner, one who lives on a busier road, to place an additional For Sale sign. It should come with an arrow pointing to your direction.

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