How to Sell a House during Winter

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Winter months are coming in Australia! Are you ready? The season comes with specific challenges so if you’re wondering “how to sell my home privately” then this guide is for you.

In most for sale by owner real estate deals, winter is usually not the best of times to show a property to buyers. The cold and the rain or snow can dampen spirits but, don’t worry, there are ways you can brighten a house and impress those picky buyers.

Tip #1: Let there be light

Gloomy skies are coming. Your home doesn’t have to be dreary. Try these tips:

  • Open windows, pull up all blinds and draw back curtains in every window in your house.
  • Do turn on each light in the house. This step is more critical during winter months than any other time of the year.
  • A good way to add more lights to dark places is by using spotlights. Put them on the floor behind your furniture.

no agent property realestate australia tips sell house

Tip #2: Clear the way

If you live in an area that gets snow, make sure to be diligent about shovelling the path. This is even more crucial when you see snowflakes continuing to fall.

  • Did you know that footprints made on fresh snow can easily turn to ice? Scrape the path to avoid a slippery walkway.
  • A nasty fall will be sure to keep buyers from purchasing your property. Help avoid this mishap by sprinkling a layer of sand on the pavement and all the outdoor steps.
  • Be sure there’s an available path for visitors from the street to the pavement.
  • In case there’s rain, place a rubber mat outside the main entrance.
  • Have a spot outside the front door to keep wet shoes and umbrellas.

Tip #3: Heat Things Up

If you want to sell your house in a for sale by owner set-up, now isn’t the time to be a Scrooge about the electricity bill. Turn on the thermostat in your house.

no agent property realestate australia tips sell house

If you’re expecting visits from potential buyers, your safest option is to heat the indoors about a degree or two hotter than you normally would, this way your heating system won’t have to power on when the buyer is around. These things can be quite loud.

  • Aim for temperature that is very cosy, providing buyers more reason to inspect and enjoy the property.
  • If you have a fireplace, by all means light it up to create a lovely mood. Make sure to keep the damper open and put a grate in front of the fireplace.

Tip #4: Use the Power of Music

Nothing can drive away gloomy moods than beautiful notes floating through the air. Play soft music like classical or jazz.

We don’t suggest tuning into a commercial radio station – you never know what annoying ad might play. Instead, have a playlist ready by either playing from a hard drive, a music device or you can also stream music from services like Spotify.

Tip #5: Paint a Lovely Mood

Just because February was months ago doesn’t mean romance can’t be in the air when you’re trying to sell a house privately.

no agent property realestate australia tips sell house

  • If you’re expecting a visit from buyers who happen to be a couple, add a soothing vibe by setting up a couple of champagne glasses next to a champagne bucket in the living room.
  • Place throws and a pretty afghan on your couch.
  • Give bathrooms a spa-like vibe by putting up plush bathrobes. Take plain white wash cloths and roll them up. Tie them with a simple ribbon and put in a basket.
  • Put shampoos and other toiletries you’ve grabbed from hotels to good use. Position them as a group and display as you wish.
  • Flowers add a touch of magic in an instant. Put a vase filled with winter flowers all over your home.
  • Make your bedroom more inviting by setting up a breakfast tray on the bed. Add a cup, saucer and rolled-up newspaper to the mix.

Tip #6: Serve the right winter food

The goal is to keep the buyers around for as long as possible, allowing them to enjoy their time as they inspect your house for sale. Foods that can be swiftly eaten aren’t your best bet. You want buyers to savour the snack and linger.

  • Hot soups like tomato, squash and potato are excellent choices during winter.
  • Serve cups of hot cocoa.

The challenges of for sale by owner real estate are nothing compared to the benefits of skipping the middleman. You end up saving thousands of dollars by selling a no agent property.

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