5 Feng Shui Tips to Sell Your House

Feng Shui Tips to Sell Your House title

We understand the emotional baggage that comes with selling your house in a no agent property deal, but now that you’ve decided to let it go we’ll leave it at that. An exciting adventure awaits anyone who’s open to the goal of “sell my house fast”!

Sure, it can be difficult to sell a house privately in Australia when you have memories invested in yours. No matter what feelings are involved, you’ll have to sell your house like it’s the best cake at the bake fair, with knockout icing slathered on every slice. We offer 5 Feng Shui tips to consider before you put a home up for sale. Potential buyers should see themselves settling in your abode before they’ll ever consider owning it.

Tip #1: Get a Fresh Perspective

The first step is to step back, literally. First impressions last, and buyers are keen on appearances, among other things. You need to step out and conduct an honest survey of your property.

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Better yet, ask neighbours to help you in the assessment. Have you lived in your property long enough to overlook the chipping paint and broken window panes? Trade notes with an impartial other to ensure you have everything covered, and take criticisms in stride. This is one of those occasions when hearing a neighbour rant on your overgrown lawn is a good thing!

Tip #2: Ensure Your House Promotes Zen

Maintaining the positive energy throughout your house is a tricky feat, so it’s best if you attempt this when you have unnecessary fixtures and furniture removed. You’ll have unbiased assessment of your interior when it’s left to the bare essentials.

What would potential buyers consider as cold or hot spots? Your favourite nook may not be as special as you think, and neglected spots may look more appealing without cumbersome furniture hogging the space. Renovate if you decide the layout is in need of a do-over.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property Australia

Tip #3: Check Out the Competition

Check out houses for sale in your area, both those sold by agents and for sale by owner real estate deals. Notice the balance between personalization and anonymity.

Note any property which feels cosy, not because the previous owner left the couch in the living room, but because you can see yourself settling there. It’s that inexplicable quality which sells houses: bare but homely.

The rule of thumb is to leave no trace of your existence. With this in mind, you’ll have to do something about the cute notches you left on your kitchen’s door frame to mark your kids’ heights growing up.

for sale by owner realestate no agent property Australia

Tip #4: Renovate To Compete

Ask yourself: “If I’m going to sell my house privately, how can I ensure it stands above everything else on the market?”

The answer often involves investing in renovations to boost market value. It’s all about building on your house’s vibrant Chi (energy), which is also achieved with redecoration. Landscaped properties fetch better prices, especially if you’ve also improved on the interior design.

There are plenty of online resources you can check out for design tips; the goal is to lure your potential buyers in with positive vibes, as soon as they see your property.

Tip #5: Release What Must Go

Once you’ve done everything you can to improve your house for sale, you need to deal with separation anxiety. This is easier said than done, especially for a house that used to be a home.

Buyers may catch on the subtle vibe you’re not really willing to let go, though, and may back out of a done deal at the last minute. The sooner you accept the fact your house isn’t yours to keep, the sooner you’ll find the best deal for it.

With the right mindset, saying goodbye to your home shouldn't be this bad.

With the right mindset, saying goodbye to your home shouldn’t be this bad.

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