5 Things You Do That Scare Buyers Away

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Do you have a nagging feeling it’s your fault your house remains unsold? This is valid if properties in your area are closing on deals, whether they’re real estate agent-related or for sale by owner deals, and your home is still up for some twisted foster care. The reason may involve factors beyond your control, but you still need to assess your house from a buyer’s perspective–is there something you failed to improve, like renovations to enhance curb appeal?

Consider these 5 common blunders that keep your property from impressing buyers in Australia.

  1. An Unappealing Price Tag

The sky’s the limit if money isn’t an issue. It’s almost always about the money, though. Did you strike the balance in pricing your property? Is the estimate reasonable, competitive, and appealing?

realestate for sale by owner sell my house privately Australia

One way to gauge if you’ve priced your house right is to consider other properties in your area. There’s a good reason why you need to set within a price range: you don’t want your home to be that one real estate property people pass off because the price is just too high.

On a side note, don’t undervalue your property in the hopes of being too competitive. Stay within the average range, and make sure your home stands out from the rest when prospective buyers visit.

  1. Photos Don’t Justify Your Property’s Merits

Prospective buyers need previews of properties before they even consider visiting, so make sure the photos you publish catch their attention.

realestate for sale by owner sell my house privately Australia

Frame your property in bite-sized pieces, making the most out of perspective and lighting to showcase the best features. Leave out details which put the property in a bad light, such as an unattractive view of the neighbour’s back yard from the kitchen window, or that fresh tree stump left on the front lawn.

Let prospects sort things out when they come. First impressions last, but it’s hardly a deciding factor. Tease buyers with a taste, but follow it up with a hearty helping when they commit to a visit.

realestate for sale by owner sell my house privately Australia

  1. Neglecting Important Renovations

You don’t have to bend over backwards in renovations and borrow heaps from the bank, but do invest just enough so your property meets buyers’ expectations.

Aside from improving your home’s curb appeal, ensure the important renovations are covered–such as the kitchen, bathroom, cupboards and paint jobs. Ensure that expected essentials, like pest control and plumbing repairs, are accomplished.

Buyers should have the impression the house is ready for occupancy. Small flaws like leaking taps or cracked bathroom tiles hurt your chances of making that sale.

  1. Customisation Can Hurt

Stomp out the nagging idea of leaving buyers your favourite fixtures and pre-owned furniture as a gesture of goodwill and to sweeten the deal. How can anyone pass up on a perfectly good bean bag, right? Wrong.

As it turns out in most cases, belongings are red flags to potential buyers. These hint on your unwillingness to turn over your property. Even if you think leaving that piano in the living room would be a great house-warming gift, the truth is, you have all your memories smeared over the ivory keys, which can leave impressions ranging between thoughtful to creepy/weird.

realestate for sale by owner sell my house privately Australia

Play it safe and don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to furniture and other belongings. Repeat until your red in the face: less is more.

  1. Being Too Hands-On during House Visits

If your marketing efforts are yielding the visits you desire in a for sale by owner deal, the next question is how you should play host every time a prospect visits. It’s a noble idea to be accommodating and it seems to make sense, but it’s a task that can pester buyers.

Spare buyers from your emotional attachments. You may hard-sell your property’s merits and scare people in the process when you breathe down their necks. We all want to meet the goal of “sell my house privately” but tightening the noose can scare off prospects.

realestate for sale by owner sell my house privately Australia

Your patience will pay off in the long run. Make sure your property is priced right and always ready for occupancy. Also, never shrink away from a reasonable compromise. Reconsider terms if an offer is reasonable, especially if you need the property sold immediately.

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