7 Tips to Paint like a Pro and Sell Your House

7 Tips to Help You Paint a House like a Pro and Sell Your House -title

Making sure your house has a fresh paint job is one of the top priorities on your list if you’re thinking “how do I sell my house privately” in Australia, or anywhere. In a for sale by owner real estate deal, it’s vital your home’s paint isn’t peeling or faded.

Painting a house is that pesky running joke only married couples understand. Movies poke fun at this abominable chore by portraying couples gleefully attacking the walls, like kids at finger-painting class. In real life it can be so frustrating, people end up with an unfinished pet project no one wants to talk about. This is probably the reason why some houses have locked rooms that are never opened.

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So, you’re planning to give your home a new lick of paint, but you want to keep your sanity intact until the project is finished? Ease your anxieties with these seven tips.

  1. Do the legwork. You’ll be overwhelmed by the all the nuances in colours, so it’s best to check out samples of interiors first, online or in published magazines. You can also use paint swatches to help you visualize how the shades would appear in natural and artificial light.

Paint stores offer premium advice (and save you lots of money) with recommendations on popular or ideal shades. In-house staff can also estimate the amount of paint you’ll need for the task. Buy enough to finish the project, the best paint you can afford.

  1. Carpet, floor, hardware. It’s best to remove the carpet before you paint, but you can also protect the edges with three-inch masking tape. Make sure the tape runs up to half an inch onto and along the surface of the baseboard.

Lay drop cloths (not plastic, to avoid spatter) over the floor, remove switch plates, and tape over outlets. Cover door hinges, door handles, and door stops.

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  1. Make sure surfaces are prepared for the primer coat. Your meticulousness will pay off, so chip off the old paint (or paper) and scrape any trace of the existing layer. Sand over, fill in, and caulk the woodwork.

Get rid of obstructions you can remove (including light fixture covers), or tape these over and spray with quick-drying stain sealer. Consider this chore hazardous to your health, though, so make sure you wear a face mask (respirator) for good measure.

  1. You have to mix all the paint you’ll use into one batch. This will save you a lot of trouble later on. Otherwise, you’ll discover using paint by the gallon will still leave uneven swatches over the walls, even if you used the same shade for everything. Mixing it all up in one container guarantees the coat is even all throughout.

no agent property Australia realestate sell my house fast

  1. Prime the woodwork. Use a quick-drying, solvent-based primer instead of water-based latex. You have to be thorough, but it’s okay to have primer splattered over adjacent walls. You can smoothen globs later before you apply paint.
  2. Paint the ceiling, woodwork, and walls, in the same order. Your first coat of paint on the ceiling should be light, enough to lock in the particles on the surface. Apply the second coat after it’s dried.

Apply a coat of latex trim paint on the woodwork, and then let it dry for the day. If you have to reapply paint for an even coat, lightly sand the surface with 220-grit sandpaper to smoothen brush strokes from the previous layer.

  1. You’re almost there. Mask the edges of the ceiling and woodwork with tape before you coat the walls. After the coat has dried, cut along the edge of the tape before peeling the strip, to prevent the dry paint from chipping or flaking.

It goes without mentioning that you need the right brushes for the project. Again, the paint store can fill you in on all the tools and materials you’ll need to pull off a successful paint job.

The project comes with a solid sense of achievement when it’s finished. Who wouldn’t be proud? The proof is plastered all over the room. You’ll have reason to bask in a job well done, and for the next few days you’re justified in staring at a blank wall for hours on end, or until the prospective buyers come calling. With a fresh and beautifully done paint job, you’ll be selling a house in a no agent property deal sooner rather than later!

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