5 Home Maintenance Essentials that Pay Off

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Selling a house privately has numerous perks. When approached haphazardly, however, it can be a frustrating process, especially if you’ve surveyed the property and realized it’s in need of serious renovation. Here’s where priorities will reward or bite you. The goal in maintenance when you’re trying to sell a home in a for sale by owner property deal is investing in upgrades that pay off when it’s time to sell.

Do you get that nagging feeling that you’re going to have to sell a limb to finance repairs long overdue? If you’ve visited houses with mildew in the garage and termites in the walls, it’s likely these houses are crossed off your list. Maybe the owner should’ve invested in the maintenance. Fancy cupboards and counter-tops don’t matter when a buyer’s sheer delight is doused by the smell of sludge in the garage.

So, which maintenance options pay off in the long run? Here are five home investments that ensure you won’t lose money when you decide to sell.

Tip #1 Roof repairs.

Most homeowners invest in these a few years after moving into a new home. For buyers, this is a deal-breaker with little wiggle room for compromise. They may not notice leaks found in the roof during a house visit, though, especially during dry seasons when sellers resort to plug the leaks with quick fixes.

no agent property realestate Australia sell my house privately

There are still tell-tale signs of a leaking roof. Buyers may catch a whiff of dank odour the moment they walk in, and you can’t deny the water stains on the ceiling. Fixing the roof as soon as you see the leak will save you a lot of money (and trouble) later on.

Tip #2 Waterproofed basement.

There are few places in the house where it’s okay to have water logged by the buckets (the bathtub and the pool come to mind). The basement should certainly remain watertight, or else things won’t bode well for the property. It’s worse if the pooled water emits a musty smell, then it’s likely you also have a sewage problem to fix.

no agent property realestate Australia sell my house privately

It’s important you have the creature comforts covered now, especially when you’re not yet willing to sell. You’ll save yourself the trouble of explaining to buyers why the basement is off-limits, and buyers won’t think you have nasty secrets to keep.

Tip #3 Kitchen upgrades.

There’s something about new cupboards and countertops that scream of a house well-maintained.  Even though this investment involves more upgrade than maintenance, you don’t have to remodel the kitchen in one fell sweep. Start with the more functional parts, and overhaul the kitchen in bite-sized pieces.

no agent property realestate Australia sell my house privately

Spend your money on high-quality materials, like real wood instead of particleboard for the drawers, slides and hinges instead of staples. You have a variety of materials to choose for the cabinet interiors, countertops, and finishing. Keep in mind you’re upgrading for the long haul, up to the point of reselling the house in a no agent property setup.

Tip #4 Bathroom repairs. There’s no room for compromise in bathroom upgrades. Remember, this is the place where people freshen up, so backed up plumbing, deep-seated stains, and faulty fixtures don’t really ease the experience. It’s easy to overlook these repairs when you’re accustomed to the house’s eccentricities, but you deserve better if you have the money to spend.

Survey the fixtures that need upgrading, and start with the ones that immediately make a difference. Faucets that don’t drip aren’t only functional; these resolve annoyances nobody would pay to live with. Whether you prefer ceramic, marble, or even hardwood floors, make sure the bathroom flooring is waterproofed and durable.

Tip #5 Curb Appeal. You’re luring buyers in for the kill, but you won’t be able to do this if the house sticks out like a sore thumb on your street. Investing in curb appeal isn’t false advertising if you made sure the entire house is structurally sound from the inside out.

no agent property realestate Australia sell my house privately

Ensure your sidewalk, front yard, walk path, and drive way ushers in buyers. The façade should make a good impression and lasting appeal. A few words of caution, though: if you’re improving the house to sell, consider first landscaping designs with broad appeal to buyers, and your aesthetic preferences second.

It will be harder to let the house go, once you’ve enjoyed the benefits of your investments. It’s a paradox, really, spending money on a house you know you won’t keep. But, if you’re able to trade places with potential buyers, then you know you wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s time to queue those projects and get things going.

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