5 Ways to Turn Your House Carbon Neutral

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In for sale by owner real estate, buyers are more inclined to consider a property if the home is carbon-neutral. The environmentalists were right: global warming is legit, and you have first-hand experience of this whenever the utility bills drop on your doorstep. If your goal is to “sell my house fast” then it pays to go green.

Yes, the costs of utilities also depend on your consumption, but it’s likely you’re paying more than ever to keep your comforts going. You’re at fault if you leave the thermostat running even when you’re out, but it’s also possible your home isn’t built to adapt to the global warming problem.

You know it’s serious when there’s a tree-hugger camped on your front yard. You also have a problem if you can count the trees on your street with one hand. As it turns out, there are adjustments you can make to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. You’ll also increase the value of the property, because buyers love to see what a carbon-neutral home actually looks like.

Here are five ways you can improve your home’s energy consumption. The goal is to go completely carbon-neutral and completely green, though. That’s virtually impossible, but hey, you have to do your part and start somewhere.

#1 Insulation.

It’s likely you were dreading to see this at the top of the list. It’s understandable, because improving the insulation in your home might also mean an overhaul of existing systems. Homeowners can only coast by with patches and quick fixes for so long but, eventually, the cost of repairs is feasible when compared to the cumulative costs of utilities.

realestate Australia no agent property

Radiant roof sheathing regulates indoor temperatures without overworking HVAC systems. Radiant barriers installed in the attic reflect the heat while keeping indoor temperature contained. Invest in these, and you can afford to reduce your utilities consumption. This is something potential buyers will be sure to find attractive, especially in no agent property deals.

#2 Tankless water heaters.

The cost of installing these isn’t cheap, but the pay-off comes in the long run. Water tanks are bulky, and there’s the need to constantly keep the cache of water heated. Unless you’re running a spa salon, you’ll only use heated water when you need it, only when you turn on the tap.

With tankless water heaters, you’re not wasting energy to have hot water available. The system heats running water only when needed. You don’t have to worry about cold water coming from the showerhead, because the heaters are efficient enough to keep up with your needs.

#3 Roof sunscreen. Applying a sunscreen coat on your roof will add years to its lifespan. Not only will this protect the shingles from the beating of the elements, it also helps regulate indoor temperature. Sunscreen can block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, and can save you up to 10% on indoor cooling costs.

Consider and invest in sunscreen options. These, paired with radiant barriers, will seriously cut down on your utilities consumption.

#4 Upgrade your HVAC systems.

This is only advisable if your HVAC has outlived its best years, and if you have the money to spend on replacements. It’s worth noting that the new HVACs have higher energy-efficiency ratings, which means that you’re actually bleeding money in keeping your current HVAC running. An upgraded heating and cooling system will help sell a house fast.

realestate Australia no agent property

An affordable alternative is to have your HVAC checked and maintained. The upkeep is important, especially in houses that cover more square footage of living space.

#5 Efficient lighting.

You’ll be amazed at how efficient lighting can improve home life. Sure, fancy chandeliers are great conversation pieces with guests (in case you need fancy fodder for small talk, that is), but you have to admit the glare is overkill in indoor lighting. There are plenty of lighting alternatives that are both energy and cost efficient, that also complement your interior design.

You should use natural light whenever possible. The small things make a difference, such as using blinds and curtains, and opting for transparent instead of translucent window panes. Natural light eliminates the need for artificial light, which translates to reduced energy consumption.

realestate Australia no agent property

You have everything to gain by reducing your carbon footprint, especially if you’re trying to sell your home in a for sale by owner real estate deal. This also gives you an edge on the market, if you decide to sell your house in a no agent property setup in the future. Not only is your home code-compliant, it’s also environment-friendly. Any vegan who’s into hybrid cars would be proud of what you’ve done with the place.

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