5 Quick Fixes to Boost Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is eye candy for the home buyer. If you’re trying to sell a house fast in a for sale by owner market, curb appeal is to closing the sale as sex appeal is to getting that date. You have to admit there are houses in your neighbourhood you just can’t help but stare at. Based on what you see up front, it looks like someone is always baking a batch of cookies in there. That, or some other homely fantasy you’re concocting.

Whether you’re a fan of facades or not, the point is this: great curb appeal brings real estate buyers knocking at the door. In case you’re not really keen on beefing up your façade, this shortlist of affordable, doable tips should do the trick–enough to convince you that your property for sale deserves a makeover.

Tip #1 Scout for discounted paint.

A fresh paint job is mandatory if you’re trying to sell a house fast. It’s a given you’ll save money by doing the paint job yourself, but did you know you can squeeze more value from your dollar by scoring deals on paint? Most people prefer to have the paint batch custom-mixed for their project, but you’re not like most people. Besides, you’re using the paint for your exterior, and every dollar saved helps, considering all that space you’ll cover.

no agent property sell house fast realestate Australia

Discount paint is usually tucked in neglected shelves at hardware stores. These are batches that didn’t match some customer’s mix specifications. The batches are rejected and sold at a discount.

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it’s likely you’ll find shades neutral enough to use. Depending on the supplier, you’ll score as much as 50% less on discount paints, so it’s really worth checking out.

Tip #2 Free mulch.

This is only worthwhile if you have the blooming shrubs to cultivate. You should, though, because home buyers love to walk up to houses with well-manicured gardens on the front yard. You might have guessed mulch is practically considered scrap and it should be free, but it’s often bought at shops, with money better spent on something else.

One of the life skills you have to learn is finding ways to score free mulch, and you’re in luck because there’s bound to be tree-trimming service providers in your area. You can imagine the piles of woodchips they have, all yours for the taking. They’ll probably give you a truckload, too, even deliver it to your doorstep if they’re servicing in your neighbourhood.

Tip #3 Plants at a discount.

It’s great that you have an insane amount of mulch to work with, because you’ll need it after you score plants at hefty discounts. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, the money you’ll spend to spruce up your façade pays off when potential buyers visit. Plants are priced reasonably at nurseries, but the cost still turns off anyone who wants plants on their yard just for show.

no agent property sell house fast realestate Australia

Wait until the time is right, and you can scoop up plants at a hefty bargain. Nurseries regularly clear their inventories, especially when the seasons change. Plants from local nurseries are also better-cultivated than the warehouse varieties. Keep your eyes peeled for flyers and posters, and be there on the first clearance day with a cart to haul your gains away.

Tip #4 Hide eyesore with lattice.

In the same way it makes sense to sweep dust under a rug, there are eyesores on your façade that’s best covered. If your air conditioning unit is a protruding monstrosity on your wall, the quickest fix is to hide it with lattice.

This also works with garbage bins and generators. You’ll realize the cover-up works nicely from across the street. Lattice screens can be built easily enough DIY, using wood or vinyl.

no agent property sell house fast realestate Australia

Tip #5 Exterior lighting at hefty discounts.

The skill you’ll hone scoring mulch and plants will also apply to exterior lighting fixtures. Sure, these cost money, but you can purchase units at slashed prices if you’re not picky.

Showrooms have to clear their showcase fixtures sometime. These retailers also clear stocks for new inventories, so it pays to ask which of the floor stocks they’re going to clear out next. Chances are you’ll be able to score these at seriously slashed prices, with up to 75% discount.

no agent property sell house fast realestate Australia

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your curb appeal in order to sell a house in a no agent property deal, and oftentimes a simple overhaul is enough. Now you only need to ensure the house visits are converted into buyer deals; that’s the hard part. A truckload of free mulch won’t help you score that. But Zero Commission can!

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