For Sale by Owner Tip: 6 Etiquette Tips when Selling a Home Privately

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Is it possible you’re the reason why your for sale by owner home isn’t selling? You’ve invested enough in the house in Australia that it’s become the showcase on your street. You’ve gone above and beyond any home buyer’s expectations. If your house is still sulking on the listings and your not meeting the goal of “sell my house fast”, then it’s reasonable to think you’re uninitiated in the unwritten rules of the game.

It’s true your house should be considered on its own merits, but you should still be aware of your part in the process. If buyers visit and feel they’re intruding in someone’s privacy, the awkwardness can hurt your chances of securing a sale. People rarely say anything offensive about no agent property homes during a visit, but you know there’s a problem when you never hear from them again.

There are benefits in being hospitable, but you also have to exercise restraint. Here are six unwritten rules that assure buyers your home for sale really is for the taking. Some of these rules might offend, but hey, you’ll just have to roll with the punches if you want your house sold.

Tip #1 Don’t stalk buyers during the ‘for sale by owner’ walk-through.

This is the downfall of overeager home sellers. Buyers don’t need to hear gritty details on the obvious. It’s better if you let them open the cupboards and cabinets without you breathing down their necks.

Spare buyers your palpable presence, and let them evaluate the house for sale on their own terms. Just be available to answer any questions they might have, stepping out once in a while and leaving them in their thoughts. They’ll appreciate your discretion.

no agent property realestate Australia private sell


Tip #2 Re-locate your pets for the meantime.

Some people are into pets, and for different reasons, some are not. Pets are variables that may hurt or ensure the sale, and you never know which is which until you see how the buyer reacts to a mauling on your doorstep. Allergies and phobias are also serious considerations, so it’s best to keep your pets out of the equation.

Many are leery at the sight of strange animals, docile and friendly pets included. You may also think chirping birds on your yard promotes inner peace, but to some people it’s as excruciating as hearing nails scraping over a chalkboard. Have someone take your pets out for a walk when buyers visit, or take them to the neighbour’s yard for the meantime. This tip will help you tremendously in for sale by owner real estate.

no agent property realestate Australia private sell


Tip #3 Reserve parking space for buyers’ cars.

If the driveway only has room for your car, then you have to find a new parking spot. Buyers shouldn’t worry about finding a place to park, or worse, end up walking an entire block from where their cars are nested.

Potential buyers may not even bother touring your property. It’s either this, or they’ll do the tour with cranky clouds looming above their heads. They’ve fixated on the parking issue so much they won’t have a sane and sober evaluation of the property.

no agent property realestate Australia private sell


Tip #4 Important documents should be available upon request.

Back up your case with certified evidence. Buyers want to be assured they’re not inheriting nasty secrets, and the paperwork is proof you’re not pulling the rug from under them.

Documents settle concerns before these mutate into doubts and disputes. Inspections, appraisals, warranties, utility bills and renovation records ease anxieties and build your credibility as a for sale by owner seller.

Tip #5 Refreshments sweeten the ‘no agent property’ tour.

You’ll be surprised how many homeowners don’t think this necessary. It’s the minimum in house tour hospitality, though. You don’t even have to go overboard with the treats. A few bottles of beverage (bottled water is best) and a plate of cookies are enough; these also lighten the mood of buyers in need of a snack.

no agent property realestate Australia private sell

Quick tip: have the cookies baked an hour before a buyer visits. Not only will you have warm treats within reach, the aroma of cookies fresh out of the oven will permeate your home.

Tip #6 Negotiations and compromise come with the territory.

Anticipate low-ball offers so you’re not caught off-guard when the pitch comes. Some offers can be insulting, but these test your grace under pressure. You have every right to think a “reasonable” offer is a travesty, but still, buyers shouldn’t see disgust splattered over your face.

Take low-ball offers in stride, and if you have to, end the tour on a positive note. Buyers are out for the best deal, and it’s likely they’ll consider yours if the house is worth the offer. Patience and discretion is always on your side.

If you’re having trouble seeing things from a buyer’s perspective in a for sale by owner deal, then you should act the part and check out houses you’re willing to pay for. You’ll be the one outside looking in, and you’ll pick pointers to improve your pitch and get closer to the goal of selling a house privately.

You’ll see newly baked cookies make the best first impressions; if you’re a dog person, visit a cat person’s house to understand why pet-friendly houses rarely figure into buyers’ considerations.

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