For Sale by Owner Tip: 5 Bathroom Staging Hacks

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A home can be so familiar that you choose to overlook the obvious flaws, especially in the bathroom. It’s true that some are meticulous about cleanliness, but you could be the type who kicks hair and gunk to the side while showering. If this is any indication of the way you maintain the bathroom, then it’s likely your bathroom is in need of serious upkeep and won’t be impressing buyers in for sale by owner real estate.

The condition of the bathroom makes or breaks the deal when you’re selling the house in a no agent property setup, because it’s one of the few places where buyers really take their time to check out. They might even use your bathroom just for kicks, just because they can. If your plumbing is backed up, you’d better hope the recent repairs don’t fail you.

In any case, you have to stage your bathroom like you’re expecting buyer’s to visit. If you’re leery at the cost, then rest assured these five tips are reasonable, affordable and doable. Hopefully, you won’t even recognize it’s your bathroom when you’re done (this is a good thing).

for sale by owner no agent property Australia realestate sell my home

Tip #1 Choose neutral colours and repaint the walls.

It’s best to have the messiest option out of the way. This option is only advisable if the new lick of paint would be an improvement, though. Sometimes it’s the only solution, especially if years of neglect turned your pristine walls into a not-so-artistic mural of dirt and stains.

for sale by owner no agent property Australia realestate sell my home

Even the smallest stain is an eyesore if it’s in an obvious location. If you have to repaint, play it safe and go for a neutral colour, and finish the job a couple of weeks before you expect the first buyer’s visit. That wall stain you’ve nicknamed “The Land Down Under”? Paint over it and offer buyers a clean slate in your for sale by owner property. 

Tip #2 Clear the clutter and sell that house privately.

An empty counter space complements blank walls. You’ll be surprised how strangely appealing your bathroom appears without all your toiletries scattered about. This includes all the soap slivers you’ve hoarded under the sink, all your worn toothbrushes, all your cleaning products, and even your spare rolls of toilet paper.

Be thorough with the clean-up, especially in the shower and cabinets. Anything left as evidence of your hygiene is a warning to buyers they’re intruding into your personal space, your sanctuary. At the very least, it’s going to be awkward, and it doesn’t make a good impression. 

Tip #3 Make the most out of storage space.

Your little spring cleaning probably tidied the bathroom, but it’s best you stash all the knickknacks somewhere else, instead of stuffing these into your cupboards and cabinets. Storage space is a premium in such small quarters; you have to admit you’ve checked cupboard space in other houses out of force of habit.

for sale by owner no agent property Australia realestate sell my home

Spare buyers visiting your for sale by owner property from seeing all your junk crammed into the cabinets. A good alternative is to bring in a wicker bin to keep the assortment, which you can easily take out of the bathroom before a buyer visit.

Tip #4 Prioritize visible upgrades in for sale by owner homes.

Maximize the returns of your investment and start with the visible upgrades. Replace your bathroom mirror if the glass is nicked or the lining is chipped. Dripping faucets can also be a deal breaker.

If you won’t go through the trouble of fixing an annoying leak, buyers may think you haven’t invested on the important upkeep, such as the plumbing, insulation, and even pest control. Repairs and replacements help you seal the deal, and it also improves on your living conditions in the meantime. 

Tip #5 Clean every nook and cranny.

This is your cost-effective alternative to a major renovation. You can restore the floor tiles to its former glory, it’s worth a shot. Try using cleaning products (and plenty of elbow grease), see if your labour makes a difference. You also need to reach into and clean nasty areas where the light doesn’t shine.

Dirty spots are highlighted on a pristine, blank wall, so be thorough. Stay on top of maintenance if you’re still using the bathroom, so you won’t scramble if a buyer suddenly wants to check out the property.

for sale by owner no agent property Australia realestate sell my home

Your bathroom should be comparable to a hotel washroom when you’re done, and buyers should walk in thinking they can actually own the place. Sweep buyers off their feet the moment they walk in and see your for sale by owner home, but remember there’s still the rest of the house to cover. At least you’ve accomplished plenty with the limited space, and your bathroom regains its former glory, as one of your house’s more habitable places.

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