Houses for Sale: How to Sell to Millennials

sell my home houses for sale by owner in Australia realesate

During the long-drawn process of selling a house, you’ll acquire the art of the customized pitch. Apart from the core, non-negotiable features, you’ll notice every buyer has preferences when they’re scouting houses for sale in Australia. Some loved what you’ve done with the paint job, but with others, not so much. Could you mulch the lawn so they’ll reconsider, and while you’re at it, build a dog house for their pooch?

With all things considered, the younger generation (those born in the early 80s and later) is also staple fare in real estate prospects. Millennials have become the catch word for what’s hip and contemporary, but this generation is also stained with a few misconceptions. In any case, you should expect younger prospects committing to viewings. Adjust your pitch to appeal to their preferences when they walk in.

Here are five features millennials look for in houses for sale. Your for sale by owner property may not meet some of these requirements, but then again, it’s all fair game in the no agent property market, and it’s possible to close the deal with the unlikeliest of prospects.

sell my home houses for sale by owner in Australia realesate

Feature #1: Location of Houses for Sale

Okay, so you really can’t do anything about this. It’s either your property is in prime or orphaned location. Some people just like to live closer to the city, while others prefer homestead life. The key is selling your for sale by owner property and pitch its appeal is your can-do zeal goes a long way.

There’s a misconception millennials prefer to live in the bustle of the city. You’ll be surprised many of them are looking for houses for sale in the suburbs, the outer reaches, and beyond. It’s best to ignore this stereotype at the outset, especially for prospects who went so far as to request to visit your house.

Feature #2: Low-upkeep No Agent Property

It’s confirmed millennials have various interests outside the home, and this is justified because they still have energy to try different things. Low-maintenance houses for sale is a requirement for almost every buyer, but this can be a deal-breaker for a millennial who prefers a home with minimal upkeep.

You have to cover all the essential renovations and repairs anyway, so you only need to worry about prospects who nit-pick. You can’t please everybody, so you’ll just have to let a few potential home buyers slide.

sell my home houses for sale by owner in Australia realesate

Feature #3: An Open Floor Plan when Selling a House Privately

This is particular to millennials who prefer open layouts to self-contained, compartmentalized spaces. This trend appeals to all generations, but millennials appreciate the freedom of transitioned real estate space.

You’ll know if your house for sale is ideal for an open layout when it’s empty of furniture and fixtures. Otherwise, you can rearrange furniture to showcase what prospects can do with the space. It’s a good idea to remove portable walls, also furniture that functions as dividers.

Feature #4: Features for a Home Office

sell my home houses for sale by owner in Australia realesate

Millennials like to mix business with pleasure, blurring the traditional idea of the day job. Home-based work is practically the norm, and your property is a prime pick if it’s optimized to function as a home office.

A guest room may be converted into a home office. This complements the preference for open floor plans, providing smooth transitions between work and home life. It’s important your area has great cell coverage and internet providers, though. These services are non-negotiable for telecommuters.

Feature #5: Traditional Homes for Sale with Updated Features

You’ll have to scrap the notion millennials prefer contemporary homes for sale in Australia. Traditional styles also appeal to the younger generation, as long the house is functional, also located in a neighbourhood with all the essential amenities.

The key words are “efficient,” “affordable,” and “amenities”. If you’re confident your no agent property possesses these features, then you’re off to a great start with potential buyers. Basically, millennials want to live in affordable, functional houses, with reasonable proximity to the city and surrounding schools. Square footage is secondary.

sell my home houses for sale by owner in Australia realesate

Unless you’re catering exclusively to millennials, note this generation is only a subset of potential home buyers. It pays to be conscious of their preference, but it’s also likely you’ll have baby boomers or the generation X considering your property for sale. It’s okay to take a pot shot and see what sticks, however. As long as you seal the deal, does it really matter if the buyer transforms your house into a love shack or a Google funhouse?

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