5 Reasons For Sale by Owner Houses are Appealing

sell a house privately in Australia realestate

You have a right to earn every dollar off your property’s sale and you’ll end up with more cash in a For Sale by Owner real estate deal in Australia. Problems crop up when you have to pay a third party to perform a job you can do on your own.

Now, some people will argue that selling a house privately is too troublesome, that it’s not worth the effort. The task won’t be a cakewalk, that’s for sure. But it’s fortunate there are alternative services you can consider, without bearing the burden of commissions. You should also give yourself more credit; as long as there’s demand, you have a fair chance of landing prospects, and eventually closing on a sale.

Selling a home without an agent also sends a message to potential buyers: you’re willing to do the dirty work for the sake of property you own. Ignore the naysayers and doubters – here are five reasons why selling your house by yourself is appealing to potential buyers.

Reason #1 Zero commission when you sell a house privately

It will always boil down to brass tacks, the bottom line. Agents take their cut for service you could do on your own. Sure, there are legal issues to deal with during the process, but you can handle these if you’re single-minded enough, and if you’re up to do the legwork.

sell a house privately in Australia realestate

Contrary to popular notions, real estate buyers respond well to For Sale by Owner listings. It means no agents are involved, and buyers can deal with owners without the ambiguous filter of intermediaries.

Reason #2 Great Pricing of For Sale by Owner Homes

You can afford to compromise when the markdown is lopped off your property’s price point. Removing traditional agents from the equation just gives you more freedom to negotiate. Some consider it risky business to do things on your own, but would you really let a commissioned stranger negotiate for you?

If you have a good idea of your property’s value, then you can hold your own, even in a saturated market. Again, it will all depend on the legwork you do, but the payoff is well worth your effort in the end.

Reason #3 Negotiating a No Agent Property Sale

Potential buyers love a great bargain, but you won’t settle for less than your property’s worth, would you? It must be understood your head should be in the right place during the negotiation. It wouldn’t be smart to demand a price point that’s thirty years out-dated. The price point should be realistic, with enough leeway for compromise.

sell a house privately in Australia realestate

In any case, buyers are assured the offer directly comes from you, the seller. You can hash terms out, it could be painstaking, and the prospect could be a dud. Roll with the punches and do better on succeeding opportunities.

Reason #4 Exposure in the Real Estate Scene

The real estate agent’s debate is moot, especially when there are alternative services you can employ to maximise your property’s exposure. You can pay flat rates to publish your property on listings, and you decide how far you want to extend its reach.

As for the viewings, you can stage the property, accommodate prospects on your own. Who can challenge your knowledge of your own house, with all its quirks and features?

sell a house privately in Australia realestate

Reason # 5 Home Buyer’s Perception

Okay, you’ll encounter potential buyers fronted by agents of their own. That’s basically the misconception with For Sale by Owner listings. These are considered high ground in the housing market, and many think you need an expert of sorts to represent you if you’re going to buy.

Buyers’ agents are turned off when it comes to No Agent properties because it negates commission on their end. Think about it, though. In an ideal scenario, you’re dealing directly with the buyer, and both parties should hold their own without ambassadors. Selling your house on your own basically cuts middlemen on both ends of the transaction, leaving more room to bargain and compromise.

sell a house privately in Australia realestate

With all things considered, For Sale by Owner real estate listings appeal to potential buyers, because these properties are stripped off the services of traditional agents. You’ll deal with the same challenges, face the same competition. You’ll be surprised how much you can earn from the property, and you’ll have bragging rights for closing the sale on your own.

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