Top 5 Affordable Suburbs in Sydney with Homes for Sale by Owner

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Are you the anxious type when it comes to real estate investments, especially when dealing with homes for sale by owner? Deciding to move into a new home means you’ll deal with the transition, and for anyone who spent their best years in a house, the move is unnerving at the very least. For whatever reason, though, it had to be done.

The same is true if you’re selling property in the for sale by owner market. There are plenty of things to consider before you put your house up for sale. How are the market conditions? What’s the median value of similar no agent properties in your area? Most importantly, what’s the price point you can settle with, a decent range you and potential buyers can respect?

Unless money isn’t an issue (it almost always is), the price point is the first thing buyers consider when looking for homes for sale by owner. This is part of the suburbs’ appeal: you’ll find affordable housing that’s reasonably close to the city. With this in mind, these 5 suburbs are among the best places to search for cost-friendly, serviceable homes.

Suburb #1: Dulwich Hill

The inner-west offers two suburbs ranking high in buyer preferences. One of these is Dulwich Hill, nestled just inside the CBD’s cosy ten-kilometre radius. Dulwich Hill offers a good blend of established houses and apartments, which accommodates a wide range of affordable homes for sale by owner.

for sale by owner Australia realestate

Public transport is as convenient as they come, with light rail, train, and bus routes weaved into the area. Neighbouring Marrickville and lined by the Cook River, Dulwich Hill may not feature the bustle of the CBD, but it’s also the respite many are searching for.

Suburb #2: Tempe

Tempe is also inside Sydney’s inner-west suburbs, with plenty of investments available at entry-level prices. Tempe is snug close to Newtown and Sydney University. Unsurprisingly, own-and-occupy and rental properties are its primary offerings.

There’s a catch to this area that may tick off potential buyers of no agent properties, though. It’s located within earshot of the airport. It all depends on which part of Tempe you’re willing to reside, but you should generally expect the hum of planes to become a persistent part of your day.

for sale by owner Australia realestate

Suburb #3: Kingsford

Kingsford is a suburb in the east with potential for growth. It already offers affordable homes for sale by owner options, particularly from neighbourhoods Randwick and Coogee. Mass transit was a concern, but this is now resolved with a new light rail system.

The new mass transit system is convenient to UNSW’s residents and students, also to anyone who’s considering to move to the area. Kingsford’s proximity to the city and the beach, as well as its new transport options, makes it one of Sydney’s up-and-coming suburbs.

Suburb #4: Kingswood

For those who prefer to stake their claim on promising investments, Kingswood’s properties are worth considering. The area has its own train station servicing the UWS; notable locations include Nepean Hospital and Penrith Westfield.

Badgerys Creek airport is also expected to be built close to Kingswood, making the area an excellent prospect for investors with an eye for rezoning potential.

for sale by owner Australia realestate

Suburb #5: Asquith

There’s the impression the suburbs are laid-back retreats from the city, and for many, this is a serious consideration in searching for property. North of the CBD is Asquith, one stop farther than Hornsby on the train line. But in contrast to the relative bustle of Hornsby, Asquith is a quiet, spacy suburb.

Asquith may appeal to families and couples looking for a quieter place to settle, but it’s also ideal for anyone who want their personal time separate from the grind of the workweek.

It’s fortunate Sydney’s suburb homes for sale by owner options are aplenty, and the options appeal to many demographics. Sure, these places technically line the outskirts of the CBD, but what’s not to like? It’s as close as you can get to the city without paying an insane premium for each square foot.

Price range estimates vary with the market trends, but these five suburbs are worth considering, especially for buyers with caps on the money they’re willing to spend. This shortlist is current, but may vary; stay updated and do your legwork, to ensure you’re not short-changed on your home for sale by owner investment.

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