9 Reasons to Share Your No Agent Property on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

You’re currently in the housing market to sell a No Agent property, and you’re testing the waters. After you’ve searched online for competition, best practices in real estate sales, latest property deals in your area, your Facebook newsfeed is suddenly filled with for sale by owner listings, agent ads, and even the latest hardware sale in town. Coincidence? Of course not!

Online marketing is smarter and more aggressive than ever, and this includes Facebook. It is, after all, only the second most popular website on the entire planet, second only to Google. Algorithms stalk our every click, so it can’t be helped. The best thing you can do is surf the wave. If everyone on Facebook is cashing in on the trends, then why shouldn’t you?

Here are 9 top reasons why you should share a no agent property on Facebook. Read this post and you’ll also learn various ways to peddle a real estate property on this social media giant. The key is to build your network and advertise properly. Still not convinced? Read on. 

Reason #1 FREE No Agent property listing

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Okay, first things first: this is social media. You have to play by the rules of the platform. Optimising your post is a must. This means avoid flooding your friends’ newsfeed. Not many things get ostracized faster on Facebook on a personal level than over-sharing.

With all things considered, sharing your for sale by owner real estate post gives you a free advertising platform. Choose your home’s best photos and inform your network that you’re trying to sell a house fast.

Tip: Request friends to share your post and you instantly widen your reach. If you’re posting on a personal account, keep your feed organic. Alternate updates on your listing with a video of your cat coughing up a fur ball. Or with photos of the casserole you cooked last night.

Just don’t go overboard and never spam. 

Reason #2 Public posts on Facebook can go viral

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

…that is, if you post with perfect timing. A good time to post is at four in the afternoon. This is when people are stuck commuting, or are at work itching to leave so they end up browsing their Facebook feed. Never underestimate the reach of Facebook likes and shares.

We’re assuming here that your Facebook account already has a substantial network to work with. If not, go ahead and add more contacts. Even the faceless acquaintance you once met at some boring party can be a good lead. If you’re out to sell a house privately, add every recognizable person Facebook suggests.

It doesn’t hurt and you have nothing to lose. “What about my privacy?” you ask. Fortunately, Facebook allows users to control the privacy setting of EACH post you upload. You can edit your friends list and put acquaintances under the Acquaintance list where they belong.

Tip: Share your no agent property listing on Public mode while uploading photos of your children or cats under a more private (example: Friends only) setting. 

Reason #3 Beat real estate agents at their own game

Agents often have dedicated Facebook accounts for their business. Why should they hog all the attention? Selling a house privately means you make the most out of what you have.

Social media is friendly territory if you’re in the for sale by owner market. A “professional” real estate agent has as much clout on Facebook as you do. They have no edge in the online world over the common folks. In Facebook, there is no king or queen, only princes and princesses with 15 minutes of fame. And these 15 minutes are up for grabs to anyone persistent enough to market a house for sale online! 

Reason #4 You’re able to promote your neighbourhood

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Home buyers consider the quality of the neighbourhood and neighbours a crucial part of the sale. In no agent property sales, you can ease your worries since you control what goes on your listing and how it’s marketed.

You can post about community events, local gatherings, and holidays celebrations. Your Facebook posts are under your control and you put a face to the real estate listing. Buyers can ask you questions and who else can know the neighbourhood more than a local?

Promoting your neighbourhood’s events can be quite an engaging way to catch the attention of home buyers. Highlighting the best events of your community can also convince a critical buyer that your neighbourhood is a great place.

Never mind the cranky residents in your area. There are always bad pickings out of every bunch. You’ve done part of the legwork when you contribute to advertising your community’s best features.

Reason #5 You can conduct surveys on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Just in case you’re unaware of the housing market’s nitty-gritty, Facebook allows you to conduct surveys, especially on group pages. This assumes you’re already part of Facebook groups dedicated to real estate. If not, simply type “(Your city/suburb/state) rent sell home” on the Facebook search bar at the very top of the site. Once the search results appear, click on Groups. You can then choose from the list of Facebook Groups that match your keywords.

Do participate in surveys as well. See how your property fares with the consensus. Groups are your avenue to solid connections with the online community. Posting on these pages also ensures your no agent property listing is targeted.

Reason #6 You can create events on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Organize a lunch party for anyone interested in a showing. The open house event doesn’t have to be fancy, but fancy may also help. The advantage of creating an event on Facebook is you get to adjust the view and invite settings. You get to handpick prospects and weed out the riffraff.

Be creative. Throw in door prizes for those arriving on time, for example. The goal is to create hype about your listing. News may catch fire even more once word gets out your property is a for sale by owner listing.

Reason #7 Hashtags and Facebook people-tags squeeze in more hits

It’s true: Facebook isn’t the best platform for hashtags. Hashtags aren’t as potent on Facebook as they are on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. But the presence of hashtags on Facebook still shouldn’t be underestimated.

In any case, you have nothing to lose with hashtags. Play it safe and slap several on for good measure.

Tag friends to your listing and post, but do tread carefully. You’re bordering on invasion of privacy here when you pull in people unaware. At the very least, tag only members of your inner circle so that your no agent property listing is seen by their network.

Reason #8 You can tether your Facebook listing to other social media accounts

Think Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Twitter lets you shoot quick updates, while Pinterest and Instagram showcase photos of your property for sale. Pinterest posts may also be pinned to boards ad infinitum, showing your listing even to the casually interested.

Maximize reach by using all your social media accounts. You don’t have to be an Internet super nerd to open up these avenues, allowing you to find more prospects.

Reason #9 Easy pickings for For Sale by Owner properties

Going back to the nature of the platform, Facebook connections are organic. You’re associated with contacts in varying degrees. You get to build contacts from the inside out. Sharing a no agent property on Facebook ensures immediate reach.

Real estate agents wised up to the sales potential of social media, and so should you. Yes, there’s the competition, and the shelf-life of posts are practically hiccups. You can always improve on your next post, though. Also, update regularly to stay relevant.

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

You have a lot to gain from posting and sharing your no agent property listing on Facebook. Zero Commission has already made the job easy for you by posting real estate listings of our customers on our For Sale by Owner-focused Facebook page. All you have to do is pop over to our Facebook page, locate your listing and hit the Share button.

Try it, and see how you fare. It’s free and you can do it as often times as you wish. Just don’t over-share and end up getting unfollowed by your own mum! You only need one serious home buyer to attract and then you can consider your house sold.

Sell a house privately in Australia through us! Click here for more details.

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How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Outdoors

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

Learn how to take house pictures with an iPhone and you’ll sell a house fast. You’ve seen the benchmark of real estate photos. There’s such a wide assortment available online. How can you compete with professionally taken shots? You don’t have to.

Your property can stand on its own merits (for better or for worse) with these nifty iPhone photography tricks meant for the outdoors. After all, curb appeal is 90% of the appeal as far as online house shopping is concerned. The external photographs you upload online of your house for sale is what will reel in—or turn off—potential buyers.

It pays to highlight your house’s best features, and let prospects consider. Okay, all this is probably easier said than done. This is especially true when you have no idea how to sell a house privately in Australia. The good news is that taking external pictures of a house is easier now than ever before. Imagine the dilemma of homeowners decades ago, back when Polaroids and film cameras were the norm.

Now everyone and their mother have an iPhone at their disposal. Taking exterior shots of your real estate property for sale with an iPhone makes life much easier. Learn how to take pictures of a house with an iPhone outdoors with these easy tips:

Tip #1: Have an external angle list of your house for sale

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

Don’t head out without a plan in place. It initially might seem like a waste of time because most people know their property like the back of their hand. But having a shot list makes a difference.

Decide what time of day is ideal for the photo shoot. You also need to know which features of your For Sale by Owner property you need to highlight.

The newer iPhone generations have improved HDR capabilities, which work well in low-light settings. There’s a panorama feature that’s also integrated with an internal gyroscope, aiding wide shots of your front yard or façade. Scout your property and figure out how you can put your iPhone’s features to good use.

Tip #2: Use the proper orientation when learning how to take house pictures with an iPhone

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

Landscape orientation is the default for outdoor photography. You can also play with different angles to highlight details.

If you’re taking wide, sweeping shots of the house, take photos from different perspectives. Always check how they look on a computer monitor. What looks good or bad from the screen of your iPhone could appear in a much different way on a larger monitor. Crop out unsightly details.

Although seldom used for exterior shots, portrait orientation adds variety to your photo stock. Use this when taking close-ups of your house for sale’s features. This is especially applicable in landscaping details. The key is to package your property in a collage of shots and provide bite-sized pieces.

Tip #3: Don’t ignore touch-focus when learning how to take house photos with an iPhone

iPhones have an autofocus feature that allows you to highlight sections of the shot. In case you’ve been neglecting this function, now is the best time to experiment. When composing your shot, press the area on your screen where you want the camera to focus.

The feature will optimize exposure for that selected section of the image. What you focus will appear more evident when people zoom in on your house photos online. Knowing when and where to focus while taking pictures can spell the difference between a closed sale and a no-sale in a For Sale by Owner property deal.

Experiment as you take the pictures. Touch the screen of your iPhone in different areas and choose which compositions work best. The goal here is to focus on the best exterior angles of your house for sale.

Tip #4: Skip the zoom function

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

You might think that in learning how to take house pictures with an iPhone, the zoom feature is important. No. Note that iPhones have a digital, not optical, zoom feature. This may not seem significant during the shoot, but you’ll notice pictures look grainy when zoomed in from a home computer. It’s best you move in close to your subject, rather than pinching the screen for the zoom.

Even though mobile use has increased tremendously over the years, buying a house is a huge investment. Expect potential house buyers to inspect houses for sale from the big screens of their computers, rather than rely on the smaller screens of smartphones. This is why discovering and experimenting how to take house pictures with an iPhone will help you reap countless of benefits.

Use the grid function to ensure the frame is in proper alignment. This helps close-up images from appearing skewed. Employ the overlay which is a grid of vertical and horizontal lines as you take the shot.

Tip #5: Use the HDR feature to take beautiful external real estate pictures

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

The HDR feature can work wonders on your pictures, allowing for great compositions. When learning how to take house pictures with an iPhone, this is one of the top features to use.

The iPhone’s High Dynamic Range feature takes three photographs of the same shot. The phone then uses the three different exposure settings. Each of the three images is then piled on top of the other. The best sections of the shot ends up in the final picture.

Keep in mind that this function is motion-sensitive. This, however, can be a good thing. The iPhone’s gyroscope aids you on that end. Use HDR when you’re unsure if the lighting is good enough for the shot.

iPhones have plenty of other features and functions you can experiment with. There’s also the Curb Appeal app you can check out, designed specifically for taking photos worthy of real estate listings. If you want to learn how to take house pictures with an iPhone, nothing beats lots of practice.

Make sure you’re solid on the basics of (smartphone) photography before you dabble with fancy features, though. All the enhancements won’t help if you have a poor sense of framing at the get-go.

Do you have a house for sale in Australia? Or an apartment for rent? We can help! Zero Commission will list your property UNTIL SOLD or RENTED! Visit our site to learn more about For Sale by Owner real estate.

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Sell My House: 6 Secrets Agents Don’t Want You to Know

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

Is your goal to ‘sell my house in Australia’? It almost feels like real estate agents are too good to be true. Their main selling point is convenience, but this comes with a catch. More often than not, you only bear the full brunt of this burden when the sale closes and the commission-based agent comes around for the cut.

Professionals rarely share trade secrets with clients, of course–especially if these affect their earnings in a bad way. It’s the same ruse as restaurants serving you leftovers, or when you’re unaware while buying old-stock groceries. Most people don’t know any better until an insider lets them in on trade secrets.

Commission-based real estate agents play tricks. Here are 6 trade secrets traditional agents surely won’t tell you, even if you approach them asking nicely, ‘help me sell my house’.

Secret #1: You’ll earn more if you sell a house privately

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

We’re talking earnings of thousands of dollars here. In. Your. Pocket.

See, it all boils down to the agent’s commission. It’s a percentage of the sale, on top of miscellaneous fees. The 5% commission is no measly sum if you’re talking about five-figure price points.

You’ll find testimonial evidence online. For Sale by Owner properties really earn in favour of the seller. With all things considered, wouldn’t you rather keep all that money to yourself when you reach the goal of ‘sell my house’?

Secret #2: Buyer and seller real estate agents connive to close the sale

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

That uneasy feeling when a home buyer knows too much about you? You should trust your gut. When a prospect is aware of your design preferences and living habits, it feels like your laundry is set out to dry. It’s not an exaggeration, considering potential buyers are also represented by real estate agents.

How can it get worse? Your agent and the buyer’s agent may be cutting deals behind your back, just to ensure the sale pulls through. It’s all fair game if this is true. And you’ll hear hints of these dropped every now and then.

If at any time during negotiations an agent says, “the buyer’s agent really loves the property, by the way,” put your guard up. There’s probably a deal being negotiated behind the curtains so if you’re hoping and wishing ‘sell my house’, you’re better off working without an old school agent.

Secret #3: Comparison real estate prices aren’t updated

Agents base the asking price point of homes on the average prices in the surrounding area. This is standard procedure, and it makes sense. Your house has to compete with unsold properties in the vicinity with a decent price point. Agents won’t tell you these benchmark prices may be out of date, though.

Comparison prices are guidelines, at best. Truth be told, comparison prices in real estate (of sold properties) are misleading because the best market indicators are current, pending sales.

Do note that most agents, even those locally based, are unable to access this data. We’ll just leave this bit of information as is for you to mull over.

Secret #4: Your agent has more to gain with an open house event

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

You open your home for sale for viewing, pleading with your agent, “Please, sell my house fast!”. People then filter in and out. You manage to snag a few leads, even one that just might convert. You’re a happy camper. The end? No, wait. There’s a catch. This is working to your agent’s favour more so than yours.

To an agent, everyone who shows up at an open house is a potential buyer—for all the agents’ listed properties, not just yours! If another home, let’s say, will land the agent a bigger commission than the sale of your house, the agent has a huge incentive to offer the potential buyer a coffee date. Both your agent and the home buyer can then easily proceed to discuss the other home.

Secret #5: You might be dealing with a double agent

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

This is as nasty as it gets. In some places, dual agencies are legal practice. This means one agent represents both sides of the deal. Your agent can represent a buyer in need, and keep commissions coming from both ends.

Some buyers consider this a good compromise. They expect the agent to downplay the commission. The truth is, you never really know when you’re being ripped off. The lucky agent gets to double deal, with minimal opposition from either side. This reason alone makes for sale by owner real estate deals the best route to take.

Secret #6: An agent may cut corners just to sell a house fast

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

A worst case scenario would have your agent recommending shady inspectors to check the property. This is to ensure major flaws are overlooked, and the inspection clears nonetheless.

If your commission-based agent schedules the inspection while you’re away, watch out. The thought of an inspection might initially seem appealing if you’re thinking “sell my house fast”. But you can expect a lawsuit from the buyer if the ugly truth eventually rears its equally horrendous head.

And, trust us, you wouldn’t want to spend your earnings (minus the agent’s commission) sorting out a lawsuit.

Selling a house privately is more appealing after you consider the risks of hiring traditional commission-based agents. You’re ensured no shady deals when you sell a house privately. You also get to keep the entire pot of money.

Are you still currently being represented by an old school real estate agent? Consider these tips and then show your agent out the door!

Selling a hosue privately is easy! We put together the most useful tips to help you sell a house in the For Sale by Owner market:

For Sale by Owner: 5 Things to Consider during a Divorce

for sale by owner Australia sell a house fast

Disclaimer: The following advice is not intended to replace the professional advice of a lawyer. These tips are applicable for many cases of divorce but may not be applicable to your own situation. Consult a lawyer and your local laws for more details.

Divorce complicates things in a big way, especially when one or both partners decide to sell the home in a For Sale by Owner deal in Australia. The process of putting the house for sale privately is difficult enough, but the added component of divorce throws a monkey wrench on the best-laid plans.

Couples need to set their differences aside, at least until after the divorce is finalized. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case.

If you’re in the same situation and you’re wondering how to proceed with selling a house fast, you have options. Remember that your partner is part of the decision one way or another. It’s best you’re equally involved in the for sale by owner real estate selling process from the start.

Here are 5 things to consider before you make a decision:

#1 Strong emotions will be involved in the For Sale by Owner real estate process

Things can get messy. Even if both parties amicably decide to push through with the sale, the question of who pulls the weight hangs in the air. If one partner decides to reside in the property for sale, it’s likely unresolved issues will linger. This can complicate decision-making and even delay the sale.

for sale by owner Australia sell a house fast

Keep the relationship as civil between you and your partner as humanly possible. This is for your mutual benefit. If you can’t make clear-cut decisions with your partner, find a mediator to settle significant terms of the for sale by owner sale.

As much as possible, avoid getting the courts involved. But, of course, if this is not the right move for you, get the best lawyer you can afford.

#2 Aim for an even split of the proceeds in the home for sale

for sale by owner Australia sell a house fast

We understand this is easier said than done. As expected, terms in divorces are usually muddy. Even if you contributed equally on the real estate investment, it’s a different story when it’s time to divide the spoils.

Each wants a fair share of the property, which is less or more than is actually deserved. This is the common scenario. You need to settle the terms before you move to sell a house privately.

If you can’t compromise outside the courts, a judge will most probably end up resolving the conflict. This can work against your favour. It’s easier to sell the property and divide the equity in half without involving the courts. Sure, you might not get the lion’s share, but a 50-50 split can save you from plenty of headaches and legal fees.

#3 Consider the tax incentive approach when selling a home privately

On the practical side, both parties usually have the most to gain by selling the property before the divorce is finalized. Tax exemptions are different for married and single parties. You might be better off selling a house as a couple.

In many jurisdictions, there’s full discrepancy in tax exemptions between married couples and singles. This is something to think about as you’re figuring out the details of the divorce.

You might be only eligible for tax exemption if you’ve lived in the property for a prescribed period. In many scenarios, the for sale by owner property in question should be your main residence. Confirm with your lawyer in cases where the house in question is a secondary home or simply an investment you never used as your formal residence. Check the local laws.

#4 Selling the home is better than keeping it

for sale by owner Australia sell a house fast

You might struggle against this idea, but it’s sound financial advice in most cases. Your income, along with your spouse’s, were taken into account when the property was bought–if you applied for a mortgage. After the divorce, either partner will shoulder the upkeep. This can be too much to handle.

Consider the costs of keeping up with the mortgage principal, taxes, insurance costs, interest rates and utility bills. It might be better to sell for both your economic advantages.

#5 The sale of the No Agent property can be managed in several ways

for sale by owner Australia sell a house fast

It’s likely you’ll agree upon any of these three settlements:

  1. a) One of the parties will buy out the other’s legal interest of the property and take over ownership
  2. b) Either party gets to keep the home for an agreed period of time, especially in consideration to the children. The sale often follows through when the youngest child reaches legal age
  3. c) The house goes up for sale on the for sale by owner market as soon as possible, and revenues are divided

Everyone has a lot to gain when a compromise is reached amicably. Consider your options carefully. Going this route is all the more important if you decide to sell the property in a for sale by owner deal.

No doubt there are challenges to reaching a harmonious settlement. But the effort will pay you back a thousand times over.

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Houses for Sale by Owner: Top 6 Melbourne Suburbs

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

For anyone looking for the best houses for sale by owner, Melbourne is one of the best spots in Australia. You do have to pay, however, for the privilege of living in the city. Many prefer the convenience of living in close proximity to the city. Suburbs are all the more appealing for this reason.

Would you like to live life along the outskirts of the CBD? Then go all out and go big. Melbourne’s six best suburbs are not meant for the faint of heart. The prices of houses for sale by owner are usually unreasonable. These real estate properties are best considered by investors with money to burn.

Still unfazed with this warning? We’re pretty sure you’ll consider selling your house privately after reading this. Check out houses for sale by owner in these 6 Melbourne neighbourhoods for ideas of price range and what you’re up against.

#1 Houses for Sale by Owner in Clifton Hill

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Clifton Hill is one of the more affordable options around Melbourne. It’s hard to gripe about the landscape. But drop your expectations if you’re after comparable alternatives. Clifton Hill is notably hillier than most suburbs in the area. Expect to see plenty of open spaces.

Imagine a green oasis and you’ll have this suburb drawn with accuracy in your mind. Clifton Hill offers immediate access to Hoddle Street and Eastern Freeway. There’s value for money here, no doubt.

Train access is also commendable. You won’t have problems with the commute. What’s not to like with that?

#2 For Sale by Owner Houses in Toorak

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Toorak is one of Melbourne’s more expensive suburbs. That’s surprising considering you’ll see less open spaces. Note the high congestion, and the absence of a decent bus service.

If you’re going to live here, expect to pay the price of the commute. Toorak is bordered by Yarra’s steep slopes, where many of Melbourne’s largest homes were built.

This is a bit of a letdown, but Toorak’s border with Yarra was once lined with these large houses. The mansions were once built for industrialists. The terrain afforded commanding view of the factories in the sulkier “struggle-town” suburbs of Burnley and Richmond. These continue to rank in the top 100 list of best Australian suburbs so houses for sale by owner don’t stay listed for long in this suburb.

#3 Sell a No Agent Property in Hawthorn East

Hawthorn East has one thing going for it. This one thing is enough to convince prospects of a worthy investment. Hawthorne East’s crime rate is exceptionally low. In fact, the suburb is ranked with a perfect score in investment indicators. Houses for sale by owner in this area attract plenty of real estate buyers.

The area performs well on every indicator, besting neighbouring suburbs Kooyong, Kew and Canterbury. You can describe Hawthorn East as majestic. And you wouldn’t be exaggerating. This stretch of land flanked by Hawthorn and Camberwell is dotted with historic mansions and magnificent estate homes.

Are you ready to keep up with the lifestyle here?

#4 Houses for Sale by Owner in Armadale

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Neighbourhoods in Armadale have the essentials covered. The area is larger than it seems. Armadale is hemmed by roads on all four boundaries, with Toorak Railway Station on the west.

Transport options are aplenty, and trains, trams, and buses are easily accessible. Main roads are also less congested, compared to suburbs closer to the CBD.

There’s Toorak Park for leisure, and shopping spots abound. Crime rate isn’t a problem, and you only have the scarcity of open space to gripe about. It’s easy to say houses for sale by owner in Armadale get snatched up by home buyers faster than you can say ‘for sale by owner’.

#5 For Sale by Owner Properties in East Melbourne

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

East Melbourne is one of the Goldilocks suburbs near the CBD. Its excellent indicator marks got even more elevated after improvements were made on Wellington Parade’s “Eastbourne” strip.

Just beyond East Melbourne’s boundary is the CBD, housing even more notable suburbs. East Melbourne boasts of Yarra Park, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Treasury Gardens. Then there’s the Parliament House, a prominent landmark.

East Melbourne might not be as bustling as the others, but its dynamism more than compensates for the relaxed pace.

#6 Sell a house privately in South Yarra

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

South Yarra has plenty of reason to be the top pick, both for investors and sellers. It’s close to the city and to the coast. All the essential amenities are covered for, including cafes, shopping spots, schools, and cultural landmarks.

South Yarra also boasts of open spaces, notably Fawkner Park and the Botanic Gardens. A hilly landscape and efficient commutes mark this as the place to be outside Melbourne’s city limits. Congested roads are recurring concerns, but this doesn’t dent South Yarra’s appeal to moneyed investors and those looking to buy a house in Australia.

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Melbourne also has affordable suburbs to offer, but these top 6 should give insight on the region’s best offerings of houses for sale by owner. It’s true these options are pricey, but hey, you never can tell what the For Sale by Owner market holds. In the meantime, keep your sights on these picks. An investment opportunity can easily turn just around the bend.

Did you know you don’t need a real estate agent to sell a house fast in Australia? Visit our site to learn more about selling a house privately!

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Buy my House! 6 Things to Do Before Buyers Visit

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

Don’t you love the last-minute rush when you want to convince home buyers to ‘buy my House’? There’s one huge secret to productive work: urgency.

If you’ve ever procrastinated to the point of defying the laws of physics, you know the adrenaline rush is addictive. Powering through at the last minute makes us neglect the details, however. This is not a good thing when you’re after thoroughness and excellence in selling a house privately in Australia.

One of the perks of selling a house privately is you get to facilitate the home viewings. The problem happens when we’re too familiar with our homes. We fail to notice clutter that a visitor will instantly observe.

This includes the littlest things: toys left out on the yard, toiletries in the bathroom and the like. What counts as tidy in normal situations won’t do in the eyes of home buyers. They visit a potential house for sale with scrutinizing eyes.

For you, our dear readers, we put together a shortlist of 6 things you can do 30 minutes before a prospective buyer walks through your door. With these tips, you’ll convince them with your mantra of ‘buy my house now’!

#1 Visualize meeting your goal of Buy My House but don’t panic

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

It’s possible you haven’t really prepared for the home viewing as thoroughly as you should. Telling visitors ‘buy my house because it’s a great deal‘ isn’t sufficient. There’s the busyness of life after all. It can seem impossible to be able to put everything in order before visitors arrive.

If the task seems overwhelming (and it probably is), you’ll need a clear head. Do prioritize the quick fixes. Focus on areas most visible to visitors. Put yourself in their shoes. What are the hot spots you would prioritize? Where would you linger?

Start from the curb and scout the place like a hawk. Make a beeline through your For Sale by Owner house. Assess all areas with the same scrutiny. If you want people to listen to your sales pitch of ‘buy my house‘, your home has to also sell itself.

#2 Ensure last-minute diligence in your No Agent property

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

Your brochure serves as a roadmap of your house for sale. No matter how boldly and beautifully you print out the words ‘Buy my house‘ on the brochures, what’s vital is what’s indicated on paper is consistent with what people actually see in real life. Even if you’ve proofread your brochure copy, some details can be misinterpreted. Leave time to strategize if this is the case.

Ensure everything checks out: the number of bathrooms, custom fixtures, new renovations, extra amenities, etc. Leave no loose ends that will have prospects scratching their heads in confusion. An extra room that exists in the brochure but not in your actual house for sale will leave a suspicious feeling at best. 

#3 Keep everything tidy outside your house for sale

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

If you want to convince people to pay for your real estate property, saying ‘buy my house‘ isn’t enough. You have to prep your home for sale the right way.The curb appeal is the first feature visitors will notice. And, yes, first impressions do last when it comes to selling a house privately. Prospects spend 30 minutes on average viewing a house. Yours may not make it past the first five minutes if you have an unkempt yard.

Garage doors should be closed. Pick up toys and clutter on the yard. Do you have pets? Now’s the time to take them out of the house. Find them a temporary home away from your house for sale if you’re expecting visitors. 

Remove trash cans out of sight. And, most importantly, park your car in a spot that doesn’t block the visitors’ line of sight. 

#4 Stash knickknacks someplace safe in your home for sale

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

You’ll find room to stash the smallest clutter. Now is not the time to be picky. There’s always some temporary place to store clutter. Use laundry bins and the car trunk. Your For Sale by Owner home needs to look tidy when visitors arrive.

Bathroom toiletries and countertop sundries are often left cluttering the home. Scoop everything that seem unsightly to a stranger. Tuck these somewhere hidden. 

#5 Ensure the house’s comfort and ambiance

Proper lighting goes a long way in improving presentation in No Agent Property sales. Lights should be turned on where it matters the most. This is an often overlooked task. Use the lights to create a beautiful ambiance.

Draw open blinds and curtains and maximize daylight. The only time you shouldn’t do this is if there’s an unpleasant outside a room. You wouldn’t want visitors to get a sneak preview of your hairy neighbours sunning themselves beyond your hedges. 

#6 Keep an eye out for last-minute fixes

Half an hour before home buyers are expected to come visit and hear the words ‘buy my house‘ from your lips is the best time to make a final visual sweep of the home. Don’t miss anything. Empty trash bins inside the house. Put down the toilet seat and make all beds. Rearrange the pillows and rugs in your living room. Less is more so tuck away anything that looks even the slightest bit cluttered.

It should appear like you’ve just finished spring cleaning. If you have to sweep dust under the rug due to lack of time, do so. Cram clutter in places you normally wouldn’t use in this situation.

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

One final tip if your goal is “buy my house”: make sure your house smells nice. Some misunderstand this tip and end up over-sanitizing the place. Would you buy a house that smells like a hospital ward? Neither would your prospects.

Have newly baked cookies ready just before prospects arrive. Welcome them with a homely treat to nibble. Lure them the same way Hansel and Gretel were lured into that gingerbread house. No black magic required.

Say ‘buy my house’ with a delectable platter nobody can resist. Hook, line, and sinker, isn’t that the goal?

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6 Tips if a No Agent Property Didn’t Sell

no agent property Australia realesate sell a house fast

Isn’t the No Agent property market like a bakery? There’s always a new batch coming in, some fresh out of the oven, while others, not so much. And then there are always a few that aren’t sold at the tail-end of the day. These are usually the sad bunch of the lot. And, in the case of bread, bakers find ingenious ways of selling an old batch before it turns stale.

How does your house for sale fare by comparison? If it’s on the Australian market for a while, then it’s safe to assume you’re having problems selling it. It’s frustrating when weeks drag by and there’s a point when a no agent property ends up as the oft-neglected entry on the listings. Being left out of a schoolyard pick is an unfortunate situation.

The first month is crucial for property listings, as this is where you’re able to guesstimate what works and what doesn’t. If you’re at your wits end trying to figure out how to revive a property’s appeal, these 6 tips will help.

Tip #1 Rethink the price point of your No Agent property

This is the one thing home sellers probably dread the most: knowing they’ve cracked the price point way out of the ball park. The sooner you realize you’ve gone overboard, the sooner your property is considered, viewed, even sold. Shifting your price point is a bit more involved, though, because you can’t adjust it at whim, or in reaction to market trends.

no agent property Australia realesate sell a house fast

Once you realize that price is determined by the housing market (instead of your perceived value), then you’re off to a good start. You can adopt a proven strategy in pricing, selling your no agent property for $599,000 instead of $602,000, for example. The markdown is tolerable, and it looks like you’ve lopped off $100,000 from the asking price, at least at first sight.

Tip #2 Give your house for sale a facelift

Boost your no agent property’s appeal with a renovation, remodelling. This will cost you, but the investment will pay off. Don’t overdo it, though–focus on the essential renovations and makeovers, the ones that convince most prospects your for sale by owner house is a worthwhile investment.

no agent property Australia realesate sell a house fast

Make sure your no agent property is structurally sound, with all the basic amenities covered for. The bathroom and kitchen are viewing hotspots. Invest in boosting the home’s curb appeal.

Tip #3 Withdraw your no agent property

It’s a bittersweet affair, but it must be done if your property has become that stubborn glitch on the listings. Buyers avoid old and persistent entries. They’re often justified to do so. Your luck wears off the longer you keep a real estate listing on the market. Withdrawing the listing for now just might be your best option.

Depending on market conditions, the prime shelf-life for a property listing is 90 days. After that, you won’t be able to find a homebuyer who would agree to your terms and price. Better withdraw for now and rethink your strategy. Wait for the market and buyer pool to refresh.

Tip #4 Wait for the right timing to sell your For Sale by Owner house

This is in case you’ve decided to withdraw the no agent property. It turns out the housing market has its peak and slack seasons. Those who bide their time maximize their chances of closing a sale.

The best seasons to sell are spring and summer. This is when everything is abloom and your property is cast in flattering light. On the flip side, consider selling on slack seasons of the year, when there are fewer properties on the market. This means less competition.

no agent property Australia realesate sell a house fast

Tip #5: Listen to the For Sale by Owner market

Knowing what should be done is different from doing it. Unfortunately, this is one mistake many no agent property owners make. If it’s evident the market is stuck in a slump, consider a markdown in your asking price. If there’s a market boom, stay competitive. Invest in renovations.

It’s also important to sever sentimental ties with the property for sale. Buyers are turned off when there’s evidence of someone’s childhood etched on the walls and banisters. Your house must be a clean slate before prospects visit.

Tip #6: Stay positive to sell a house fast

Knowing your house isn’t selling is disappointing. If it’s any comfort, look at the other listings. Know you’re in good company. The key is to keep at it and hope. If you have to carve your asking price, then so be it. What matters is the property gets sold on terms you’re comfortable with.

no agent property Australia realesate sell a house fast

Note the competition; anticipate market trends in the no agent property market. Strike while the iron is hot. You’re bound to snag prospects. It’s up to you if you’re going to withdraw or insist after the listing is past its shelf-life. Many factors are involved in property selling, but with a reasonable strategy, your persistence should pay off.

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5 Ways For Sale by Owner Websites Get Your House Noticed

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

As if selling a house in a For Sale by Owner market isn’t daunting enough, you’ll also have the odds stacked high against you in a tough market. Holding to a property you can’t sell could be your worst experience yet. For one thing, there are decisions you can’t make until you’ve closed on the sale; who knows how long that will take? Imagine your disappointment as the months drag on, your prospects wavering, at the mercy of a market slump.

This is probably the reason why people solicit the services of traditional real estate agents: the assurance that eventually, someone will pull through and make the sale for you. Everyone knows this comes with a catch, though, and it’s going to be costly. Realizing you’ve sold your property is a bittersweet experience, because someone comes in and bites off a chunk of your earnings.

It doesn’t have to be this way: online real estate agents like Zero Commission are gaining much-deserved recognition, and they’re all the more relevant during a market slump. Here are five ways online real estate agents ensure your house gets noticed:

#1 Most people use the Internet to search for properties

Online real estate agents have better appeal in today’s housing market, because buyers do their own legwork before they consider investing. Before, this meant scouring published (printed) listings, which were usually limited to specific areas. Options could be slim, and notable properties could be confused with the riffraff.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

Online listings display everything in black and white. Even though photos present properties in flattering perspectives, buyers will at least have an idea of what yours looks like before they consider a viewing. Online real estate agents take your listing under their wing, and publish it on a very visible platform: online websites.

#2 Many real estate websites only host listings published by agents

There are sites that accommodate “for sale by owner” listings, but why limit your exposure when online real estate agents get you in on the major websites? The bottom line is that you’ll benefit from credible representation in selling your home, even more if you don’t pay a hefty sum for the service.

Many of the major property sites only accept listings posted by estate agents, which means it’s unlikely you’ll be accommodated without someone vouching for you – this is where online real estate agents come in.

#3 Flat fees mean a level playing field in the For Sale by Owner market

Don’t you just hate it when traditional agents kick your listing to the curb? This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, feeling you’re left out in favour of something that’s “sellable” by comparison (that hot new property in your neighbourhood, the one that will likely sell before your house even snags its next viewing).

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

Well, it’s a level playing field with online real estate agents, because they charge a flat rate regardless of how much your property is worth. You’re assured your online agent plays no favourites, ensuring your listings remains published until the property is closed.

#4 You can’t argue with the flat rate of No Agent Property websites

Who would’ve thought, it doesn’t cost a fortune to have property listed, represented, sold? This is the main appeal of online real estate agents, and for good reason. Caught between the choice of a flat rate and a hefty commission, you’ll naturally go for the feasible alternative.

You can’t blame traditional real estate agents for folding against the prospect of flat rates, but that’s expected. You have more money to gain by going for the affordable option.

#5 For Sale by Owner real estate listings have a unique appeal

Online real estate agents are able to charge flat rates because they take the mystery out of property selling. The For Sale by Owner industry affords you the freedom to take over important phases of the process. Potential buyers are assured they’re dealing directly with owners, which means they won’t have to cover for an agent’s commission in the cost if they decide to invest.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

You’ll accommodate potential buyers during viewings. You know the property like the back of your hand. You can sell the house on your own with persistence and elbow grease, and it’s appealing because you’ll save thousands of dollars in (supposed) commissions. What’s not to like?

You don’t have to pay a premium to ensure your house is noticed, even in a tough market. Zero Commision offers fantastic service for a flat rate. The only thing you need to worry about is how you’ll prep the house so it’s considered a viable investment. After all, your home’s faced with the competition, and your pricing and presentation will make all the difference.

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Sell a Property Now in Brisbane’s Top 5 Suburbs

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

There’s something about suburbs that appeal to the worn out city dweller. If you’re one of those keen on moving farther along the city’s outskirts, the suburbs are the middle ground between city and countryside. It’s like the Goldilocks zone of urban housing, what’s not to like?

With Melbourne and Sydney properties’ skyrocketing price points, many look to Brisbane as the next-best option. If by chance you’re already scouting for Brisbane’s best suburbs (with plans of relocating), well you’re in for a treat. Not only is Brisbane a hub of activity, its suburbs also rival that of any other cities in the land of Oz.

If you prefer laidback surroundings that still hint of the bustle of the city, here are five Brisbane suburbs you should definitely visit:

#1 Sell a property now in New Farm and Teneriffe

These suburbs offer a good mix of apartments and houses, but the neighbourhoods are still unmistakeably suburbia. The area is particularly aesthetic and sentimental, with plenty of galleries dotted around the suburbs’ boundaries, blocks away from most residences.

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

The riverside scenery is soothing comfort after an intense day’s grind, and you don’t have to stay in the afterhours at the city just to experience the nightlife. There are more than enough cafes and restaurants here to keep you satisfied, with the Powerhouse standing as centrepiece of local arts. Check out these twin suburbs if you’re the type who plays hard after a hard day’s work.

#2 For sale by owner markets in Shorncliffe & Sandgate

If you’re after a more laidback, pensive experience, Shorncliffe & Sandgate are seaside suburbs that surely unwind. There are still plenty of sights and things to do, though, if you’re not keen on the long strip that runs alongside the water (the area reminds of an idyllic English fishing town overlooking the seaside).

The seaside strip is a favoured jogging route, but you can also just kick back and watch the tides front the sunrise. There are plenty of places to eat, but it’s likely you’ll have handpicked a couple of favourite spots by the time you’re settled. If you love the salty breeze of the seaside, these suburbs are your best picks.

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

#3 Sell a house privately in Paddington

In contrast to places previously mentioned, Paddington is urban, and in many ways similar to the CBD 5 km away. The landscape almost sets the suburb in countryside territory, though, with modern infrastructure dotted along the rolling hillsides.
In contrast to places previously mentioned, Paddington is urban, and in many ways similar to the CBD 5 km away. The landscape almost sets the suburb in countryside territory, though, with modern infrastructure dotted along the rolling hillsides.

Paddington is also an architectural feat, a showcase of maximised space. Though it’s a suburb, it’s easily mistaken as an extension of the CBD, albeit with a more relaxed pace. Given Terrace and Latrobe Terrace are standout neighbourhoods, and there are more shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants here to keep your leisure days occupied. 

#4 Sell a property now in West End

This suburb is as laidback as it gets, you’ll find it difficult to believe you’re close to the city. Here, relaxed living is an understatement, and community is priority. West End offers variety in cuisine and quaint cafes, and if you’re an advocate of good meals, it’s worth noting there’s not a single fast food joint around!

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

There are several markets worth checking out, particularly the Saturday market at Davies Park, which offers a little bit of everything. The Boundary Street markets are also open Fridays through weekends, something to look forward to for arts and crafts lovers. 

#5 The for sale by owner market in Samford

This suburb offers a majestic sampling of the Australia’s great outdoors, the gateway to Mt. Glorious and Mt. Nebo. But if you think Samford is too far out into the country, you’ll be surprised it’s just a half hour’s drive from the CBD. For nature lovers, this suburb offers a quick adrenaline break from the bustle of the city.

Sunday is a busy day in this suburb, when there are plenty of brunch and sundries affairs. There are also a few secret waterfalls only locals know about. If you want to live in community that’s closer to the great outdoors, Samford is worth checking out.

Brisbane boasts plenty of prime suburbs, and in comparison to Melbourne and Sydney, there are also plenty of properties reasonably priced here. Indeed, it’s the place to be if you want a change of pace, but with the city still within reach.

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