5 Ways For Sale by Owner Websites Get Your House Noticed

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

As if selling a house in a For Sale by Owner market isn’t daunting enough, you’ll also have the odds stacked high against you in a tough market. Holding to a property you can’t sell could be your worst experience yet. For one thing, there are decisions you can’t make until you’ve closed on the sale; who knows how long that will take? Imagine your disappointment as the months drag on, your prospects wavering, at the mercy of a market slump.

This is probably the reason why people solicit the services of traditional real estate agents: the assurance that eventually, someone will pull through and make the sale for you. Everyone knows this comes with a catch, though, and it’s going to be costly. Realizing you’ve sold your property is a bittersweet experience, because someone comes in and bites off a chunk of your earnings.

It doesn’t have to be this way: online real estate agents like Zero Commission are gaining much-deserved recognition, and they’re all the more relevant during a market slump. Here are five ways online real estate agents ensure your house gets noticed:

#1 Most people use the Internet to search for properties

Online real estate agents have better appeal in today’s housing market, because buyers do their own legwork before they consider investing. Before, this meant scouring published (printed) listings, which were usually limited to specific areas. Options could be slim, and notable properties could be confused with the riffraff.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

Online listings display everything in black and white. Even though photos present properties in flattering perspectives, buyers will at least have an idea of what yours looks like before they consider a viewing. Online real estate agents take your listing under their wing, and publish it on a very visible platform: online websites.

#2 Many real estate websites only host listings published by agents

There are sites that accommodate “for sale by owner” listings, but why limit your exposure when online real estate agents get you in on the major websites? The bottom line is that you’ll benefit from credible representation in selling your home, even more if you don’t pay a hefty sum for the service.

Many of the major property sites only accept listings posted by estate agents, which means it’s unlikely you’ll be accommodated without someone vouching for you – this is where online real estate agents come in.

#3 Flat fees mean a level playing field in the For Sale by Owner market

Don’t you just hate it when traditional agents kick your listing to the curb? This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, feeling you’re left out in favour of something that’s “sellable” by comparison (that hot new property in your neighbourhood, the one that will likely sell before your house even snags its next viewing).

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

Well, it’s a level playing field with online real estate agents, because they charge a flat rate regardless of how much your property is worth. You’re assured your online agent plays no favourites, ensuring your listings remains published until the property is closed.

#4 You can’t argue with the flat rate of No Agent Property websites

Who would’ve thought, it doesn’t cost a fortune to have property listed, represented, sold? This is the main appeal of online real estate agents, and for good reason. Caught between the choice of a flat rate and a hefty commission, you’ll naturally go for the feasible alternative.

You can’t blame traditional real estate agents for folding against the prospect of flat rates, but that’s expected. You have more money to gain by going for the affordable option.

#5 For Sale by Owner real estate listings have a unique appeal

Online real estate agents are able to charge flat rates because they take the mystery out of property selling. The For Sale by Owner industry affords you the freedom to take over important phases of the process. Potential buyers are assured they’re dealing directly with owners, which means they won’t have to cover for an agent’s commission in the cost if they decide to invest.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house fast

You’ll accommodate potential buyers during viewings. You know the property like the back of your hand. You can sell the house on your own with persistence and elbow grease, and it’s appealing because you’ll save thousands of dollars in (supposed) commissions. What’s not to like?

You don’t have to pay a premium to ensure your house is noticed, even in a tough market. Zero Commision offers fantastic service for a flat rate. The only thing you need to worry about is how you’ll prep the house so it’s considered a viable investment. After all, your home’s faced with the competition, and your pricing and presentation will make all the difference.

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