Buy my House! 6 Things to Do Before Buyers Visit

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Don’t you love the last-minute rush when you want to convince home buyers to ‘buy my House’? There’s one huge secret to productive work: urgency.

If you’ve ever procrastinated to the point of defying the laws of physics, you know the adrenaline rush is addictive. Powering through at the last minute makes us neglect the details, however. This is not a good thing when you’re after thoroughness and excellence in selling a house privately in Australia.

One of the perks of selling a house privately is you get to facilitate the home viewings. The problem happens when we’re too familiar with our homes. We fail to notice clutter that a visitor will instantly observe.

This includes the littlest things: toys left out on the yard, toiletries in the bathroom and the like. What counts as tidy in normal situations won’t do in the eyes of home buyers. They visit a potential house for sale with scrutinizing eyes.

For you, our dear readers, we put together a shortlist of 6 things you can do 30 minutes before a prospective buyer walks through your door. With these tips, you’ll convince them with your mantra of ‘buy my house now’!

#1 Visualize meeting your goal of Buy My House but don’t panic

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

It’s possible you haven’t really prepared for the home viewing as thoroughly as you should. Telling visitors ‘buy my house because it’s a great deal‘ isn’t sufficient. There’s the busyness of life after all. It can seem impossible to be able to put everything in order before visitors arrive.

If the task seems overwhelming (and it probably is), you’ll need a clear head. Do prioritize the quick fixes. Focus on areas most visible to visitors. Put yourself in their shoes. What are the hot spots you would prioritize? Where would you linger?

Start from the curb and scout the place like a hawk. Make a beeline through your For Sale by Owner house. Assess all areas with the same scrutiny. If you want people to listen to your sales pitch of ‘buy my house‘, your home has to also sell itself.

#2 Ensure last-minute diligence in your No Agent property

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

Your brochure serves as a roadmap of your house for sale. No matter how boldly and beautifully you print out the words ‘Buy my house‘ on the brochures, what’s vital is what’s indicated on paper is consistent with what people actually see in real life. Even if you’ve proofread your brochure copy, some details can be misinterpreted. Leave time to strategize if this is the case.

Ensure everything checks out: the number of bathrooms, custom fixtures, new renovations, extra amenities, etc. Leave no loose ends that will have prospects scratching their heads in confusion. An extra room that exists in the brochure but not in your actual house for sale will leave a suspicious feeling at best. 

#3 Keep everything tidy outside your house for sale

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

If you want to convince people to pay for your real estate property, saying ‘buy my house‘ isn’t enough. You have to prep your home for sale the right way.The curb appeal is the first feature visitors will notice. And, yes, first impressions do last when it comes to selling a house privately. Prospects spend 30 minutes on average viewing a house. Yours may not make it past the first five minutes if you have an unkempt yard.

Garage doors should be closed. Pick up toys and clutter on the yard. Do you have pets? Now’s the time to take them out of the house. Find them a temporary home away from your house for sale if you’re expecting visitors. 

Remove trash cans out of sight. And, most importantly, park your car in a spot that doesn’t block the visitors’ line of sight. 

#4 Stash knickknacks someplace safe in your home for sale

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

You’ll find room to stash the smallest clutter. Now is not the time to be picky. There’s always some temporary place to store clutter. Use laundry bins and the car trunk. Your For Sale by Owner home needs to look tidy when visitors arrive.

Bathroom toiletries and countertop sundries are often left cluttering the home. Scoop everything that seem unsightly to a stranger. Tuck these somewhere hidden. 

#5 Ensure the house’s comfort and ambiance

Proper lighting goes a long way in improving presentation in No Agent Property sales. Lights should be turned on where it matters the most. This is an often overlooked task. Use the lights to create a beautiful ambiance.

Draw open blinds and curtains and maximize daylight. The only time you shouldn’t do this is if there’s an unpleasant outside a room. You wouldn’t want visitors to get a sneak preview of your hairy neighbours sunning themselves beyond your hedges. 

#6 Keep an eye out for last-minute fixes

Half an hour before home buyers are expected to come visit and hear the words ‘buy my house‘ from your lips is the best time to make a final visual sweep of the home. Don’t miss anything. Empty trash bins inside the house. Put down the toilet seat and make all beds. Rearrange the pillows and rugs in your living room. Less is more so tuck away anything that looks even the slightest bit cluttered.

It should appear like you’ve just finished spring cleaning. If you have to sweep dust under the rug due to lack of time, do so. Cram clutter in places you normally wouldn’t use in this situation.

buy my house for sale by owner real estate australia realestate

One final tip if your goal is “buy my house”: make sure your house smells nice. Some misunderstand this tip and end up over-sanitizing the place. Would you buy a house that smells like a hospital ward? Neither would your prospects.

Have newly baked cookies ready just before prospects arrive. Welcome them with a homely treat to nibble. Lure them the same way Hansel and Gretel were lured into that gingerbread house. No black magic required.

Say ‘buy my house’ with a delectable platter nobody can resist. Hook, line, and sinker, isn’t that the goal?

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