Houses for Sale by Owner: Top 6 Melbourne Suburbs

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

For anyone looking for the best houses for sale by owner, Melbourne is one of the best spots in Australia. You do have to pay, however, for the privilege of living in the city. Many prefer the convenience of living in close proximity to the city. Suburbs are all the more appealing for this reason.

Would you like to live life along the outskirts of the CBD? Then go all out and go big. Melbourne’s six best suburbs are not meant for the faint of heart. The prices of houses for sale by owner are usually unreasonable. These real estate properties are best considered by investors with money to burn.

Still unfazed with this warning? We’re pretty sure you’ll consider selling your house privately after reading this. Check out houses for sale by owner in these 6 Melbourne neighbourhoods for ideas of price range and what you’re up against.

#1 Houses for Sale by Owner in Clifton Hill

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Clifton Hill is one of the more affordable options around Melbourne. It’s hard to gripe about the landscape. But drop your expectations if you’re after comparable alternatives. Clifton Hill is notably hillier than most suburbs in the area. Expect to see plenty of open spaces.

Imagine a green oasis and you’ll have this suburb drawn with accuracy in your mind. Clifton Hill offers immediate access to Hoddle Street and Eastern Freeway. There’s value for money here, no doubt.

Train access is also commendable. You won’t have problems with the commute. What’s not to like with that?

#2 For Sale by Owner Houses in Toorak

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Toorak is one of Melbourne’s more expensive suburbs. That’s surprising considering you’ll see less open spaces. Note the high congestion, and the absence of a decent bus service.

If you’re going to live here, expect to pay the price of the commute. Toorak is bordered by Yarra’s steep slopes, where many of Melbourne’s largest homes were built.

This is a bit of a letdown, but Toorak’s border with Yarra was once lined with these large houses. The mansions were once built for industrialists. The terrain afforded commanding view of the factories in the sulkier “struggle-town” suburbs of Burnley and Richmond. These continue to rank in the top 100 list of best Australian suburbs so houses for sale by owner don’t stay listed for long in this suburb.

#3 Sell a No Agent Property in Hawthorn East

Hawthorn East has one thing going for it. This one thing is enough to convince prospects of a worthy investment. Hawthorne East’s crime rate is exceptionally low. In fact, the suburb is ranked with a perfect score in investment indicators. Houses for sale by owner in this area attract plenty of real estate buyers.

The area performs well on every indicator, besting neighbouring suburbs Kooyong, Kew and Canterbury. You can describe Hawthorn East as majestic. And you wouldn’t be exaggerating. This stretch of land flanked by Hawthorn and Camberwell is dotted with historic mansions and magnificent estate homes.

Are you ready to keep up with the lifestyle here?

#4 Houses for Sale by Owner in Armadale

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Neighbourhoods in Armadale have the essentials covered. The area is larger than it seems. Armadale is hemmed by roads on all four boundaries, with Toorak Railway Station on the west.

Transport options are aplenty, and trains, trams, and buses are easily accessible. Main roads are also less congested, compared to suburbs closer to the CBD.

There’s Toorak Park for leisure, and shopping spots abound. Crime rate isn’t a problem, and you only have the scarcity of open space to gripe about. It’s easy to say houses for sale by owner in Armadale get snatched up by home buyers faster than you can say ‘for sale by owner’.

#5 For Sale by Owner Properties in East Melbourne

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

East Melbourne is one of the Goldilocks suburbs near the CBD. Its excellent indicator marks got even more elevated after improvements were made on Wellington Parade’s “Eastbourne” strip.

Just beyond East Melbourne’s boundary is the CBD, housing even more notable suburbs. East Melbourne boasts of Yarra Park, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and Treasury Gardens. Then there’s the Parliament House, a prominent landmark.

East Melbourne might not be as bustling as the others, but its dynamism more than compensates for the relaxed pace.

#6 Sell a house privately in South Yarra

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

South Yarra has plenty of reason to be the top pick, both for investors and sellers. It’s close to the city and to the coast. All the essential amenities are covered for, including cafes, shopping spots, schools, and cultural landmarks.

South Yarra also boasts of open spaces, notably Fawkner Park and the Botanic Gardens. A hilly landscape and efficient commutes mark this as the place to be outside Melbourne’s city limits. Congested roads are recurring concerns, but this doesn’t dent South Yarra’s appeal to moneyed investors and those looking to buy a house in Australia.

houses for sale by owner Australia realestate for sale by owner

Melbourne also has affordable suburbs to offer, but these top 6 should give insight on the region’s best offerings of houses for sale by owner. It’s true these options are pricey, but hey, you never can tell what the For Sale by Owner market holds. In the meantime, keep your sights on these picks. An investment opportunity can easily turn just around the bend.

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