9 Reasons to Share Your No Agent Property on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

You’re currently in the housing market to sell a No Agent property, and you’re testing the waters. After you’ve searched online for competition, best practices in real estate sales, latest property deals in your area, your Facebook newsfeed is suddenly filled with for sale by owner listings, agent ads, and even the latest hardware sale in town. Coincidence? Of course not!

Online marketing is smarter and more aggressive than ever, and this includes Facebook. It is, after all, only the second most popular website on the entire planet, second only to Google. Algorithms stalk our every click, so it can’t be helped. The best thing you can do is surf the wave. If everyone on Facebook is cashing in on the trends, then why shouldn’t you?

Here are 9 top reasons why you should share a no agent property on Facebook. Read this post and you’ll also learn various ways to peddle a real estate property on this social media giant. The key is to build your network and advertise properly. Still not convinced? Read on. 

Reason #1 FREE No Agent property listing

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Okay, first things first: this is social media. You have to play by the rules of the platform. Optimising your post is a must. This means avoid flooding your friends’ newsfeed. Not many things get ostracized faster on Facebook on a personal level than over-sharing.

With all things considered, sharing your for sale by owner real estate post gives you a free advertising platform. Choose your home’s best photos and inform your network that you’re trying to sell a house fast.

Tip: Request friends to share your post and you instantly widen your reach. If you’re posting on a personal account, keep your feed organic. Alternate updates on your listing with a video of your cat coughing up a fur ball. Or with photos of the casserole you cooked last night.

Just don’t go overboard and never spam. 

Reason #2 Public posts on Facebook can go viral

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

…that is, if you post with perfect timing. A good time to post is at four in the afternoon. This is when people are stuck commuting, or are at work itching to leave so they end up browsing their Facebook feed. Never underestimate the reach of Facebook likes and shares.

We’re assuming here that your Facebook account already has a substantial network to work with. If not, go ahead and add more contacts. Even the faceless acquaintance you once met at some boring party can be a good lead. If you’re out to sell a house privately, add every recognizable person Facebook suggests.

It doesn’t hurt and you have nothing to lose. “What about my privacy?” you ask. Fortunately, Facebook allows users to control the privacy setting of EACH post you upload. You can edit your friends list and put acquaintances under the Acquaintance list where they belong.

Tip: Share your no agent property listing on Public mode while uploading photos of your children or cats under a more private (example: Friends only) setting. 

Reason #3 Beat real estate agents at their own game

Agents often have dedicated Facebook accounts for their business. Why should they hog all the attention? Selling a house privately means you make the most out of what you have.

Social media is friendly territory if you’re in the for sale by owner market. A “professional” real estate agent has as much clout on Facebook as you do. They have no edge in the online world over the common folks. In Facebook, there is no king or queen, only princes and princesses with 15 minutes of fame. And these 15 minutes are up for grabs to anyone persistent enough to market a house for sale online! 

Reason #4 You’re able to promote your neighbourhood

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Home buyers consider the quality of the neighbourhood and neighbours a crucial part of the sale. In no agent property sales, you can ease your worries since you control what goes on your listing and how it’s marketed.

You can post about community events, local gatherings, and holidays celebrations. Your Facebook posts are under your control and you put a face to the real estate listing. Buyers can ask you questions and who else can know the neighbourhood more than a local?

Promoting your neighbourhood’s events can be quite an engaging way to catch the attention of home buyers. Highlighting the best events of your community can also convince a critical buyer that your neighbourhood is a great place.

Never mind the cranky residents in your area. There are always bad pickings out of every bunch. You’ve done part of the legwork when you contribute to advertising your community’s best features.

Reason #5 You can conduct surveys on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Just in case you’re unaware of the housing market’s nitty-gritty, Facebook allows you to conduct surveys, especially on group pages. This assumes you’re already part of Facebook groups dedicated to real estate. If not, simply type “(Your city/suburb/state) rent sell home” on the Facebook search bar at the very top of the site. Once the search results appear, click on Groups. You can then choose from the list of Facebook Groups that match your keywords.

Do participate in surveys as well. See how your property fares with the consensus. Groups are your avenue to solid connections with the online community. Posting on these pages also ensures your no agent property listing is targeted.

Reason #6 You can create events on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Organize a lunch party for anyone interested in a showing. The open house event doesn’t have to be fancy, but fancy may also help. The advantage of creating an event on Facebook is you get to adjust the view and invite settings. You get to handpick prospects and weed out the riffraff.

Be creative. Throw in door prizes for those arriving on time, for example. The goal is to create hype about your listing. News may catch fire even more once word gets out your property is a for sale by owner listing.

Reason #7 Hashtags and Facebook people-tags squeeze in more hits

It’s true: Facebook isn’t the best platform for hashtags. Hashtags aren’t as potent on Facebook as they are on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. But the presence of hashtags on Facebook still shouldn’t be underestimated.

In any case, you have nothing to lose with hashtags. Play it safe and slap several on for good measure.

Tag friends to your listing and post, but do tread carefully. You’re bordering on invasion of privacy here when you pull in people unaware. At the very least, tag only members of your inner circle so that your no agent property listing is seen by their network.

Reason #8 You can tether your Facebook listing to other social media accounts

Think Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Twitter lets you shoot quick updates, while Pinterest and Instagram showcase photos of your property for sale. Pinterest posts may also be pinned to boards ad infinitum, showing your listing even to the casually interested.

Maximize reach by using all your social media accounts. You don’t have to be an Internet super nerd to open up these avenues, allowing you to find more prospects.

Reason #9 Easy pickings for For Sale by Owner properties

Going back to the nature of the platform, Facebook connections are organic. You’re associated with contacts in varying degrees. You get to build contacts from the inside out. Sharing a no agent property on Facebook ensures immediate reach.

Real estate agents wised up to the sales potential of social media, and so should you. Yes, there’s the competition, and the shelf-life of posts are practically hiccups. You can always improve on your next post, though. Also, update regularly to stay relevant.

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

You have a lot to gain from posting and sharing your no agent property listing on Facebook. Zero Commission has already made the job easy for you by posting real estate listings of our customers on our For Sale by Owner-focused Facebook page. All you have to do is pop over to our Facebook page, locate your listing and hit the Share button.

Try it, and see how you fare. It’s free and you can do it as often times as you wish. Just don’t over-share and end up getting unfollowed by your own mum! You only need one serious home buyer to attract and then you can consider your house sold.

Sell a house privately in Australia through us! Click here for more details.

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