How to Write Description and Sell a For Sale by Owner House

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

In the For Sale by Owner real estate market in Australia, prospects base decisions on houses with the right branding, the perfect pitch. Did you know killer listings can convert prospects into buying a house?

Let’s consider TV commercials for a while. Think of any brand of ketchup (yes, ketchup) and how they differ. Ketchup comes in countless flavours and varieties, but aren’t all these made of the same ingredient? What makes you prefer your tomato over the others?

This is where good advertising comes in. Most of it is about engaging the customer. Great writers always remind novices to mind the audience. This rule also applies when writing your listing.

To your favour, you have the advantage by publishing your advertisement online. You’ve won half the battle once you convince someone to click your listing.

Conversion is the ultimate goal, of course. In the For Sale by Owner real estate market, the goal of an advertisement is to gain a lead, an inquiring prospect. Copywriters know phrasing the right words converts customers out of the casually interested.

Check out our 5 tips to help you draft your For Sale by Owner listing so you can sell a house privately. These will help you back up your best home photographs with good writing to match.

Tip #1: Pull readers in with conversation

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

Most people check out No Agent property listings for the pictures, no doubt. A good opening statement teases them there’s more to the photos if they read on.

Now, you can write an opening statement using various approaches. But an informative hook is your best option. If your For Sale by Owner listing comes with a preview picture (often in thumbnail), then feed your readers information they’re looking for.

“You’ll love this cosy two-storey house located 3 blocks from Huntington College. It’s a 30-minute commute from the CBD!”

If you’ve noticed, this opening statement offers the property’s best features point blank. A good introduction minds the audience and keeps the content conversational.

Tip #2: Follow through with informative descriptions of the home for sale

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

Your opening statement is your hook. Afterwards, it’s time to reel For Sale by Owner real estate prospects in with your descriptions. The key is to keep the description you write engaging. You want to make readers feel like you’re taking them on a walkthrough of the property for sale.

These are some of the features noted in For Sale by Owner properties (consider your home’s sellable features. Include those on a narrative rundown):

  • How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you have?
  • What’s your house’s square footage?
  • Size of the property (including back and front yard, surrounding space)
  • Location, and its proximity to landmarks, facilities
  • Extra amenities: patio, pool, gazebo, fireplace, etc.

Keep the description short and straightforward. You’ll sell a house privately quicker this way. Your No Agent property listing can only accommodate so much in word count.

It’s vital to be creative. You’re setting up prospects for conversion.

Tip #3: Compelling description in your For Sale by Owner ad

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

Compelling writing is how your ad will stand out from the competition. Anyone who’s watched an episode of Mad Men knows emotion is a crucial element in advertisements.

People are attracted to houses that offer promise of possibilities: starting afresh, taking on a new job, raising a family. It’s also about nostalgia: a house that brings pleasant memories of barbecue and backyard pools, in sepia video and Polaroid snapshots.

The right words do an amazing job of in selling a property privately. Did you know good copywriters get paid thousands of dollars for one sales copy? Sell your home and you’ll know how it feels like to be paid for yours.

Tip #4: Nudge the home buyer to sell a house fast

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

If your goal is to sell a house fast (whose isn’t?), then consider sweetening the deal with special promotions.

Lease to purchase or rent to own. If you’re feeling iffy about these options, give a discounted rate to buyers who close before a chosen date, say three weeks from the listing’s publish date.

Get creative with the pitch, “You can own this house at a discount if you contact and close in three weeks!”

Those who bother to read your listing are already interested. And it’s your subtle nudge that makes them call you and schedule a viewing.

Tip #5: Offer a call to action

Close with a call to action that pushes prospects over the edge. This gives them the urgency to latch onto your offer, thinking it’s too good to let pass.

The hard sell approach can work in the For Sale by Owner market! You’ve laboured over the build-up, with a creative, informative narrative. It’s time you shake them senseless and urge them to dial the contact details.

“This house can be yours if you call now! Let’s go on a walkthrough, dial ****** and let’s talk!”

The call to action is the best and only way to close an ad. This helps prospects confirm their gut feeling and have them convert.

You’ll be surprised at the response once you’ve worked on a killer copy. It’s true many prospects are visual readers, browsing the photos before the listing. The description of your No Agent property is where you appeal to emotions, though.

Prospects should visualize themselves in your living space by the time they read your call to action. Before you put pen to paper, remember you have the advantage in the For Sale by Owner market. Unlike real estate agents who see properties as mere space for sale, you know your house from the inside out.

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