Top 5 Photo-Editing Apps to Help Sell a House Privately

sell a house privately for sale by owner Australia

Top 5 PhoEditing Apps to Help Sell a House Privately

The influx of technological trends created new platforms to sell a house privately. Real estate marketing has taken a shift to a stronger online presence. To generate new leads and clients, homeowners like you must know how to stand out on this platform.

Your aces? Do good with visuals. Whether in online or printed brochures, your home has to be sale-ready. The following photo-editing apps, available for IOS and Android, can enhance home photos to help you sell a house privately.

Note: Have fun with these apps but don’t go too crazy and over-edit. Buyers want the truth, not overly edited images.

#1 Snapseed

Highly recommended by most reviews, Snapseed is a photo editing app that’s most handy when enhancing images of your home. Its friendly layout and easy-to-use navigation interface are equipped with a wide range of functions to help you sell a house privately.

Users can select an automatic adjustment mode that enhances color and contrast. This is convenient when editing the interiors of your home.

An amazing feature, called Expand, increases the dimensions of a photo’s canvass – highlighting unique architectural parts such as the balcony, the porch or that antique door. Filters are available to add effects to your contemporary or neoclassical abode.

Did you shoot the front of your house from a weird looking angle? Snapseed’s Tilt-shift and Center-focus features bring wonders.

Lighting can make or break a picture’s life. The app’s Tune Image function enables a user to individually adjust levels of brightness, saturation, warmth, and shadows. You can work with the horizontal or vertical perspective of your stairs using the new Transform feature.

Whether you want to work with basic image enhancements or advanced creative photo skills, this app indeed delivers. The best part? It’s for free!


Create, discover and connect – these words welcome you after downloading the app. Short for Visual Supply Co, the VSCO (millennials pronounce it as “visco“) is an efficient all-in-one camera, photo-sharing, and editing app. It comes with an array of adjustment tools and controls essential to capture the best images of your home

VSCO can be used to take great photos in lieu of your IOS or Android’s built-in camera app. The best thing about the app’s camera is how it allows beginners or advanced users alike to have more control of the whole photography experience. The photos will have a professional appeal. You just have to orient yourself with the basics.

The basic functions include setting your point and shoot focus for sharp images of the furniture and accessories. Tired of blurry garden photos? Use the manual focus to achieve clear snapshots. The app is known for its filter presets that can provide a certain atmosphere to your home photos (again, don’t overdo filters).

You might want to present your home’s lighting fixtures at night. Do this by adjusting the in-app ISO (International Standards Organisation), a setting that measures the image sensor’s sensitivity. The lower the ISO number, the less sensitive the camera is to light. Thus, higher ISO configurations are best for darker set-ups.

#3 Adobe Photoshop Express

Sounds professional, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t mean this app is difficult to use. This popular photo-editing app is ideal for quick touch ups – making high-quality images needed to sell a house privately.

One of the first crucial steps in photo-editing includes using the crop function. The app’s Crop icon found at the bottom of your smartphone screen is easily accessible. Get rid of futile room image details with just a few tap of your fingers. Control grid lines to increase or decrease table-top images widths.

Your home’s flooring may not be perfectly shot, showing an illusion of unorganized tiles.  Remedy the problem by dragging the Straighten slider until you achieve the best horizontal angle. No need to buy the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop.

 Some experts suggest taking photographs using horizontal mode. Why? It has been found that human eyes perceive the world in an approximate aspect ratio of 4:3. Landscape ratios fall close to this – creating a sense of space that is more appealing to the brain. A little psychology of visual marketing can help you sell a house privately.

sell a house privately for sale by owner Australia

#4 Polarr

Photo Editor

Prior to being available as an app, Polarr is a web-based photo editor. It’s known to have a powerful line up of well-designed functions. This is an app sans the colorful stickers and fancy text options.

The app’s straightforward interface contains the toolbar with different functions. It’s meant to be used horizontally. However, flipping your smartphone vertically can give you a “before and after” view of your edited home photos. A quick comparison of what you’re working on makes editing faster.

The toolbar has settings you can adjust such as Light, Details, Color, HSL, Optical, Curves and Toning. Don’t be overwhelmed with these as you can definitely try each without losing the original value of the image. The Undo and Retry icons will fine-tune the changes you’ve made.

 This app is particularly helpful when it comes to editing images of your home and coming up with a “pro” look. You don’t have to get lost in the process. And at a slight uptick of price, you can download additional features such as the gradient tool. Sell a house privately by experimenting and harnessing your creative skills.

sell a house privately for sale by owner Australia


SKRWT is a great app that takes photo-editing to a different level. It focuses on achieving the best symmetrical presentation of your home photos. With an advanced set of tools, this app does not come for free but it’s worth the price.

Roof-to-ground shots of your home may appear distorted, making the snapshots look less desirable to buyers. SKRWT’s popular feature, the Vertical Correction tool, can adjust the perspective distortion. You’ll love this feature when your house has two levels or more.

The camera lens of your phone can create distortions as well. The app’s Lens Correction tool effectively addresses this issue. The bulging effect found in the middle of some photos can be edited out. Additionally, the app has a wide-lens corrective feature to successfully capture photos with a sense depth.

Attract Buyers with Your Photos

The real estate sector is heating up with bustling trends in online marketing. Home photography has never been more important than it is today.

To sell a house privately, photo editing apps are available to help you create topnotch images of your property for sale. These top 5 apps can be downloaded from either the Apple Appstore or Google Play.

5 Ways to Stage a Living Room to Sell a House without an Agent

sell a House without an agent for sale by owner Australia realestate

Like many Australian homeowners, you might have been wondering, can I sell a house without an agent? And that house happens to be your own home. Yes, you can sell a house without an agent through innovative ways without spending too much. Who needs professional help when you can unleash the interior designer in you?

Enticing potential buyers requires creative planning. The key is staging your home to suit the general taste of the real estate market. Perhaps you can begin where the core of recreation and connection happens in a house, the living room. The following are tips to jump-start having your home sold sans the hefty real estate agents fees.

Befriend Your Space

Called family rooms by some, living rooms ought to be spacious enough to be functional for buyers. Think of a young family that comes in. They envision gatherings with loved ones to how birthday parties can be celebrated in your living room.

Nope, drastic renovations are not immediately called for. Work on your available space. How? Following the basics of furniture arrangement can bring magic. The golden rule for both large and small living rooms is to pick furniture that fit space – do not try to squeeze everything in! After all, you want a cozy living room and not an Ikea showroom.

Another practical tip to create an illusion of space is to exhibit a focal point. It is the most recognizable feature in the living room. Such may be the fireplace, a special mirror or the television. The focal point sets the eyes of prospective buyers to a compelling tangible object.

Arranging furniture and accessories around the focal point rather than sticking them near the walls create a closer and intimate space for conversations. Interestingly, you have also made a comfortable traffic flow layout.

Hue Can Do It

sell a House without an agent for sale by owner Australia realestate

Most, if not all of us, have a special liking to a part of the colour-wheel. Certain hues brighten our spirits. It holds no wonder that proper colour schemes are essential if you want to sell a house without an agent. The secret is to make the living room appealing to the general buying public. You have to tame the inner Picasso in you for now and stay in the safe zone with your color paint choices.

Painting your walls with neutrals promotes a fresh and sophisticated look. Crowd-pleasing neutrals of white, beige and grey are easily customizable to future owners. Remember, most buyers picture out their own furniture complementing the palette of your walls.

Is your living room adjacent to another area? Paint it with the same colour. This provides an easy and seamless vibe. The two rooms will end up looking like a single and larger bigger space, definitely a huge plus to attract buyers.

Should you find the living room a little boring with just the neutrals, spice it up with hints of colors using pillows and a few decorative pieces. No need to go overboard.

sell a House without an agent for sale by owner Australia realestate

Let There Be Light

One of the top factors that makes living rooms inviting and cordial is brilliant lighting. It visually sets the mood for space as no one wants to read a book or chill out in a dark, pensive living room.

Look no further to remedy this problem. Begin by opening those blinds or curtains. Natural lighting is a warm embrace to buyers when you sell a house without an agent. It feels organic and radiates a natural spectrum to brighten the room. Get rid of those dark fabric curtains if you desire healthy rays of sunshine against the skin early in the morning.

Not every living room has sufficient natural lighting though. This is where artificial lighting comes into the frame. But before rushing to buy lamps, know what types of lighting exist. Ambient lighting provides the overall illumination while task lights are dedicated to illuminating specific places such as the work and study areas. On the other hand, accent lighting focuses on an object or a feature to highlight visual value. Thus, never rely on a single lighting fixture.

Moving forward, most experts agree that for every 50 square feet of space, go for a total of 100 watts (simple math wouldn’t hurt). This definitely provides moderate lighting – not too dark and not too bright. 

Accessorize Smartly

Given that you have decluttered and depersonalized your living room, the fun part comes in: accessorizing!

The goal is to enhance the architecture and surrounding available furniture. But keep in mind minimalism. Never let the accessories speak of your personal taste because your objective is to present a neutralized and enlivened space for potential buyers. Now that’s an empirical tip to sell a house without an agent.

Space designers suggest arranging accessories in odd numbers (3s or 5s). By this, the pieces do not appear too uninformed. Geometry works well with accessorizing by having items arranged in triangles.

Varying product heights can be placed in such manner to achieve a character. Learn the basics of symmetry to bring harmony in scale and proportion. Add elements of nature by placing flowers, foliage, and adorable succulents on the center table.

Finish the Look

Before commercially documenting your living room, take a scrutinizing look around. Carry away things that do not serve any purpose. You may have missed out your comb on top the table or magazines piled wrongly beside the sofa. Little details do count.

On viewing day when you’re expecting prospective buyers, choose a room scent that won’t irritate sensitive noses. Or better yet, skip the artificial scent and make sure natural airflow goes through the room. Let your living room remind guests of the calm breeze of the countryside. Aim for the vibe of relaxed, organized living.

The Bottom line

sell a House without an agent for sale by owner Australia realestate

To sell a house without an agent doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it can be easier and definitely more lucrative than working with real estate agents whose goal will be different from your own.Staging your rooms the right way provides you with the highest possibility of selling at top dollar. Equip yourself with more practical know-how to have an edge. It only takes a splash of creativity and a little work. Your living room staging prowess will pay you high dividends.

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