For Sale by Owner Tips: 5 Ways to Stage a Bedroom

for sale by owner home Australia realestate

In this article, we will cover a crucial For Sale by Owner home-selling tactic: how to stage a bedroom to sell a house fast.

Have you tried rendering a heat map of rooms most frequented in your house? You’ll discover the bedroom is where most people spend their day, unawake or half-asleep. This precious space is also one of the first places buyers check during a walkthrough.

Few people actually sit on showroom beds, let alone lie on these. It’s safe to assume a well-staged bedroom will remain untouched during a visit. With this in mind, prep your bedroom like the experts do. People won’t even dare touch the pillows!

Staging a bedroom in a For Sale by Owner home is so easy, you can even tidy up a few minutes before someone walks in. We won’t let you stress yourself out that much, though. Here are 5 staging tips you have to consider, if you’re after converting prospects to buyers.

Tip #1 : Intimate but not isolated

for sale by owner home Australia realestate

Visitors will note the vibe as soon as they walk in. Is it comfortable, and will they imagine themselves catching forty winks on the bed? Staging the bedroom with sense of intimacy is crucial, especially in the master bedroom. You don’t want people to feel the bedroom is merely an extension of the living room, or (gasp) the dining room.

Ample lighting does wonders to the ambiance, natural light is preferable. Curtains are also better than blinds, because these disperse light and doubles as design elements. If you spend most of your sleeping hours in the bedroom, chances are your For Sale by Owner buyer will do the same.

Tip #2 : Don’t overfill the bedroom!

for sale by owner home Australia realestate

You’ll be tempted to dump a cartload of pillows on the bed, and a life-sized teddy bear. You need to leave a spot to sit on! Many sellers will attempt to doll up the room and make it more exciting by bringing in too much stuff. Staging a bedroom is one thing, but overdoing the presentation is another.

If you were in the buyers’ shoes, which items in the staged bedroom would you actually keep after the For Sale by Owner sale? Which do you keep in storage, throw away? Keep in mind function complements form, and this isn’t the case if the bedroom looks like a hoarder’s nook.

Tip #3 : Get rid of things that don’t belong.

We’re referring to that treadmill on the corner you barely use, also that 40-inch TV mounted on the wall. Your definition of restful may be different from the majority of your visitors’.

As side note, also get rid of evidence of things that don’t belong. If you let pets roam free around the house, these will leave traces of their existence (not the nasty kind) visitors will immediately recognize. Scour the bed for strands of pet hair. The deal is off if your potential buyer finds a tick cosily nestled in a pillowcase fold!

Tip #4 : Spare plenty of time for clean-up, especially in scheduled visits.

for sale by owner home Australia realestate

You’ll overlook a lot because you’re too familiar with the space. The bedroom is also a spot you frequently use, so there’s always something to tidy and clean up. Sure, you can depend on adrenaline to make quick adjustments a few minutes before someone visits. But when people open closets and drawers, will they like what they see?

It’s best to think of your home as a showroom from now on. You can sit and lie on beds, but leave everything tidied when you get up. Make sure your closets are always in order, take out the laundry hamper, and don’t stuff toys and knickknacks on the drawers!

Tip #5 : Neutral styles and colours

It pays to moderate on customization, since you’re after mass appeal. This is a challenge if your bedroom looks like it belongs in the Victorian era. Nevertheless, make an effort to adopt neutral styles and colours not only in the bedroom, but throughout the house. Your goal is to simulate a showroom out of a lived-in house, so a balance of neutral and homey is crucial.

Visit showrooms if you’re having trouble creating this vibe. Notice the staged arrangements are appealing enough to imitate, but with your preference in design applied? That’s how your bedroom should look like.

A well-staged bedroom builds your pitch to For Sale by Owner home buyers. Complement this with a functional kitchen and bathrooms and you’re set for closing. Many buyers are willing to overlook minor flaws so long as you have these spaces covered. Adopt the seller’s mindset, and consider your home already sold.

For Sale by Owner Home Sales

for sale by owner home Australia realestate

Think selling a house by yourself in Australia is difficult? Think again! has helped hundreds of homeowners in the country sell their house fast without an agent. You get to save thousands and thousands of dollars that would otherwise have gone to the pockets of real estate agents. Learn how you can sell a house privately by visiting our site.

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Homes for Sale by Owner: 5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Apartment Staging

homes for sale by owner Australia realestate

Is foot traffic to your apartment down to a trickle? This is expected if your home for sale by owner has been up for lease or sale for some time. Why not renew interest through remodelling and restaging?

If competition is tight in your area, a do-over will boost your property’s appeal. In case you’re worried about the costs of renovations and upkeep, be assured only affordable and practical tips are on this list!

All you need is a fresh perspective on design. See your apartment from a stranger’s perspective. If you were a total stranger walking in for the first time, would you consider the apartment’s usual fare? Or would it stand out as the best space you’ve seen to date?

What we offer are 5 tricks professionals use in staging apartments, perfect tips for those with homes for sale by owner. It turns out the simplest alterations can radically change the ambiance. How much change? Enough to pique buyers’ interest!

Tip # 1: Take stock of your apartment’s flaws

homes for sale by owner Australia realestate

Strangers note the smallest flaw at first sight. They will spot stains you’ve overlooked for many years! Familiarity doesn’t help you at this point, and it’s worse over time. Take inventory of the essential, even superficial repairs by evaluating your apartment like an appraiser, no ifs and buts.

If you’re so familiar with your property, you can’t see things from a prospect’s point of view. Have someone else routinely check on the apartment for about a month or so. Spend time away and then revisit with a walkthrough.

The flaws most people ignore in their homes for sale by owner will then appear unsightly. By following this tip, you’ll notice things you initially didn’t.

Tip # 2: Highlight the best of the basics

homes for sale by owner Australia realestate

Don’t you think visitors deserve the courtesy of a new shower curtain? The smallest detail makes or breaks deals.

It’s not worth the risk of the few dollars saved. Brighten up rooms with new vases of real flowers. People appreciate the subtle gesture. Your apartment doesn’t have to fully furnished to be notable, but it shouldn’t be bare and boring either.

Here’s insider tip from professionals: invest in a “show bed” as centrepiece for your staging. Think of the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept on, and furnish one in your apartment for visitors to check out. New beddings and sheets with high thread counts work wonders in homes for sale by owner!

Tip # 3: Leave a mark, make a statement

homes for sale by owner Australia realestate

Your apartment definitely stands out from the rest if it has at least one unique element. It could be a loft, or a book case that converts into a bed. Visit an IKEA store for ideas! You may not leave with an assembly kit in tow, but IKEA has more than enough furniture tricks to inspire your staging. On the offhand, sometimes a coat of paint does the trick.

Don’t go all out and turn your apartment into an art gallery, though. The space should be quirky enough to stand out, but still generic enough so anyone visiting will consider moving in. You want prospects to envision themselves and their personal style occupying the place.

Apartments sell thousands more than the baseline price, all because owners invested in features that set the properties apart from the pack. It’s worth the risk!

Tip # 4: Expand space with mirrors

homes for sale by owner Australia realestate

It’s the trick hotels use on lobbies and halls, and who’s to say it won’t work on homes for sale by owner? Mirrors give the impression of space if placed in strategic spots. These also bounce and bring extra light into the room, maximizing daylight and artificial light.

Place mirrors facing open spaces, instead of tight quarters. You’ll be amazed how a small room improves with a full-length mirror! It’s small investment that pays off, and visitors won’t mind the illusion if it perks up the mood of the space.

Tip # 5: Storage solutions

Think like a neat hoarder and find ways to stash your excess stuff. If you’re leasing a lived-in apartment, spare visitors the sight of sundries!

Your belongings are eyesores to prospects, so rent storage space for these in the meantime. Storage facilities are your best option if you’re transitioning to a new place, and you’ve yet to figure out which of your stuff to keep.

Organize the items you leave in the apartment, as show pieces. Don’t leave cabinets and cupboards empty, and leave some toys behind if you want to show your space is child-friendly.

Staging an apartment is a mix-and-match affair. There’s challenge in finding common ground that appeals to every visitor. You’ll get the hang of this in time. Staging becomes easier if you practice these tricks professionals use.

What We can Do for Homes for Sale by Owner

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Buy My House: 6 Tips when Selling to Family

buy my house in Australia for sale by owner real estate

Families are like fudge… mostly sweet with a few nuts.

When you’re posting buy my house on social media (and through effective home selling services like what offers), family members will be one of the first to spot your listing. A relative might then consider your property a good investment.

Selling your home privately to a family member can sound like the ideal arrangement. And why not? You get to skip the niceties and get down to the gritty details of the deal! A relative who’s already familiar with your property for sale can be the best buyer.

It pays to curb your enthusiasm, though. Remember you’re conducting business, not a family dinner. It can be difficult to not see the other party as family. Fortunately there are ways to ensure the best deal for both sides. Keep the arrangement professional with these six tips when selling a home to family.

Tip #1: Your interests come first

buy my house in Australia for sale by owner real estate

This may seem like a sceptical way to start the list but the bottom line is you’re selling your house to a paying, interested buyer. Prepare your property and have it appraised. Invest in the necessary repairs. It’s disappointing to go through the motions and not see the deal through, especially with a family member involved.

You’ll fetch the best price for your house if it’s primed for the sale. In case your relative opts out of the Buy My House deal, proper planning will ensure you’re good and clear to consider other interested parties.

Tip #2: Consider legal assistance

You’re ecstatic a relative responded with keen interest to your Buy My House ad. Then you find yourself willing to cut the price, gift the property at a discount. While costs and arrangements are all under your discretion, it’s vital to have every snag covered, working up to the closing.

It’s likely there are legal conditions to meet. Paying for legal advice will save you from unforeseen events later on.

This is particularly necessary when you’re selling to a close family member, like your sibling or parent. Regulations differ between states, and legal advice ensures you have the prerequisites covered.

Tip #3: Go for the best deal for both parties

buy my house in Australia for sale by owner real estate

You’ll be tempted to disregard the price on your Buy My House listing and seriously undercut for the sake of a family member. This urge seems more reasonable during the walkthrough and negotiations.

Chances are pretty high you’re selling your house privately for profit. Keep your game face on. If your buyer is quite familiar with the property, fend off bargaining attempts by pointing out your investments in renovations. Surely you didn’t go through this trouble just to sell the house at a loss.

Tip #4: Be shrewd with financial checks

Your relative may request for leeway in finances, with reassurance this will be smoothed out at the closing. Even though you’re selling to someone you know, every potential buyer must still be pre-approved for a loan before you commit.

Buyers must be pre-approved for mortgage before they can make an offer. Otherwise, any offer made is a bluff. Now isn’t the time to rely on someone’s verbal and informal promise. Verifying for eligibility should be your first recourse, regardless of the person you’re dealing with.

Tip #5: Have a disinterested party host the walkthrough

buy my house in Australia for sale by owner real estate

Your buyer is so personally acquainted to you that judgment may be clouded in the process. Consider entrusting the crucial details of the deal to a trusted, disinterested party. It may be a friend or a hired professional, anyone who can ensure the deal is professional and straightforward.

At the very least, have someone join you during the walkthrough and negotiations. A disinterested party can point out flags or concerns beyond your peripheral judgment.

Tip #6: Due diligence: the lender should know you’re related to the buyer

This is essential for both parties, especially in the later stages of the sale. Lenders prefer parties who are upfront with the nature of the sale.

Plenty of housing authorities require applicants to establish identity of interested parties. Conventional mortgage arrangements also implement this from the get-go.

buy my house in Australia for sale by owner real estate

Buy My House, Fam!

Selling a house privately to a family member can be the ideal route. There are advantages to turning your keys over to someone familiar.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re still welcome to visit a home you’ve sold, break bread at the dinner table, and spend the holidays? If you conduct the sales process professionally, you won’t have to sever emotional ties with the property.

Ready to find the ideal buyer for your For Sale by Owner home in Australia? We can help! For a nominal fee and no recurring charges, will list your home for sale UNTIL SOLD.

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No Agent Property Tips: Perth’s Top 5 Suburbs for 2016

Perths Top 5 Suburbs for 2016-No Agent Property Tips

Learning about the No Agent Property market, a.k.a For Sale by Owner, means keeping abreast of the latest in suburb news in Australia. This time we’re covering the top Perth suburbs.

Perth may not be as busy as Melbourne or Sydney, but its laidback appeal is what most people are looking for. If you’re searching for good pickings, there are a handful of suburbs here that may just convince you to move.

Location is surely a factor in options, and the properties along the coast and riverside are usually first prospects in buying houses. Suburbs nearer to the city and less affluent districts are prime targets in searching for rentals.

Considering your lifestyle and the amenities that complement, here are the top five Perth suburbs to note in your No Agent Property search before the year ends.


Perths Top 5 Suburbs for 2016-No Agent Property Tips

As early as 2014, median house prices in this suburb steadily increased from 7%, currently at $325,000. Continued development of the area only improved its reputation and marketability, especially for investors. Affordable homes in the No Agent Property market of Armadale appeal to prospectors on a budget, and ongoing infrastructure projects perk up local offerings.

Armadale has enough transport nodes to ensure easy commute. It’s an important junction between the South Western and Albany Highways, and the Armadale railway line is also one of five servicing Perth. Leisure spots like Minnawarra Park and Araluen Park sweeten the deal.


Perths Top 5 Suburbs for 2016-No Agent Property Tips

If you’re after a No Agent Property closer to the bustle of the metropolis, this suburb should be on your short list. It’s a mere 12 km from the Central Business District; this central location is appealing for those who want proximity and the convenience of larger space. Balcatta is the affordable option, and it comes with many perks.

This suburb is also commercial and industrial, and its appeal to middle-class investors is its affordable prices. The median range is $540,000, not bad considering its proximity to the CBD.


Those familiar with this suburb consider it as first pick for No Agent Property deals, and for good reason. Living in “Subi” is a lifestyle statement. It’s very close to the city, and the variety of leisure, sporting, and dining options makes you feel you’re living in suburb near the busier cities. Subiaco is currently the pet of ongoing redevelopment, making it the prime prospect for families, single young professionals, students, and even retirees.

Notable spots here include China Green, the old Ace Cinema, King’s Park, and Swan River. Also near Subiaco are Perth’s soon-to-open Children’s Hospital and the University of Western Australia, bonus amenities you can’t overlook.

Perths Top 5 Suburbs for 2016-No Agent Property Tips

Victoria Park

It’s an inner-city suburb four kilometres south of the CBD. The convenience is only matched by character, which is why properties here are sought-after by investors.

Notable here is the busy café strip along Albany Highway, a spot for the savvy leisure-seekers. Top this with tree-lined avenues and themed home designs, and Victoria Park offers good investments at reasonable prices.

As side note, this suburb is also close to the Curtin and TAFE campuses–something to consider if you’re after rentals and leased properties.


Median prices of houses in Cottesloe fetch a price tag of around $2 million. This is still reasonable, considering its location. Nestled between Perth and Fremantle, the vibe is as laidback as the nearby beaches. And the diverse mix of residents keeps the community interesting.

Entry costs to rental houses fetch around $1,000, $5,000 a month for apartments. It’s safe to say “Cott” is the suburb to be if money isn’t a problem and you won’t settle for anything less than ideal in the city.

No Agent Property Forecast in Perth

Perths Top 5 Suburbs for 2016-No Agent Property Tips

This is a good time to dive into the No Agent Property Perth’s suburbs, especially the ones on the list. These are either up-and-coming or reliable investments, and value is expected to increase next year.

As always, it helps to do the legwork and research on worthwhile prospects. Consider the median price for the area, sales and rental returns, current and projected developments in your decision.

A house in a Perth suburb could be your next best in investment!

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Find out why our For Sale by Owner customers are extremely satisfied

Today, selling a house in the For Sale by Owner industry is not only an easy feat, it’s the most practical route. Selling a house privately has never been this simple and effortless. The Internet is constantly evolving. Thanks to social media and a dynamic real estate industry that’s shifting to online real estate agents, selling a house yourself is the smart choice.

We here at make it our mission to not only provide a user-friendly experience for our customers, we aim to help save you thousands of dollars in the sale of your home. The average commission of traditional agents in Australia is a staggering $14,090! Imagine getting to keep that money in your own pocket and not an agent’s.

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For Sale by Owner Customer Testimonial #1 is a great Australian company! They’ve been an absolute pleasure to deal with–always there to assist me and offer tips and guidance when needed.

I thought I might not get the attention and after-service promised after I paid my money, being an Internet-based company. How wrong was I! It was everything they promised.

Heather from Dubbo, NSW

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Is that fee recurring or one-time? You pay only once! No hidden fees, no monthly dues.

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia

For Sale by Owner Customer Testimonial #2

I’ve just listed our house on and, thanks to the services of Stephen of whose been in Real Estate for over 30 years and found a better way to help BUYERS find their new home….

Who needs real estate agents who take advantage of your sale by charging you tens of thousands of $$$ to do…what?

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If you’re thinking of selling your home, I recommend you talk to these people first. My listing took me 10 minutes to do and I had immediate support and assistance. Don’t list your property until you chat to Stephen. It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia….Be sure to check out his latest offers and tell him I sent you!

– Sue, Brisbane

After you’ve created an account on our easy-to-use website, you’re then given the ability to create and manage your listing. You can also edit your listings as many times as you wish with zero charges.

We understand that potential home buyers can also be reached outside the online world. A For Sale sign will be mailed to you free of charge. We strongly advise you place this sign on your property to increase your chances of attracting buyers.

Buyer enquiry details are delivered directly to your email. We also provide 24/7 customer support to all our customers!

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia

For Sale by Owner Customer Testimonial #3

We tried and sold our house sooo fast, we didn’t even have time to put the sign up.

Because we didn’t have real estate fees, we were able to lower our price and then it was a really good deal for a buyer. was always helpful and informative. The price we paid to them was equivalent to an ad for two weeks in the local paper’s real estate page, which no one even looks at now.

It’s definitely the way to go. We can’t thank them enough. Thanks,!

–  Julie A. from Mareeba, QLD

These are just some of our happy customers who sold a For Sale by Owner home in Australia through us. Email us today ( if you wish to get in touch with one of these satisfied clients. Or head over to our site and list your real estate property for sale today!

How to Write Description and Sell a For Sale by Owner House

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

In the For Sale by Owner real estate market in Australia, prospects base decisions on houses with the right branding, the perfect pitch. Did you know killer listings can convert prospects into buying a house?

Let’s consider TV commercials for a while. Think of any brand of ketchup (yes, ketchup) and how they differ. Ketchup comes in countless flavours and varieties, but aren’t all these made of the same ingredient? What makes you prefer your tomato over the others?

This is where good advertising comes in. Most of it is about engaging the customer. Great writers always remind novices to mind the audience. This rule also applies when writing your listing.

To your favour, you have the advantage by publishing your advertisement online. You’ve won half the battle once you convince someone to click your listing.

Conversion is the ultimate goal, of course. In the For Sale by Owner real estate market, the goal of an advertisement is to gain a lead, an inquiring prospect. Copywriters know phrasing the right words converts customers out of the casually interested.

Check out our 5 tips to help you draft your For Sale by Owner listing so you can sell a house privately. These will help you back up your best home photographs with good writing to match.

Tip #1: Pull readers in with conversation

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

Most people check out No Agent property listings for the pictures, no doubt. A good opening statement teases them there’s more to the photos if they read on.

Now, you can write an opening statement using various approaches. But an informative hook is your best option. If your For Sale by Owner listing comes with a preview picture (often in thumbnail), then feed your readers information they’re looking for.

“You’ll love this cosy two-storey house located 3 blocks from Huntington College. It’s a 30-minute commute from the CBD!”

If you’ve noticed, this opening statement offers the property’s best features point blank. A good introduction minds the audience and keeps the content conversational.

Tip #2: Follow through with informative descriptions of the home for sale

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

Your opening statement is your hook. Afterwards, it’s time to reel For Sale by Owner real estate prospects in with your descriptions. The key is to keep the description you write engaging. You want to make readers feel like you’re taking them on a walkthrough of the property for sale.

These are some of the features noted in For Sale by Owner properties (consider your home’s sellable features. Include those on a narrative rundown):

  • How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you have?
  • What’s your house’s square footage?
  • Size of the property (including back and front yard, surrounding space)
  • Location, and its proximity to landmarks, facilities
  • Extra amenities: patio, pool, gazebo, fireplace, etc.

Keep the description short and straightforward. You’ll sell a house privately quicker this way. Your No Agent property listing can only accommodate so much in word count.

It’s vital to be creative. You’re setting up prospects for conversion.

Tip #3: Compelling description in your For Sale by Owner ad

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

Compelling writing is how your ad will stand out from the competition. Anyone who’s watched an episode of Mad Men knows emotion is a crucial element in advertisements.

People are attracted to houses that offer promise of possibilities: starting afresh, taking on a new job, raising a family. It’s also about nostalgia: a house that brings pleasant memories of barbecue and backyard pools, in sepia video and Polaroid snapshots.

The right words do an amazing job of in selling a property privately. Did you know good copywriters get paid thousands of dollars for one sales copy? Sell your home and you’ll know how it feels like to be paid for yours.

Tip #4: Nudge the home buyer to sell a house fast

for sale by owner sell a house privately Australia realestate

If your goal is to sell a house fast (whose isn’t?), then consider sweetening the deal with special promotions.

Lease to purchase or rent to own. If you’re feeling iffy about these options, give a discounted rate to buyers who close before a chosen date, say three weeks from the listing’s publish date.

Get creative with the pitch, “You can own this house at a discount if you contact and close in three weeks!”

Those who bother to read your listing are already interested. And it’s your subtle nudge that makes them call you and schedule a viewing.

Tip #5: Offer a call to action

Close with a call to action that pushes prospects over the edge. This gives them the urgency to latch onto your offer, thinking it’s too good to let pass.

The hard sell approach can work in the For Sale by Owner market! You’ve laboured over the build-up, with a creative, informative narrative. It’s time you shake them senseless and urge them to dial the contact details.

“This house can be yours if you call now! Let’s go on a walkthrough, dial ****** and let’s talk!”

The call to action is the best and only way to close an ad. This helps prospects confirm their gut feeling and have them convert.

You’ll be surprised at the response once you’ve worked on a killer copy. It’s true many prospects are visual readers, browsing the photos before the listing. The description of your No Agent property is where you appeal to emotions, though.

Prospects should visualize themselves in your living space by the time they read your call to action. Before you put pen to paper, remember you have the advantage in the For Sale by Owner market. Unlike real estate agents who see properties as mere space for sale, you know your house from the inside out.

Deciding whether to sell or lease is easy once you realize what online agents like us can do for you. Are you looking for a buyer or tenant to notice your property in Australia? For only $50, we will list your rental property UNTIL LEASED while homeowners looking to sell will love our $299 deal which will have your house listed on the top real estate sites in Australia UNTIL SOLD! Learn more on our website and sell or lease your property today!

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6 Things to Note when Selling a House Privately after Inheriting

selling a house privately in Australia realestate for sale by owner

Have you been one of the very fortunate ones who inherited a home? If you’ve made up your mind to selling a house privately in Australia, then that’s plenty of extra income for you.

There’s, of course, the option of moving to an inherited property. But most people ultimately decide to sell after inheriting. Or you can relocate to the lovely present you received and sell your current home. Either way, Zero Commission is here to help you sell a house fast while earning as much as possible from the sale.

While it’s true an inherited house is a huge addition to your assets, it also comes with responsibilities. If you decide to sell the home privately, there are good reasons why you should move into an inherited home, at least for a while. And, once you push through with the for sale by owner deal, here are 6 things to note when selling an inherited home.

Note #1: Look into tax exclusions if you’re selling a house privately

selling a house privately in Australia realestate for sale by owner

Laws vary with location. Verify before you proceed. You might be eligible for tax exclusion on sold property if you’ve lived there for a certain period. This exclusion can sometimes apply to inherited properties when you meet a certain residency requirement.

If you do need to live in the house to avail of tax exclusions, that’s good reason enough to move into the inherited property. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with taxes on the proceeds.

The tax cost can also vary based on your civil status. Are you a single or married seller? Keep these in mind to maximize returns.

Note #2: You may take advantage of stepped-up tax standards

selling a house privately in Australia realestate for sale by owner

Worried how real estate market appreciation affects the tax placed on inherited real estate? Typically, taxes on property you own are computed based on the purchasing price. This is in addition to the value of improvements done throughout the years.

You’ll have fewer worries if you’ve inherited a real estate property and you decide to sell the house without an agent. Taxes in your area may be based on the fair market evaluation of the property at the time of the previous owner’s passing. This lifts a huge burden off your shoulders if you’re selling a house privately and the real estate involved holds decades’ worth of market value appreciation.

Note #3: Verify where and how you should report the home sale’s proceeds

Consult with a real estate solicitor in your area. Plenty of them provide free consultations.

Also, verify if you’re required to report the sale as taxable income. You can do the legwork yourself, or retain the services of a legal specialist to work out the details.

In many cases involving inherited real estate, the money you save from professional legal advice offsets the money you spend on the lawyer. 

Note #4: Report the sale even if you’re exempt from any taxes

selling a house privately in Australia realestate for sale by owner

This is your due diligence. If you’ve done everything to avoid the burdens of inherited real estate, it’s likely you’re now selling a house privately as the new owner. As far as the government is concerned, this is still a reportable event. Reporting the sale is a prudent precaution to avoid future complications.

Note #5: Inheritance tax is different from real estate tax

selling a house privately in Australia realestate for sale by owner

There are nuanced variations in between the two types of tax. Tax laws can also vary per state which is why we suggest consulting a solicitor if you’ve inherited a home.

Note #6: Take note of who’s legally responsible for the property’s sale

This depends on the arrangements made with the previous owner. It may be the executor of the will, a trustee, or an offspring granted with ultimate responsibility to handle the transaction.

What’s vital is you notify the person with legal authority to execute the sale once you decide to selling a house privately and an inherited home is in question.

In some cases, the real estate is passed down to several family members. How you handle the transaction with relatives and the government will depend on what you want sorted out before the sale. Do you want to transfer the will to another family member? What if you’re the significant other and your name isn’t on the will?

These are just one of the many scenarios involving inherited property and we can’t cover them all in one blog post. A fantastic resource to check out is the website of the Australian Taxation Office.

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7 Magic Words to Use in Your For Sale by Owner Listing

Words are powerful when you’re trying to sell a for sale by owner home in Australia. There’s no denying that.

To attract buyers, use these 7 magic words in your real estate listing. You don’t need a spellbook–a thesaurus will do!

for sale by owner Australia sell my house privately

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How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Outdoors

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

Learn how to take house pictures with an iPhone and you’ll sell a house fast. You’ve seen the benchmark of real estate photos. There’s such a wide assortment available online. How can you compete with professionally taken shots? You don’t have to.

Your property can stand on its own merits (for better or for worse) with these nifty iPhone photography tricks meant for the outdoors. After all, curb appeal is 90% of the appeal as far as online house shopping is concerned. The external photographs you upload online of your house for sale is what will reel in—or turn off—potential buyers.

It pays to highlight your house’s best features, and let prospects consider. Okay, all this is probably easier said than done. This is especially true when you have no idea how to sell a house privately in Australia. The good news is that taking external pictures of a house is easier now than ever before. Imagine the dilemma of homeowners decades ago, back when Polaroids and film cameras were the norm.

Now everyone and their mother have an iPhone at their disposal. Taking exterior shots of your real estate property for sale with an iPhone makes life much easier. Learn how to take pictures of a house with an iPhone outdoors with these easy tips:

Tip #1: Have an external angle list of your house for sale

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

Don’t head out without a plan in place. It initially might seem like a waste of time because most people know their property like the back of their hand. But having a shot list makes a difference.

Decide what time of day is ideal for the photo shoot. You also need to know which features of your For Sale by Owner property you need to highlight.

The newer iPhone generations have improved HDR capabilities, which work well in low-light settings. There’s a panorama feature that’s also integrated with an internal gyroscope, aiding wide shots of your front yard or façade. Scout your property and figure out how you can put your iPhone’s features to good use.

Tip #2: Use the proper orientation when learning how to take house pictures with an iPhone

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

Landscape orientation is the default for outdoor photography. You can also play with different angles to highlight details.

If you’re taking wide, sweeping shots of the house, take photos from different perspectives. Always check how they look on a computer monitor. What looks good or bad from the screen of your iPhone could appear in a much different way on a larger monitor. Crop out unsightly details.

Although seldom used for exterior shots, portrait orientation adds variety to your photo stock. Use this when taking close-ups of your house for sale’s features. This is especially applicable in landscaping details. The key is to package your property in a collage of shots and provide bite-sized pieces.

Tip #3: Don’t ignore touch-focus when learning how to take house photos with an iPhone

iPhones have an autofocus feature that allows you to highlight sections of the shot. In case you’ve been neglecting this function, now is the best time to experiment. When composing your shot, press the area on your screen where you want the camera to focus.

The feature will optimize exposure for that selected section of the image. What you focus will appear more evident when people zoom in on your house photos online. Knowing when and where to focus while taking pictures can spell the difference between a closed sale and a no-sale in a For Sale by Owner property deal.

Experiment as you take the pictures. Touch the screen of your iPhone in different areas and choose which compositions work best. The goal here is to focus on the best exterior angles of your house for sale.

Tip #4: Skip the zoom function

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

You might think that in learning how to take house pictures with an iPhone, the zoom feature is important. No. Note that iPhones have a digital, not optical, zoom feature. This may not seem significant during the shoot, but you’ll notice pictures look grainy when zoomed in from a home computer. It’s best you move in close to your subject, rather than pinching the screen for the zoom.

Even though mobile use has increased tremendously over the years, buying a house is a huge investment. Expect potential house buyers to inspect houses for sale from the big screens of their computers, rather than rely on the smaller screens of smartphones. This is why discovering and experimenting how to take house pictures with an iPhone will help you reap countless of benefits.

Use the grid function to ensure the frame is in proper alignment. This helps close-up images from appearing skewed. Employ the overlay which is a grid of vertical and horizontal lines as you take the shot.

Tip #5: Use the HDR feature to take beautiful external real estate pictures

How to Take House Pictures with an iPhone Australia sell my house

The HDR feature can work wonders on your pictures, allowing for great compositions. When learning how to take house pictures with an iPhone, this is one of the top features to use.

The iPhone’s High Dynamic Range feature takes three photographs of the same shot. The phone then uses the three different exposure settings. Each of the three images is then piled on top of the other. The best sections of the shot ends up in the final picture.

Keep in mind that this function is motion-sensitive. This, however, can be a good thing. The iPhone’s gyroscope aids you on that end. Use HDR when you’re unsure if the lighting is good enough for the shot.

iPhones have plenty of other features and functions you can experiment with. There’s also the Curb Appeal app you can check out, designed specifically for taking photos worthy of real estate listings. If you want to learn how to take house pictures with an iPhone, nothing beats lots of practice.

Make sure you’re solid on the basics of (smartphone) photography before you dabble with fancy features, though. All the enhancements won’t help if you have a poor sense of framing at the get-go.

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Sell My House: 6 Secrets Agents Don’t Want You to Know

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

Is your goal to ‘sell my house in Australia’? It almost feels like real estate agents are too good to be true. Their main selling point is convenience, but this comes with a catch. More often than not, you only bear the full brunt of this burden when the sale closes and the commission-based agent comes around for the cut.

Professionals rarely share trade secrets with clients, of course–especially if these affect their earnings in a bad way. It’s the same ruse as restaurants serving you leftovers, or when you’re unaware while buying old-stock groceries. Most people don’t know any better until an insider lets them in on trade secrets.

Commission-based real estate agents play tricks. Here are 6 trade secrets traditional agents surely won’t tell you, even if you approach them asking nicely, ‘help me sell my house’.

Secret #1: You’ll earn more if you sell a house privately

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

We’re talking earnings of thousands of dollars here. In. Your. Pocket.

See, it all boils down to the agent’s commission. It’s a percentage of the sale, on top of miscellaneous fees. The 5% commission is no measly sum if you’re talking about five-figure price points.

You’ll find testimonial evidence online. For Sale by Owner properties really earn in favour of the seller. With all things considered, wouldn’t you rather keep all that money to yourself when you reach the goal of ‘sell my house’?

Secret #2: Buyer and seller real estate agents connive to close the sale

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

That uneasy feeling when a home buyer knows too much about you? You should trust your gut. When a prospect is aware of your design preferences and living habits, it feels like your laundry is set out to dry. It’s not an exaggeration, considering potential buyers are also represented by real estate agents.

How can it get worse? Your agent and the buyer’s agent may be cutting deals behind your back, just to ensure the sale pulls through. It’s all fair game if this is true. And you’ll hear hints of these dropped every now and then.

If at any time during negotiations an agent says, “the buyer’s agent really loves the property, by the way,” put your guard up. There’s probably a deal being negotiated behind the curtains so if you’re hoping and wishing ‘sell my house’, you’re better off working without an old school agent.

Secret #3: Comparison real estate prices aren’t updated

Agents base the asking price point of homes on the average prices in the surrounding area. This is standard procedure, and it makes sense. Your house has to compete with unsold properties in the vicinity with a decent price point. Agents won’t tell you these benchmark prices may be out of date, though.

Comparison prices are guidelines, at best. Truth be told, comparison prices in real estate (of sold properties) are misleading because the best market indicators are current, pending sales.

Do note that most agents, even those locally based, are unable to access this data. We’ll just leave this bit of information as is for you to mull over.

Secret #4: Your agent has more to gain with an open house event

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

You open your home for sale for viewing, pleading with your agent, “Please, sell my house fast!”. People then filter in and out. You manage to snag a few leads, even one that just might convert. You’re a happy camper. The end? No, wait. There’s a catch. This is working to your agent’s favour more so than yours.

To an agent, everyone who shows up at an open house is a potential buyer—for all the agents’ listed properties, not just yours! If another home, let’s say, will land the agent a bigger commission than the sale of your house, the agent has a huge incentive to offer the potential buyer a coffee date. Both your agent and the home buyer can then easily proceed to discuss the other home.

Secret #5: You might be dealing with a double agent

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

This is as nasty as it gets. In some places, dual agencies are legal practice. This means one agent represents both sides of the deal. Your agent can represent a buyer in need, and keep commissions coming from both ends.

Some buyers consider this a good compromise. They expect the agent to downplay the commission. The truth is, you never really know when you’re being ripped off. The lucky agent gets to double deal, with minimal opposition from either side. This reason alone makes for sale by owner real estate deals the best route to take.

Secret #6: An agent may cut corners just to sell a house fast

sell my house privately for sale by owner realestate Australia

A worst case scenario would have your agent recommending shady inspectors to check the property. This is to ensure major flaws are overlooked, and the inspection clears nonetheless.

If your commission-based agent schedules the inspection while you’re away, watch out. The thought of an inspection might initially seem appealing if you’re thinking “sell my house fast”. But you can expect a lawsuit from the buyer if the ugly truth eventually rears its equally horrendous head.

And, trust us, you wouldn’t want to spend your earnings (minus the agent’s commission) sorting out a lawsuit.

Selling a house privately is more appealing after you consider the risks of hiring traditional commission-based agents. You’re ensured no shady deals when you sell a house privately. You also get to keep the entire pot of money.

Are you still currently being represented by an old school real estate agent? Consider these tips and then show your agent out the door!

Selling a hosue privately is easy! We put together the most useful tips to help you sell a house in the For Sale by Owner market: