Top 5 Photo-Editing Apps to Help Sell a House Privately

sell a house privately for sale by owner Australia

Top 5 PhoEditing Apps to Help Sell a House Privately

The influx of technological trends created new platforms to sell a house privately. Real estate marketing has taken a shift to a stronger online presence. To generate new leads and clients, homeowners like you must know how to stand out on this platform.

Your aces? Do good with visuals. Whether in online or printed brochures, your home has to be sale-ready. The following photo-editing apps, available for IOS and Android, can enhance home photos to help you sell a house privately.

Note: Have fun with these apps but don’t go too crazy and over-edit. Buyers want the truth, not overly edited images.

#1 Snapseed

Highly recommended by most reviews, Snapseed is a photo editing app that’s most handy when enhancing images of your home. Its friendly layout and easy-to-use navigation interface are equipped with a wide range of functions to help you sell a house privately.

Users can select an automatic adjustment mode that enhances color and contrast. This is convenient when editing the interiors of your home.

An amazing feature, called Expand, increases the dimensions of a photo’s canvass – highlighting unique architectural parts such as the balcony, the porch or that antique door. Filters are available to add effects to your contemporary or neoclassical abode.

Did you shoot the front of your house from a weird looking angle? Snapseed’s Tilt-shift and Center-focus features bring wonders.

Lighting can make or break a picture’s life. The app’s Tune Image function enables a user to individually adjust levels of brightness, saturation, warmth, and shadows. You can work with the horizontal or vertical perspective of your stairs using the new Transform feature.

Whether you want to work with basic image enhancements or advanced creative photo skills, this app indeed delivers. The best part? It’s for free!


Create, discover and connect – these words welcome you after downloading the app. Short for Visual Supply Co, the VSCO (millennials pronounce it as “visco“) is an efficient all-in-one camera, photo-sharing, and editing app. It comes with an array of adjustment tools and controls essential to capture the best images of your home

VSCO can be used to take great photos in lieu of your IOS or Android’s built-in camera app. The best thing about the app’s camera is how it allows beginners or advanced users alike to have more control of the whole photography experience. The photos will have a professional appeal. You just have to orient yourself with the basics.

The basic functions include setting your point and shoot focus for sharp images of the furniture and accessories. Tired of blurry garden photos? Use the manual focus to achieve clear snapshots. The app is known for its filter presets that can provide a certain atmosphere to your home photos (again, don’t overdo filters).

You might want to present your home’s lighting fixtures at night. Do this by adjusting the in-app ISO (International Standards Organisation), a setting that measures the image sensor’s sensitivity. The lower the ISO number, the less sensitive the camera is to light. Thus, higher ISO configurations are best for darker set-ups.

#3 Adobe Photoshop Express

Sounds professional, doesn’t it? But that doesn’t mean this app is difficult to use. This popular photo-editing app is ideal for quick touch ups – making high-quality images needed to sell a house privately.

One of the first crucial steps in photo-editing includes using the crop function. The app’s Crop icon found at the bottom of your smartphone screen is easily accessible. Get rid of futile room image details with just a few tap of your fingers. Control grid lines to increase or decrease table-top images widths.

Your home’s flooring may not be perfectly shot, showing an illusion of unorganized tiles.  Remedy the problem by dragging the Straighten slider until you achieve the best horizontal angle. No need to buy the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop.

 Some experts suggest taking photographs using horizontal mode. Why? It has been found that human eyes perceive the world in an approximate aspect ratio of 4:3. Landscape ratios fall close to this – creating a sense of space that is more appealing to the brain. A little psychology of visual marketing can help you sell a house privately.

sell a house privately for sale by owner Australia

#4 Polarr

Photo Editor

Prior to being available as an app, Polarr is a web-based photo editor. It’s known to have a powerful line up of well-designed functions. This is an app sans the colorful stickers and fancy text options.

The app’s straightforward interface contains the toolbar with different functions. It’s meant to be used horizontally. However, flipping your smartphone vertically can give you a “before and after” view of your edited home photos. A quick comparison of what you’re working on makes editing faster.

The toolbar has settings you can adjust such as Light, Details, Color, HSL, Optical, Curves and Toning. Don’t be overwhelmed with these as you can definitely try each without losing the original value of the image. The Undo and Retry icons will fine-tune the changes you’ve made.

 This app is particularly helpful when it comes to editing images of your home and coming up with a “pro” look. You don’t have to get lost in the process. And at a slight uptick of price, you can download additional features such as the gradient tool. Sell a house privately by experimenting and harnessing your creative skills.

sell a house privately for sale by owner Australia


SKRWT is a great app that takes photo-editing to a different level. It focuses on achieving the best symmetrical presentation of your home photos. With an advanced set of tools, this app does not come for free but it’s worth the price.

Roof-to-ground shots of your home may appear distorted, making the snapshots look less desirable to buyers. SKRWT’s popular feature, the Vertical Correction tool, can adjust the perspective distortion. You’ll love this feature when your house has two levels or more.

The camera lens of your phone can create distortions as well. The app’s Lens Correction tool effectively addresses this issue. The bulging effect found in the middle of some photos can be edited out. Additionally, the app has a wide-lens corrective feature to successfully capture photos with a sense depth.

Attract Buyers with Your Photos

The real estate sector is heating up with bustling trends in online marketing. Home photography has never been more important than it is today.

To sell a house privately, photo editing apps are available to help you create topnotch images of your property for sale. These top 5 apps can be downloaded from either the Apple Appstore or Google Play.

5 tips to Use Social Media for a Small Business for Sale

small business for sale Australia sell my business

You’re on the right track if you’ve been using social media for a small business for sale in Australia. Don’t ignore the potential of marketing online.

Social media spreads word of mouth online. It’s an efficient PR platform you can use to maximize exposure for your small business for sale. Want to sell a business it to the best bidder? Social media can play a huge role.

No business is too small for social media. If you’re already connected to a community, then you’re aware of this. Did you know most online users prefer mom-and-pop brands over the big corporations?

There’s something very intimate about private businesses on social media, staking their share of the market. Even if your exposure isn’t as extensive as the competition, you still have equal shot of zeroing in on prospective buyers.

Here are 5 ways social media helps market a small business for sale.

Tip # 1: Social media helps brand a small business for sale

small business for sale Australia sell my business

Can you describe your private business in key words or catch phrases? How about your image to clients or customers? Branding is essential in businesses and even personalities, also applies to social media outreach. Take stock of how you want people to view your business online, and use social media to send that message across.

There’s the advantage of using free platforms, applications, and tools online. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are staples of social media outreach, and you can branch farther once you’re established on these platforms.

Tip # 2: Engage the right social media community

You get what you give on social media, and the extent of your interaction determines the response. People also stumble upon your account if their connections engage your posts, so it helps to be regularly active. Consider Facebook as an important platform in outreach, since you can join groups and communities that share the same interests.

A word of caution about engagement: groups are usually moderated by admins. Do play by their rules and etiquette. Stick with relevant posts and responses to minimize clutter. These also establish your business is credible enough to visit and consider.

Tip # 3: Attract followers, convert into prospective buyers

small business for sale Australia sell my business

Each follower acquired is precious on social media, even casual users who connect to your account at whim. These followers have their own network of friends and followers you can tap.

Have you ever posted something online then discover users you barely know shared it on their accounts? Your post was relevant enough for someone to share – this is the currency of social networks. So long as you’re offering something relevant to the community, then you’re assured improved outreach and an extended network. The buyer of your small business for sale could be a friend of a friend of a friend (of a friend) who shared your post. Imagine the potential of your reach!

Tip # 4: Conversions

Once you’ve built a following, it’s time to evaluate the effectiveness of your reach. Conversions are people seriously interested in buying your business. Think of your account as a funnel, filtering everyone who visits in search of prospective, serious buyers.

Conversions of your small business for sale require strategic engagement. There’s a learning curve to this, but the rule of thumb is to only engage or post when you have something relevant to contribute. Frequent posting hurts your reach, spams and annoys your followers’ feeds. Moderation is crucial and key.

Tip # 5: You have personal, human approach to marketing

small business for sale Australia sell my business

Each platform has its own community and appeal, affecting and moderating users’ conduct. Use this to your advantage. Engage the community like you would walk-in customers and prospects for your small business for sale.

Answer questions directly. Share links to relevant information. The goal is to reassure them your business is accessible and credible.

Your approach to the community sets you apart from the competition! Keep in mind users don’t want lip service. Help out in any way you can, even if this doesn’t serve your interest in the end. Referrals could come from a user who noted your helpfulness, returns the favour and endorses your small business for sale.

Analytical tools are aplenty, and most are available in public domain. You can use sites like Hootsuite and Buzzsumo to see how you’re performing on your social media channels. Work your market, improve your performance, but keep a keen eye on prospective buyers.

Dream big

Wouldn’t it be super if the eventual buyer of your small business for sale saw your post in passing on the Twitter feed? Farfetched, you say? The bigwigs at Uber disagree – their business model was spawned by a single Tweet!

Have a small business for sale in Australia? We can help speed up your closing of the sale! For only $299 and nothing more to pay ever, we’ll list your business for sale in the top websites in the country. Learn more on our site and find that buyer for your small business for sale today!

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9 Reasons to Share Your No Agent Property on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

You’re currently in the housing market to sell a No Agent property, and you’re testing the waters. After you’ve searched online for competition, best practices in real estate sales, latest property deals in your area, your Facebook newsfeed is suddenly filled with for sale by owner listings, agent ads, and even the latest hardware sale in town. Coincidence? Of course not!

Online marketing is smarter and more aggressive than ever, and this includes Facebook. It is, after all, only the second most popular website on the entire planet, second only to Google. Algorithms stalk our every click, so it can’t be helped. The best thing you can do is surf the wave. If everyone on Facebook is cashing in on the trends, then why shouldn’t you?

Here are 9 top reasons why you should share a no agent property on Facebook. Read this post and you’ll also learn various ways to peddle a real estate property on this social media giant. The key is to build your network and advertise properly. Still not convinced? Read on. 

Reason #1 FREE No Agent property listing

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Okay, first things first: this is social media. You have to play by the rules of the platform. Optimising your post is a must. This means avoid flooding your friends’ newsfeed. Not many things get ostracized faster on Facebook on a personal level than over-sharing.

With all things considered, sharing your for sale by owner real estate post gives you a free advertising platform. Choose your home’s best photos and inform your network that you’re trying to sell a house fast.

Tip: Request friends to share your post and you instantly widen your reach. If you’re posting on a personal account, keep your feed organic. Alternate updates on your listing with a video of your cat coughing up a fur ball. Or with photos of the casserole you cooked last night.

Just don’t go overboard and never spam. 

Reason #2 Public posts on Facebook can go viral

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

…that is, if you post with perfect timing. A good time to post is at four in the afternoon. This is when people are stuck commuting, or are at work itching to leave so they end up browsing their Facebook feed. Never underestimate the reach of Facebook likes and shares.

We’re assuming here that your Facebook account already has a substantial network to work with. If not, go ahead and add more contacts. Even the faceless acquaintance you once met at some boring party can be a good lead. If you’re out to sell a house privately, add every recognizable person Facebook suggests.

It doesn’t hurt and you have nothing to lose. “What about my privacy?” you ask. Fortunately, Facebook allows users to control the privacy setting of EACH post you upload. You can edit your friends list and put acquaintances under the Acquaintance list where they belong.

Tip: Share your no agent property listing on Public mode while uploading photos of your children or cats under a more private (example: Friends only) setting. 

Reason #3 Beat real estate agents at their own game

Agents often have dedicated Facebook accounts for their business. Why should they hog all the attention? Selling a house privately means you make the most out of what you have.

Social media is friendly territory if you’re in the for sale by owner market. A “professional” real estate agent has as much clout on Facebook as you do. They have no edge in the online world over the common folks. In Facebook, there is no king or queen, only princes and princesses with 15 minutes of fame. And these 15 minutes are up for grabs to anyone persistent enough to market a house for sale online! 

Reason #4 You’re able to promote your neighbourhood

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Home buyers consider the quality of the neighbourhood and neighbours a crucial part of the sale. In no agent property sales, you can ease your worries since you control what goes on your listing and how it’s marketed.

You can post about community events, local gatherings, and holidays celebrations. Your Facebook posts are under your control and you put a face to the real estate listing. Buyers can ask you questions and who else can know the neighbourhood more than a local?

Promoting your neighbourhood’s events can be quite an engaging way to catch the attention of home buyers. Highlighting the best events of your community can also convince a critical buyer that your neighbourhood is a great place.

Never mind the cranky residents in your area. There are always bad pickings out of every bunch. You’ve done part of the legwork when you contribute to advertising your community’s best features.

Reason #5 You can conduct surveys on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Just in case you’re unaware of the housing market’s nitty-gritty, Facebook allows you to conduct surveys, especially on group pages. This assumes you’re already part of Facebook groups dedicated to real estate. If not, simply type “(Your city/suburb/state) rent sell home” on the Facebook search bar at the very top of the site. Once the search results appear, click on Groups. You can then choose from the list of Facebook Groups that match your keywords.

Do participate in surveys as well. See how your property fares with the consensus. Groups are your avenue to solid connections with the online community. Posting on these pages also ensures your no agent property listing is targeted.

Reason #6 You can create events on Facebook

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

Organize a lunch party for anyone interested in a showing. The open house event doesn’t have to be fancy, but fancy may also help. The advantage of creating an event on Facebook is you get to adjust the view and invite settings. You get to handpick prospects and weed out the riffraff.

Be creative. Throw in door prizes for those arriving on time, for example. The goal is to create hype about your listing. News may catch fire even more once word gets out your property is a for sale by owner listing.

Reason #7 Hashtags and Facebook people-tags squeeze in more hits

It’s true: Facebook isn’t the best platform for hashtags. Hashtags aren’t as potent on Facebook as they are on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. But the presence of hashtags on Facebook still shouldn’t be underestimated.

In any case, you have nothing to lose with hashtags. Play it safe and slap several on for good measure.

Tag friends to your listing and post, but do tread carefully. You’re bordering on invasion of privacy here when you pull in people unaware. At the very least, tag only members of your inner circle so that your no agent property listing is seen by their network.

Reason #8 You can tether your Facebook listing to other social media accounts

Think Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Twitter lets you shoot quick updates, while Pinterest and Instagram showcase photos of your property for sale. Pinterest posts may also be pinned to boards ad infinitum, showing your listing even to the casually interested.

Maximize reach by using all your social media accounts. You don’t have to be an Internet super nerd to open up these avenues, allowing you to find more prospects.

Reason #9 Easy pickings for For Sale by Owner properties

Going back to the nature of the platform, Facebook connections are organic. You’re associated with contacts in varying degrees. You get to build contacts from the inside out. Sharing a no agent property on Facebook ensures immediate reach.

Real estate agents wised up to the sales potential of social media, and so should you. Yes, there’s the competition, and the shelf-life of posts are practically hiccups. You can always improve on your next post, though. Also, update regularly to stay relevant.

no agent property sell my house fast Australia realestate

You have a lot to gain from posting and sharing your no agent property listing on Facebook. Zero Commission has already made the job easy for you by posting real estate listings of our customers on our For Sale by Owner-focused Facebook page. All you have to do is pop over to our Facebook page, locate your listing and hit the Share button.

Try it, and see how you fare. It’s free and you can do it as often times as you wish. Just don’t over-share and end up getting unfollowed by your own mum! You only need one serious home buyer to attract and then you can consider your house sold.

Sell a house privately in Australia through us! Click here for more details.

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Sell a Property Now in Brisbane’s Top 5 Suburbs

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

There’s something about suburbs that appeal to the worn out city dweller. If you’re one of those keen on moving farther along the city’s outskirts, the suburbs are the middle ground between city and countryside. It’s like the Goldilocks zone of urban housing, what’s not to like?

With Melbourne and Sydney properties’ skyrocketing price points, many look to Brisbane as the next-best option. If by chance you’re already scouting for Brisbane’s best suburbs (with plans of relocating), well you’re in for a treat. Not only is Brisbane a hub of activity, its suburbs also rival that of any other cities in the land of Oz.

If you prefer laidback surroundings that still hint of the bustle of the city, here are five Brisbane suburbs you should definitely visit:

#1 Sell a property now in New Farm and Teneriffe

These suburbs offer a good mix of apartments and houses, but the neighbourhoods are still unmistakeably suburbia. The area is particularly aesthetic and sentimental, with plenty of galleries dotted around the suburbs’ boundaries, blocks away from most residences.

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

The riverside scenery is soothing comfort after an intense day’s grind, and you don’t have to stay in the afterhours at the city just to experience the nightlife. There are more than enough cafes and restaurants here to keep you satisfied, with the Powerhouse standing as centrepiece of local arts. Check out these twin suburbs if you’re the type who plays hard after a hard day’s work.

#2 For sale by owner markets in Shorncliffe & Sandgate

If you’re after a more laidback, pensive experience, Shorncliffe & Sandgate are seaside suburbs that surely unwind. There are still plenty of sights and things to do, though, if you’re not keen on the long strip that runs alongside the water (the area reminds of an idyllic English fishing town overlooking the seaside).

The seaside strip is a favoured jogging route, but you can also just kick back and watch the tides front the sunrise. There are plenty of places to eat, but it’s likely you’ll have handpicked a couple of favourite spots by the time you’re settled. If you love the salty breeze of the seaside, these suburbs are your best picks.

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

#3 Sell a house privately in Paddington

In contrast to places previously mentioned, Paddington is urban, and in many ways similar to the CBD 5 km away. The landscape almost sets the suburb in countryside territory, though, with modern infrastructure dotted along the rolling hillsides.
In contrast to places previously mentioned, Paddington is urban, and in many ways similar to the CBD 5 km away. The landscape almost sets the suburb in countryside territory, though, with modern infrastructure dotted along the rolling hillsides.

Paddington is also an architectural feat, a showcase of maximised space. Though it’s a suburb, it’s easily mistaken as an extension of the CBD, albeit with a more relaxed pace. Given Terrace and Latrobe Terrace are standout neighbourhoods, and there are more shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants here to keep your leisure days occupied. 

#4 Sell a property now in West End

This suburb is as laidback as it gets, you’ll find it difficult to believe you’re close to the city. Here, relaxed living is an understatement, and community is priority. West End offers variety in cuisine and quaint cafes, and if you’re an advocate of good meals, it’s worth noting there’s not a single fast food joint around!

property now realestate Australia for sale by owner

There are several markets worth checking out, particularly the Saturday market at Davies Park, which offers a little bit of everything. The Boundary Street markets are also open Fridays through weekends, something to look forward to for arts and crafts lovers. 

#5 The for sale by owner market in Samford

This suburb offers a majestic sampling of the Australia’s great outdoors, the gateway to Mt. Glorious and Mt. Nebo. But if you think Samford is too far out into the country, you’ll be surprised it’s just a half hour’s drive from the CBD. For nature lovers, this suburb offers a quick adrenaline break from the bustle of the city.

Sunday is a busy day in this suburb, when there are plenty of brunch and sundries affairs. There are also a few secret waterfalls only locals know about. If you want to live in community that’s closer to the great outdoors, Samford is worth checking out.

Brisbane boasts plenty of prime suburbs, and in comparison to Melbourne and Sydney, there are also plenty of properties reasonably priced here. Indeed, it’s the place to be if you want a change of pace, but with the city still within reach.

Sell a house privately in Australia with us! For a nominal fee, we will help you sell your house and list it online until sold

For Sale by Owner Tip: 5 Things to Tell Potential Buyers

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house privately

It’s best to be honest about the condition of your for sale by owner house to buyers, especially when they’re seriously considering the real estate purchase. How much information is too much information, though? You’ll be tempted to withhold details for various reasons; buyers might also obsess over something as trivial as a broken garage door, opt out of the deal at the last minute.

Let’s say you were honest enough to disclose you recently resolved a termite problem, but the buyer still thinks a remnant squadron survived, one lurking deeper within the woodwork. Something’s got to give. You really have no idea what prospects in no agent property deals are thinking, and ‘buyers beware’ is the default in residential properties after all.

Nothing hurts more during the process of selling a house privately than having a lawsuit dropped on you after the property sold. Heaven forbid if you’re at fault. There are details buyers are better off knowing, and then there’s information they have to know. Here are 5  things you should reveal to serious buyers, especially before the deal closes. 

Revelation #1: Your real estate property’s boundaries

Sometimes there’s discrepancy between what’s indicated in the deed, and the ‘virtual’ limits of your property. This is a common concern with residential homes, especially in tight-knit neighbourhoods. Trees on your yard may be well within your boundaries, but the roots could be dug deep into your neighbour’s territory.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house privately

Inform buyers of any right of way issues you’re settling. If you decide to let minor issues slide, buyers have a right to know how they can handle these in the future. Your best bet still is to lay it all out, but only for potential buyers who are seriously interested. 

Revelation #2: Neighbour disputes surrounding your no agent property

If you’re having problems with neighbours, it’s either your fault or theirs. Your home’s new residents deserve to know about disputes just the same. Noisy and nosy neighbours pose problems later on, so wouldn’t it be easier if you schedule visits when they’re not home?

Prospects find out sooner or later, though, and it’s in their best interest to ensure you’ll pay dearly for the mistake. It’s true you’ll risk losing a prospect of your for sale by owner deal over a neighbour dispute, but on the flip side, it’s also possible the buyer could be the person next-door neighbours are looking for. In this case, your neighbours have as much to gain from the sale as you do.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house privately 

Revelation #3: Notice of nearby developments

Prospects may not be aware of any planned developments for nearby properties, especially during the visit. It’s best to inform them if this involves long-term projects. If a neighbour is digging an Olympic-sized swimming pool just outside your yard fence, potential buyers deserve to know.

Prospects always look at property as part of their master plan, and they’ll consider how this is affected by any ongoing developments in the neighbourhood. What’s significant enough for you is equally notable to potential buyers. 

Revelation #4: Alterations in the ‘for sale by owner’ property

Prospects should be aware how your for sale by owner home has changed over the years. This is up to your discretion, but you can share bits of information during the visit to find out how much each buyer wants to know. If the house has a lengthy history of renovations, an overview should be enough.

In any event, this issue might come up before the sale closes. Information on planning permissions (as well as building control completion certificates) must be disclosed, especially if you’ve yet to secure these.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house privately 

Revelation #5: Details on building insurance

This is a requirement, but you need only disclose the details during the final leg of the process. If the buyer has confirmed the sale, any information that would ease the transition would be welcome. Make sure the insurance is updated up to the point of sale, and let the buyer know of the extent of the coverage.

Consider basic coverage if your property isn’t insured. This is a deal-breaker for many buyers of for sale by owner houses.

for sale by owner Australia realestate sell my house privately

You’ll likely spend a few restless nights wide awake, deciding how much information you can disclose without sabotaging your own pitch. It does feel like you’re shooting yourself on the foot, revealing insider information to potential buyers. Have everything sorted out, though, and your due diligence will surely pay off when you sell a house fast.

It’s 2016 and the days of paying real estate agents a commission fee after you sell a house in Australia are over. For a nominal fee, we can help you sell your home privately. Visit our site to learn more about for sale by owner real estate.

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Top 5 Affordable Suburbs in Sydney with Homes for Sale by Owner

for sale by owner Australia realestate

Are you the anxious type when it comes to real estate investments, especially when dealing with homes for sale by owner? Deciding to move into a new home means you’ll deal with the transition, and for anyone who spent their best years in a house, the move is unnerving at the very least. For whatever reason, though, it had to be done.

The same is true if you’re selling property in the for sale by owner market. There are plenty of things to consider before you put your house up for sale. How are the market conditions? What’s the median value of similar no agent properties in your area? Most importantly, what’s the price point you can settle with, a decent range you and potential buyers can respect?

Unless money isn’t an issue (it almost always is), the price point is the first thing buyers consider when looking for homes for sale by owner. This is part of the suburbs’ appeal: you’ll find affordable housing that’s reasonably close to the city. With this in mind, these 5 suburbs are among the best places to search for cost-friendly, serviceable homes.

Suburb #1: Dulwich Hill

The inner-west offers two suburbs ranking high in buyer preferences. One of these is Dulwich Hill, nestled just inside the CBD’s cosy ten-kilometre radius. Dulwich Hill offers a good blend of established houses and apartments, which accommodates a wide range of affordable homes for sale by owner.

for sale by owner Australia realestate

Public transport is as convenient as they come, with light rail, train, and bus routes weaved into the area. Neighbouring Marrickville and lined by the Cook River, Dulwich Hill may not feature the bustle of the CBD, but it’s also the respite many are searching for.

Suburb #2: Tempe

Tempe is also inside Sydney’s inner-west suburbs, with plenty of investments available at entry-level prices. Tempe is snug close to Newtown and Sydney University. Unsurprisingly, own-and-occupy and rental properties are its primary offerings.

There’s a catch to this area that may tick off potential buyers of no agent properties, though. It’s located within earshot of the airport. It all depends on which part of Tempe you’re willing to reside, but you should generally expect the hum of planes to become a persistent part of your day.

for sale by owner Australia realestate

Suburb #3: Kingsford

Kingsford is a suburb in the east with potential for growth. It already offers affordable homes for sale by owner options, particularly from neighbourhoods Randwick and Coogee. Mass transit was a concern, but this is now resolved with a new light rail system.

The new mass transit system is convenient to UNSW’s residents and students, also to anyone who’s considering to move to the area. Kingsford’s proximity to the city and the beach, as well as its new transport options, makes it one of Sydney’s up-and-coming suburbs.

Suburb #4: Kingswood

For those who prefer to stake their claim on promising investments, Kingswood’s properties are worth considering. The area has its own train station servicing the UWS; notable locations include Nepean Hospital and Penrith Westfield.

Badgerys Creek airport is also expected to be built close to Kingswood, making the area an excellent prospect for investors with an eye for rezoning potential.

for sale by owner Australia realestate

Suburb #5: Asquith

There’s the impression the suburbs are laid-back retreats from the city, and for many, this is a serious consideration in searching for property. North of the CBD is Asquith, one stop farther than Hornsby on the train line. But in contrast to the relative bustle of Hornsby, Asquith is a quiet, spacy suburb.

Asquith may appeal to families and couples looking for a quieter place to settle, but it’s also ideal for anyone who want their personal time separate from the grind of the workweek.

It’s fortunate Sydney’s suburb homes for sale by owner options are aplenty, and the options appeal to many demographics. Sure, these places technically line the outskirts of the CBD, but what’s not to like? It’s as close as you can get to the city without paying an insane premium for each square foot.

Price range estimates vary with the market trends, but these five suburbs are worth considering, especially for buyers with caps on the money they’re willing to spend. This shortlist is current, but may vary; stay updated and do your legwork, to ensure you’re not short-changed on your home for sale by owner investment.

At Zero Commission, we don’t just post your listing online and leave you to deal with the rest of the sales process in a no agent property deal. We’ll guide you through the process until your house is sold. From excellent customer service to how-to guides to help you sell your home fast, find out why customers are raving about us. Visit our site to learn more about our for sale by owner business.

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5 Ways to Turn Your House Carbon Neutral

realestate Australia no agent property

In for sale by owner real estate, buyers are more inclined to consider a property if the home is carbon-neutral. The environmentalists were right: global warming is legit, and you have first-hand experience of this whenever the utility bills drop on your doorstep. If your goal is to “sell my house fast” then it pays to go green.

Yes, the costs of utilities also depend on your consumption, but it’s likely you’re paying more than ever to keep your comforts going. You’re at fault if you leave the thermostat running even when you’re out, but it’s also possible your home isn’t built to adapt to the global warming problem.

You know it’s serious when there’s a tree-hugger camped on your front yard. You also have a problem if you can count the trees on your street with one hand. As it turns out, there are adjustments you can make to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. You’ll also increase the value of the property, because buyers love to see what a carbon-neutral home actually looks like.

Here are five ways you can improve your home’s energy consumption. The goal is to go completely carbon-neutral and completely green, though. That’s virtually impossible, but hey, you have to do your part and start somewhere.

#1 Insulation.

It’s likely you were dreading to see this at the top of the list. It’s understandable, because improving the insulation in your home might also mean an overhaul of existing systems. Homeowners can only coast by with patches and quick fixes for so long but, eventually, the cost of repairs is feasible when compared to the cumulative costs of utilities.

realestate Australia no agent property

Radiant roof sheathing regulates indoor temperatures without overworking HVAC systems. Radiant barriers installed in the attic reflect the heat while keeping indoor temperature contained. Invest in these, and you can afford to reduce your utilities consumption. This is something potential buyers will be sure to find attractive, especially in no agent property deals.

#2 Tankless water heaters.

The cost of installing these isn’t cheap, but the pay-off comes in the long run. Water tanks are bulky, and there’s the need to constantly keep the cache of water heated. Unless you’re running a spa salon, you’ll only use heated water when you need it, only when you turn on the tap.

With tankless water heaters, you’re not wasting energy to have hot water available. The system heats running water only when needed. You don’t have to worry about cold water coming from the showerhead, because the heaters are efficient enough to keep up with your needs.

#3 Roof sunscreen. Applying a sunscreen coat on your roof will add years to its lifespan. Not only will this protect the shingles from the beating of the elements, it also helps regulate indoor temperature. Sunscreen can block up to 90% of the sun’s heat, and can save you up to 10% on indoor cooling costs.

Consider and invest in sunscreen options. These, paired with radiant barriers, will seriously cut down on your utilities consumption.

#4 Upgrade your HVAC systems.

This is only advisable if your HVAC has outlived its best years, and if you have the money to spend on replacements. It’s worth noting that the new HVACs have higher energy-efficiency ratings, which means that you’re actually bleeding money in keeping your current HVAC running. An upgraded heating and cooling system will help sell a house fast.

realestate Australia no agent property

An affordable alternative is to have your HVAC checked and maintained. The upkeep is important, especially in houses that cover more square footage of living space.

#5 Efficient lighting.

You’ll be amazed at how efficient lighting can improve home life. Sure, fancy chandeliers are great conversation pieces with guests (in case you need fancy fodder for small talk, that is), but you have to admit the glare is overkill in indoor lighting. There are plenty of lighting alternatives that are both energy and cost efficient, that also complement your interior design.

You should use natural light whenever possible. The small things make a difference, such as using blinds and curtains, and opting for transparent instead of translucent window panes. Natural light eliminates the need for artificial light, which translates to reduced energy consumption.

realestate Australia no agent property

You have everything to gain by reducing your carbon footprint, especially if you’re trying to sell your home in a for sale by owner real estate deal. This also gives you an edge on the market, if you decide to sell your house in a no agent property setup in the future. Not only is your home code-compliant, it’s also environment-friendly. Any vegan who’s into hybrid cars would be proud of what you’ve done with the place.

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5 Signs Your Home for Sale is Overpriced

sell home without an agent no agent property Australia realestate

If you’ve ever placed bids on items at auction sites like eBay, you’ll notice there’s a point of no return in the bidding process. Once an item is overpriced, bids start to taper off, and the seller has to consider the most appealing bid. Sellers can’t hold on to an auctioned item forever; something’s got to give. The same goes in real estate, whether you’re trying to sell with an agent or in a for sale by owner deal.

Now, think of the house you’re selling as an auctioned item: how do you set the asking price so bidders flock around it like bees on honey? If people in the neighbourhood caution their kids to “stay away from that creepy house on Parklane Street,” that’s proof your home is up on the market for far too long.

Oftentimes, prospects turn stale because you’ve set the price so high, it’s as if you really don’t want the property sold; the following are five tell-tale signs your property is overpriced.

  1. Your asking price is not trend-competitive

Calculating a competitive figure compared to other properties in your area requires some legwork but it’s vital you get a good grasp of the median value. Price your lemonade so passers-by seriously consider buying a glass, instead of squinting at the next lemonade stand around the bend.

sell home without an agent no agent property Australia realestate

If your property has been sitting for months without an offer, rethink your asking price. Make sure it falls within the price range in your neighbourhood.

  1. You’ve invested too much to consider a markdown

You’re probably itching to protest at this point. “I want to sell my house fast so I spent a fortune on my property and I’m going to sell it at a bargain? That’s highway robbery!” Sure, you might have gone out of your way to build a Zen garden on your back yard, but not everyone is into that kind of thing. Your property should appeal to the greatest common denominator, in price and construction.

Consider loss as collateral damage, at the very least. There’s always risk of compromise when there’s competition involved.

  1. It’s a schoolyard pick and your property is always left out

It’s a cause for concern when the property is up on the market for a while. The time your house sits on the market varies between areas and is dependent on market weather. If your property has become a staple of published listings, neglected or overlooked, your house may be considered stale on the market.

Don’t fret–stale bread is still edible; it’s just that everyone eventually prefers to eat from a fresh loaf. Stay on top of listings in the area, and adjust your price to stay competitive.

sell home without an agent no agent property Australia realestate

Don’t hold on to your asking price if everything else is marked down, it might hurt you in the long run.

  1. Ballpark estimates aren’t what you anticipated

Consider ballpark appraisals if you’re hiring help in the process, but you need as accurate an estimate as possible. Hired help steps your pricing strategy up a notch, but note the trend of advice you’re receiving. It’s possible you’ll be advised ballpark estimates lower than your expectations.

Consider advice with a grain of salt, and listen to counsel of an appraiser. Accept the possibility you’ll compromise more than you have to, but the sooner you sell the property, the better off you’ll be. You can’t go wrong if the real estate appraiser has a credible, reliable reputation in the industry.

  1. Your property is trimmed off Buyers’ Affordable Options

It’s likely the property has piqued the interest of potential buyers, but it doesn’t translate to visits and showings. Your prices may be reasonable, but potential buyers prefer to prioritize the five more affordable properties on their shortlists. In a sense, your house has become the runt of the litter just because your asking price isn’t competitive enough.

You need to stay on your toes and adjust to the trend. Be aware of current and new competition. Consider adjusting your asking price even if you’re compromised. It’s all about making that sale.

You might have to get down and dirty when you’re selling a property in Australia, especially in a competitive market. Things can get brutal, so it’s best you consider hiring the best help to get the job done for you.

sell home without an agent no agent property Australia realestate

We can help! For a nominal fee, Zero Commission will place your listing on the top real estate portals in the country while providing support along the selling process. Want to learn more about no agent property listings? Click here and save thousands of dollars in commission.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Selling Your Home

mistakes to avoid selling houses privately in Australia

A home is the most expensive purchase most people will make in a lifetime. When you have a house for sale in the market, you can’t just quickly take a couple of photos, slap on a price tag and expect buyers to beat down your door with offers. When it comes to selling houses in Australia, a very competitive market for real estate, you’ll have to do your homework in order to find a buyer willing to fork over their hard-earned cash in exchange for your property.

In this latest post to help our readers in “for sale by owner” deals, we put together the top 5 most common things you should avoid doing when you’re selling a house. Avoid these pitfalls and you’ll be impressing potential buyers plenty more than you’d expect.

mistakes to avoid selling houses privately in Australia

#1 Taking mediocre to bad pictures

We can’t stress enough how vital great home photos are in closing a real estate sale. The majority of buyers looking for a house today go online. If you can’t supply attractive pictures of your property, you might as well kiss the deal goodbye.

Thanks to the Internet, research is easier than ever for buyers. You’re competing with pretty much all the other homeowners out there in a bid to capture the market’s attention. No matter how competitive your price point is, people will ignore listings with mediocre to bad images. The pictures you take of your home are the first thing most people will consider. The majority won’t schedule an appointment to see any house in person if its pictures online don’t hold any appeal. Remember that in real estate, you don’t have a second chance to make a good first impression.

And no, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer or buy a costly camera to take great photos. Any mid-range camera will do, and that includes the camera of good smartphones. Check out our series on taking great real estate photos using your iPhone here.

mistakes to avoid selling houses privately in Australia

#2 Neglecting to prep the house

When people come to see your house in person, you can’t just expect them to appreciate it in its natural glory, your mismatch yet favourite furniture included. You’re trying to close a business deal and you should treat the whole experience of a house for sale as a business.

This also means doing more than simply cleaning your house and keeping your laundry out of the way. It goes without saying that you should have your home as spotless as possible when you’re expecting potential buyers to visit. Make sure repairs are done and as much storage spaces are cleared up.

For a more detailed article on how to prep your home to make it as attractive as can be during open houses events, read our article called How to Prep Your Home for Sale on a Budget.

mistakes to avoid selling houses privately in Australia

#3 Having unrealistic expectations

Purchasing a home on today’s Australian real estate market can be hard work. Have this mindset when you’re dealing with people who are considering to buy your house. With plenty of houses available for sale, buyers don’t have the energy or time debating unreasonable expectations or prices with you, the seller. When people see a property that has been priced too high because the seller didn’t do their homework properly, these folks will simply ignore the listing and not bother to see the house in person at all.

The best thing for you to do as a seller is to be realistic and conduct proper research. Check out other listings in your location and price range. Don’t fall into the trap of “testing” the market to see if a higher-than-average price for property will get potential buyers through the door.

mistakes to avoid selling houses privately in Australia

#4 Getting overly emotional

When you approach the negotiation table in a “for sale by owner” transaction, bring a logical mindset with you. Don’t take it personally if you get an offer that’s lower than what you expect.

The same goes for staging your home. Just because you’re emotionally attach to a piece of furniture, for example, because of sentimental or whatever personal reasons, doesn’t mean you can expect other people to find it attractive. When it comes to prepping your house to make it look as attractive as possible to others, what you put (and don’t put) inside the house can make a buyer’s decision about the property. Your pet dog might be the love of your life, but it doesn’t mean all other people are expected to love him running around while they’re considering making a very serious purchase.

Don’t let your emotions blind you to what’s real and logical. If you feel your ego is getting in the way, remove it and put your brains back in its place.

mistakes to avoid selling houses privately in Australia

#5 Misleading potential buyers

You can lose a lot of money as a seller if you don’t disclose all the information that you should. If your buyer eventually uncovers problems themselves, you might be liable for whatever costs are involved if you haven’t been as upfront as humanly possible.

Remember that you can never fool or trick people into purchasing your property. Listings with heavily edited photos or vague sounding descriptions will turn people off more than attract them. Buyers are drawn more to sellers who are frank and honest.

Sure, you shouldn’t broadcast your house’s less-than-pleasing features but don’t make a deliberate attempt to spin or even lie about flaws that are most probably going to be uncovered anyway.

Want to sell your house fast and learn more about the real estate industry in Australia? Click here to discover how we can help you sell your house without an agent for a nominal fee and ZERO commission!

How to Take Great Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone Part 2

how to sell house privately in australia realestate

This is the second part in our series called How to Take Great Real Estate Photos with Your iPhone. Read Part I here.

When it comes to selling your own home in Australia, you get to save thousands of dollars in commission. It does mean, however, that you’ll have to do certain tasks yourself–and know how to do them well. Taking amazing photos of your home spells the difference between closing a deal and not attracting potential buyers.

You don’t need an expensive camera to get real estate images that will lure in customers. Knowing how to take photos with your iPhone will take you a step closer to sell a house privately. Here are additional tips to take your pictures to the next level

how to sell house privately in australia

Tip #6 Tap the screen for hidden Camera app features

Did you know there are two “secret” features in the iOS Camera app that can greatly improve your real estate pictures?

The first feature is the auto-focus. You can adjust the focal point before you take a photo. By default, the iPhone’s camera uses auto-focus. If you want to manually, and easily, focus on an object, simply tap the screen once you have opened up the Camera app. Then tap on the specific area that you want the camera to focus on and take the shot.

The second feature allows you to set the auto-exposure adjustment. Bring it up by tapping on the screen after you’ve selected the Camera app. Then swipe up or down. A small slider will appear, allowing you to adjust the amount of light in the photo. Take pictures after you’ve adjusted the slider to your desired lighting effect.

how to sell house privately in australia

Tip #7 Use iPhone camera accessories

Just like fancy cameras, you too can get additional accessories to improve the pictures your iPhone takes. Good choices include Apple’s Photography Kit and the MeFOTO tripod adapter, Manfrotto tripod and an Incase carrying case.

Some iPhone covers that were designed to protect your gadget can also make taking pictures easier. One example is the Moment Case which comes with a dedicated shutter button.

how to sell house privately in australia

Tip #8 Invest in a good iPhone lens

You can get accessories that can significantly improve your iPhone’s lens. Check out the Moment Lenses. If your goal is to sell a house privately, choose the wide-angle variety.

As we talked about in Part 1 of this series, taking landscape photos will give the rooms of your house a more spacious look. Bring this camera trick a step further by taking wide-angle shots using a good add-on lens.

how to sell house privately in australia

Tip #9 Edit using top photo apps

Photo apps are some of the most popular apps from the App Store. Experts love to use VSCO. It’s filled with features like shutter speed control and the ability lock white balance. Best of all, it’s free.

Enlighten is another top option, garnering high reviews from both critics and regular users. Its price tag of US$3.99 is nothing considering how vital beautiful house photos are if you’re selling your own home privately. Apple has furthermore called this app one of the best in 2015.

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